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Ava's Accumulator adjustment

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Hey, I'm suggesting a tweak to the Ava's Accumulator. Currently, when it fires it has a chance to use a bolt/arrow from the stack equipped, but then it also has a chance to drop that bolt/arrow fired on the ground. In some place that isn't reclaimable(Kraken for example) so I'm suggesting a tweak that would have it not drop any on the ground.

So when it's fired, none would ever drop on the ground as long as an Ava's is equipped, and you'd only have a chance to break a bolt/arrow that you wouldn't get back, and the rate that that happens could be tweaked so that it's fair.

But to put it into perspective, if I'm at Zulrah, I have to pick my bolts up under me(my enchanted ones, which is a nuisance) and at Kraken I lose them completely because they fall on the water. 

I don't personally think that this makes the game any "easier", I think it's just a "QoL" tweak. Thanks for reading.


- Po

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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