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Herblore guide

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Herblore Guide


To obtain herbs you can either farm them or buy them from other players.

Cleaning Herbs
If you did happen to farm your own herbs or receive grimy herbs this is the levels required to clean them. Herbs must be cleaned to be used in potion making. Here is a table with all herbs and levels required.
Image Herb Level Experience
Grimy_guam_leaf.png Guam 1 150
Grimy_marrentill.png Marentill 5 200
Grimy_tarromin.png Tarromin 11 250
Grimy_harralander.png Harralandar 20 300
Grimy_ranarr_weed.png Ranarr 25 350
Grimy_toadflax.png Toadflax 30 400
Grimy_irit_leaf.png Irit 40 450
Grimy_avantoe.png Avantoe 48 500
Grimy_kwuarm.png Kwuarm 54 550
Grimy_snapdragon.png Snapdragon 59 600
Grimy_cadantine.png Cadantine 65 650
Grimy_lantadyme.png Lantadyme 67 650
Grimy_dwarf_weed.png Dwarfweed 70 700
Grimy_torstol.png Torstol 75 750

Making Potions
After cleaning the herbs to make a potion you will need:
~ 1x Vial of water
~ 1x Clean "herb"
~ 1x Secondary

You will need a potion (unf) and the secondary required to make the potion.

I have proved a table below with potion, level, herb, and secondary required.
 Herblore Herblore_cape(t).png
Image Herb/Potion Ingredients Ingredients Level Experience
eg5Fcx0.png Attack Guam + Eye of Newt Guam_leaf.png + Eye_of_newt.png 3 1250
5H0rsa5.png Anti-Poison Marrentill + Unicorn Horn Dust Marrentill.png + Unicorn_horn_dust.png 5 1900
qBMMaqt.png Strength Tarromin + Limpwurt Root Tarromin.png + Limpwurt_root.png 14 2500
cZ2UP8f.png Restore Harralander + Red Spider Eggs Harralander.png + Red_spiders'_eggs.png 22 3150
dTsCzUS.png Prayer Ranarr + Snape Grass Ranarr_weed.png + Snape_grass.png 38 4400
mr0OekZ.png Super Attack Irit + Eye of Newt Irit_leaf.png + Eye_of_newt.png 45 5000
x7aI7Qd.png Super Antipoison Irit + Unicorn Horn Dust Irit_leaf.png + Unicorn_horn_dust.png 48 5300
vbHVGcm.png Super Strength Kwuarm + Limpwurt Root Kwuarm.png + Limpwurt_root.png 55 6250
RHk6xul.png Super Restore  Snapdragon + Red Spider Eggs Snapdragon.png + Red_spiders'_eggs.png 63 7150
ip5mvVf.png Super Defence Cadantine + White Berries Cadantine.png + White_berries.png 66 7500
7MWRIF7.png Antifire Lantadyme + Blue Dragonscale Lantadyme.png + Blue_dragon_scale.png 69 7900
uix886J.png Ranging Dwarfweed + Wine of Zamorak Dwarf_weed.png + Wine_of_zamorak.png 72 8150
fGBHGlm.png Magic Lantadyme + Potatoe Cactus Lantadyme.png + Potato_cactus.png 76 8650
ip5mvVf.png Zamorak Brew Torstol + Jangleberries Torstol.png + Jangerberries.png 78 8750
Saradomin_brew(4).png Saradomin Brew Toadflax + Crushed Birds nest Toadflax.png + Crushed_nest.png 81 9000
K5kSYBu.png Super Combat Torstol + Super Set Torstol.png + mr0OekZ.png+ vbHVGcm.png+ BCshVJ4.png 90 7500



                                       I hope this all helped you and goodluck on your 99 herblore grind.

                      Kingly regards,

                      Kevin aka Quality

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9 hours ago, Falcon said:

Every time someone asks me ingame about a secondary required for herblore I'm referring them to this post. Thank you for your effort in making this post it came out very nice.

Thanks man just helping out :)

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