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Runecrafting Guide

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Welcome to my Runecrafting Guide!

Items needed to begin: Rune essence

How to get Rune Essence: You can get rune essence either from monster drops (fastest way) or by mining them (Good mining xp, 500 per essence, But much slower). You only need level 1 mining to mine them.

Rune Essence Mine location: You can get to the Rune essence mine by talking to the Mage of Zamorak located in the Edgeville wilderness at the end of the ditch.

Which monsters to kill: To find which monsters drop rune essence, use your npc drop table. You can access it anywhere by clicking your quest tab, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking npc drop table. Many bosses drop them,  as well as many different slayer monsters.

Once you have collected your rune essence its time to start Runecrafting!

You can start by: Talking to the Mage of Zamorak located in the Edgeville wilderness at the end of the ditch. Use the teleport option, And select abyss.

When you get to the abyss: Simply click on the rune icon that you want to runecraft, And you will be teleported to that rune's alter.

Pouches: While Runecrafting, You will receive the Small, Medium, Large, And giant pouches which you can use to store more rune essence in.

How to use pouches: get a full inventory of rune essence and click on the pouch or left click and select "fill pouch". To get them out, Left click the pouch and select empty. You will receive the pouches in order from smallest to largest as you level up your rune crafting skill.

Required levels to craft each rune:

Level 1-5: Air rune/Mind rune

Level 5-9: Water rune

Level 9-14: Earth rune

Level 14-20: Fire rune

Level 20-27: Body rune

Level 27-35: Cosmic rune

Level 35-40: Choas rune

Level 40-44: Astral rune

Level 44-54: Nature rune

Level 54-65: Law rune

Level 65-77: Death rune

Level 77-90: Blood rune

Level: 90-99: Soul rune (Currently bugged atm)



       you have reached level 99 Runecrafting!

I Hope this guide helped! Please comment below if you have any questions, Or if there is anything I missed!

Thanks for the support! -RETCH







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