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Mining and Smithing guide

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Welcome to my Mining & Smithing Guide!

Items needed to begin:

Pickaxe and a Hammer which can be found at the skilling shop located in Edgeville.



To get to the mining location, Use skilling teleport -> Next page -> Mining teleport

To smelt your ore use the furnace located in Edgeville.

To Smith your bars, Use skilling teleport -> Next page -> Smithing teleport


Pickaxe levels:

Level: 1-6 Iron

Level: 6-21 Steel

Level: 21-31 Mithril

Level: 31-41 Adamant

Level: 41-61 Rune

Level: 61-99 Dragon


Levels Reuired:

Level: 1-15 Copper & Tin

Level: 15-30 Iron

Level: 30-40 Coal

Level: 40-55 Gold

Level: 55-70 Mithril

Level: 70-85 Adamant

Level: 85-99 Rune


All Ores can be mined at the mining teleport location. If you go south to the back of the cave there are more Mithril, Coal, and Adamant rocks. There are also 2 Rune rocks in the very back of the cave, As well as in the wilderness, And in the donator zoneRemember to save all of your ores! There are multiple banks located around the mining teleport loaction.

After you have collected ores you can smelt them at the furnace in Edgeville, Or you can use superheat item With 43 magic.


Levels Reuired/Items needed:

Level: 1-15 Bronze Bar (1 Tin ore, 1 Copper ore)

Level: 15-30 Iron Bar (1 Iron ore)

Level: 30-40 Steel Bar (1 Iron ore, 2 Coal)

Level: 40-50 Gold Bar (1 Gold ore)

Level: 50-70 Mithril Bar (1 Mithril ore, 4 Coal)

Level: 70-85 Adamant Bar (1 Adamant ore, 6 Coal)

Level: 85-99 Rune Bar (1 Rune ore, 8 Coal)


After you create some bars, Grab a hammer and go to the Smithing teleport in Varrock and Smith them into weapons and armor. The levels required are the same as are required to make the bars above. 

Congratulations! you have reached level 99 Mining & Smithing!

Thanks for checking out my guide, I hope it helped!

Please feel free to comment with questions or if there anything i missed!

Thanks - RETCH












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