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Agility Guide

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Welcome to my Agility guide!

Items needed: None, BUT energy potions are helpful especially in the beginning. you can buy them from the Supply shop in Edgeville. Also, If you choose to do the wilderness agility course i recommend you bring a knife or a slash weapon as well as energy potions. You need a slash weapon to get through the web at the mage bank leaver, which is the Quickest way to teleport home and if you have a lower agility level you will need the energy potions or you will run out of run energy.

You can find the teleports to the different agility training locations via the skilling teleport -> Agility. This will bring up 4 teleport options. Gnome agility course, Barbarian outpost, Wilderness Agility course (50+ wilderness), And Rooftop courses -> Seer's course, And Ardougne course.

First you want to go to Gnome agility course.

Level: 1-35

Next Barbarian outpost.

Level: 35-52

After you've grinded those out hit the wilderness! Wilderness Agility Course (level 52+). Or you can do barbarian until level 60.

Level: 52-60

Next is Rooftop courses -> Seer's course.

Level: 60-90

After you complete that grind go to Rooftop courses -> Ardougne course

Level: 90-99


Congratulations! You have reached 99 Agility!

You can trade in your agility tokens at the penguin located at the wilderness agility course for agility xp or a pirate hook!

Thanks for looking at my guide and i hope it helped! Please comment if i missed anything!

Thanks - RETCH




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