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Farming guide

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Welcome to my farming guide!

You will need: 1 Rake, 1 Spade, 1 Seed dibber, Water can(8), Plant cure, MANY SEEDS! (all items are located at the skilling shop in edgeville under the farming section)

Farming patch locations: Catherby, Ardougne, Falador, Phasmatys.

Step 1: Teleport to the first farming patch.

Step 2: Find the herb patch and rake the grass away.

Step 3: Plant the seed

Step 4: Teleport to second farming location and so on.

Step 5: Repeat untill you have planted herbs at every location. Then check the first location to the last location for diseased crops.

Step 6: Pick the herbs from that patch when ready

What to plant:

Level: 1-9 Potato seeds

Level: 9-14 Guam seeds

Level: 14-19 Marrentill seeds

Level:19-26 Tarromin seeds

Level: 26-32 Harralander seeds

Level: 32-38 Ranarr seeds

Level: 38-44 Toadflax seeds

Level: 44-50 Irit seeds

Level: 50-56 Avantoe seeds

Level: 56-62 kwuarm seeds

Level: 62-67 Snapdragon seeds

Level: 67-73 Cadantine seeds

Level: 73-79 Lantadyme seeds

Level: 79-85 Dwarfweed seeds

Level: 85-99 Torstol seeds

Congratulations! you have reached 99 Farming!

Remember to save all herbs collected for herblor!!

For more information on herblor, check out my herblor guide!

Thanks for looking at my farming guide, I hope it helped! Feel free to comment if you have any questions or if i missed anything. Thanks!- RETCH




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