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Herblor guide

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Hello and welcome to my herblor guide!

You can get the herbs to make unfinished potions either from Farming, or from various monsters around the game. (monster drop tables located in edgevile in front of the general store) 

Items needed to make potion: Vial of water(Skilling Supplies Shop), Herb(monsters/farming), Secondary Ingredient (Skilling Supplies Shop)


Here is all of the potions you'll be making for 99 herblore! (I believe this is the fastest method).



Attack Potion (3)

Guam potion(unf) - Eye of Newt


Strength Potion (3)

Tarromin Potion(unf) - Limpwurt Root



Restore Potion (3)

Harralandar Potion(unf) - Red Spiders' eggs



Defence Potion (3)

Hararlandar Potion(unf) - White Berries



Prayer Potion (3)

Ranarr Potion(unf) - Snape Grass



Super Attack Potion (3)

Irit Potion(unf) - Eye of Newt



Super Antipoison (3)

Irit Potion(unf) - Unicorn Horn dust



Super Energy Potion (3)

Avantoe Potion(unf) - Mort Myre Fungi


Super Strength Potion(3)

Kwuarm Potion(unf) - Limpwurt Root


Super Restore (3)

Snapdragon Potion(unf) - Red Spiders' Eggs



Ranging Potion (3)

Dwarf Weed Potion(unf) - Wine of Zamorak



Saradomin Brew (3)

Toadflax Potion(unf) - Crushed Nest

Congratulations! You've reached 99 herblor! hope the guide helped! Please comment with suggestions -RETCH

*Edit - You can also access the monster drop tables via the quest tab* Thanks Sanctimonium (:

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