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Construction & More!

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  1. Added Great Olm & Vorkath to kill tracker.
  2. Fixed Hunter skill displaying the wrong level on the skill tab.
  3. Updated the server tutorial guide. Now showing off new features.
  4. Bonus skill rotations visible via quest tab:
  5. Gold earning increasements:
    - Increased the gold obtained through thieving stalls by 50%.
    - Opening Crystal chests now gives you 10X more gold.
    - Increased Clue scroll gold rewards.
    - Increased the gold received from caskets by 25%.

    - Increased the gold gained from Pest Control by 10X.
  6. Construction skill (~75% done, WIP)
    - You can buy a starter house via the Estate agent at home for 1M coins.
    - Most of the rooms and objects are buildable, but not all of them yet.
    - Estate agent has a shop which sells Construction supplies.
    - You can rotate & remove the rooms you have built.
    - You can join a friend's house when they are logged in.
    - You can use bones on all of the altars for extra experience.


    Please note, that the skill is not yet finished and bugs may appear. The early release of this skill was done upon players' request and only to keep the server and the players updated of what has been done so far.



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