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Found 2 results

  1. Here is the Placement of the tournament. 1st Gohan 2nd Matt 3rd trj50 4th nuclear 5th mixnblitz thanks for playing boys. might be histing a different tournament soon ;) I will be hosting a dh tournament this Sunday july 9th. In three days time. The time hasn't been decided yet so be sure to follow this post for updates. The tournament will be free to enter and will be a single elimination. RULES Maximum of one sara brew Any spec weapon is alright(might change this if everyone can't afford claws/ags) Vengance is not required bit is highly recommended. it requires 94 magic and 10 earth 4 astrals and 2 death runes to cast. They will be deathmatches to prevent long fight sessions Safing doesn't matter because its a death match. A Dharok's set will be provided for you if you cannot afford one. PRIZE The part you really want ;) The prize will be a Lime Whip for first and an ags for second. REGISTER Comment below with your in-game name and ill add you to the roster.
  2. Limewhip needs to be buffed... Everyone says its worse than tent whip and no one wants it cuz tent is better. Pls send help - needs buff or tent whip needs to be taken out of game.