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Found 1 result

  1. Warrior's guild First of all we're going to need some armor! So head to ::home and run a little north and find this NPC - I recommend using a Mithril set (but you can use adamant, rune etc), you'll need the helmet, platebody and plate legs Next you're going to want to head to your magic tab and find this teleport, click it! Click next page and then select the Warrior's guild teleport. When you enter, run west to this little side room! Use your armor set on the 'Magical Animator' and kill the NPC. Repeat until you have enough tokens Once you have at least around 200 tokens you can enter the room where the cyclops are found. Head to the stairs just behind the bank > Climb up twice and you're there! Enter the room! It costs 100 tokens to enter then 10 tokens per minute you're in there! Happy hunting!