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Found 1 result

  1. Vote Shop- Maybe put in Barrows Items in there, Full Graceful, Agile Armour, 3rd age Armour Sets. Instead of GP maybe give Mystery Boxes or something Different to make people want to vote more. Melee Shop- Maybe Add Obby Maul and Berserker Necklace Supply Shops- Maybe add Sharks and Manta Rays to it, Also Stamina Potions. Clothing shops- Maybe add full Skeleton, Grim Reaper hood, Full Santa outfit. Lottery- Add a Lottery guy you can place Money with at the end of Each week a random player is drawn and gets all the money made that week for lottery? Placement holders- Would be Nice to keep a nice neat bank. Shops- Maybe up the Buying rate from 500 to 1000? would be easier to get runes instead of buying 500 at a time.