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Found 2 results

  1. Belgian

    Video Hello guys, got my new video released, the first one got some views, friends of me told me it even showed up when they searched for 'new rsps' i can only think that's beceause some of you out there liket and commented on the video! so thank you so much. Feel free to comment on this one again, here or on youtube, as it supports me and helps me a lot and hopefuly it helps the server aswell! Thanks again
  2. Belgian

    Hello everyone, Belgian here 😄 I've always wanted to start youtube and now I did. Feel free to leave constructive criticism and tips on how to improve my video's in the future. I am aware it is not a great video but again, it's my very first vid ever and I'm looking to improve along the way 😃 Anyways hope you guys enjoy it, like and youtube comments(as are forum comments) are greatly appreciated. (Feel free to play the video in the background whilst playing the game) Video

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