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Found 1 result

  1. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone, So for the past few days, I have been speaking with a majority of players and have compiled together a list of both Major Game Enhancement and Quality of Life Suggestions. These are for the community, by the community Suggestions for you the Staff of Scape-War to read and hopefully make possible. Thank you for taking the time to read these suggestions and I hope to see some of these come to life in the future. Now without further ado, lets get into it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Major Game Enhancement Suggestions 1. Chamber of Xerics: Create actual Chamber of Xerics raid (party of 2-4), with more content in it. Seems having just Olm fight is very dry, and adding that would bring people to play together more. Boss order: Tekton-> Vanguards -> Vasa Nistirio -> Olm (Final Boss) 2. Theatre of Blood: Add Theatre of Blood raid (party of 2-4), with this as mentioned above with COX raid, adding the full length (obviously not as difficult as OSRS is) and moving the proper loot table to this raid (I.E. removing from Chaos Elemental). Boss order: Maiden -> Bloat -> Vasilias -> Vitur (Final Boss) **For the Raids, we could lower the technical strategies to basic ones to reenforce the difficulty level being lower than OSRS. It also would not be MVP based getting high tier loot, instead it will be random % drop chance due to a lengthier time spent and using multiple players. Thus making the raid party chances fair for everyone** 3. Chaos Elemental: In conjunction with ToB raid/Chaos Elemental, the Chaos Elemental is too easy of a boss for having such a high tier drop table of that significance, and the placement of it being in wildy may add a level of difficulty, but as pointed out multiple times, a Level 50 player can kill Chaos Elemental quite easily. 4. Bank System: Visual overhaul and fix of banking system on the server (this has been talked about quite a bit). What this means is a larger box variable for the bank itself, a properly working tab for easy banking. Also would like to see placeholders for stuff so players can easily keep things organized. 5. Slayer Task Drop Rates: A coding of Drop rate chance % increased to slayer tasks. While having this, a rework of the slayer shop would be beneficial as well, allowing players other avenues of receiving items and gaining slayer. 6. Slayer Task Events: Going along with above, having Slayer Task Events to bring the community together with a higher drop rate % chance would be amazing. I have seen streamers do these before and the turnout is amazing and feel this could be a beneficial addition to the server and unique. 7. PvP/Pking Events: Almost like Deadman Mode on OSRS, having some sort of PvP/Pking events could help bring a good amount of Pking into the server (Also with removal of all the botting?). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quality of Life Suggestions 1. Questing: Adding a Quest system within the server, boasting rewards that deem beneficial to players. Maybe even possible group questing? 2. Clue Scrolls: Add variants of clue scrolls so to remove the repetitiveness of the clues themselves. 3. Teleport/Magic tab: Updates to this would be nice, for ex. Adding Woodcutting Guild teleport (possibly reformatting this with a bunch of different trees?). Also adding maybe new areas to the game. 4. Donator Zone: Adding a tier system of donator zones each boasting different benefits, whether that be store items or skilling additions. 5. Voting Store: An overhaul of the current voting store to entice players to vote more. The Gold per vote is a great idea, but the vote store seems like it could use more. For example: Skilling Essentials Package - contains the essentials needed for a certain skill chosen. 6. Spirit Shields: Much like Scythe/Twisted Bow, adding a color variant to each spirit shield (or just Divine/Elysian). Preferably Red/Black colors. 7. Insurance for Pets: Allowing players to ensure pets will survive in the nastiest of situations, or if lost. Thank you all for reading and voting on these suggestions, I will be updating this list as I continually get feedback from community. If you have any suggestions, feel free to PM me in-game or DM me on Discord. If you don't like something posted or would like to see an idea changed here, feel free to comment! ~Strict
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