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Found 3 results

  1. Blake

    Scape-War Updates Player Owned Shops! Redesigned the teleports interface. Fixed a bank search crash. Thanks, Blake
  2. Blake

    Scape-War Updates Changed lootshare notification minimum to 50k. Finished duo slayer. (To get a duo slayer task simply speak to Vannaka at home and specify your slayer partner. The partner then needs to accept you as their partner. Once you have a partner you can then get a duo slayer task. Note that if you or your partner already has a slayer task then the tasks needs to be either finished or reset before you can receive a duo task. In order to receive dual experience for the task, you need to stay close to your partner whilst working on your task). Fixed Staff of the Dead special attack's gfx. You no longer get dragon tasks that often. Fixed walking up to npc's when attacking. Fixed Pest control portal attacking. Added long HP bars to bosses. Thanks, Blake
  3. Blake

    Scape-War Updates You no longer lose Rune pouch on death when outside of pvp. Fixed Vetion boss task. Fixed Ring of nature & Ring of coins. Fixed ::alts & ::getobject crashing the server. Reformatted some of the text for Well of goodwill. Fixed the bug where a player was able to teleport out of level 30+ wilderness using spellbook. Thanks, Blake

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