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Found 1 result

  1. i have a few things i think the donor zone needs. 1. a spinning wheel near a bank 2. maybe a donor only minigame? 3. more ore veins that never run out, so its afkable a bit 4. maybe a furnace and anvil near a banker heres some ideas that anyone could use. 1. when making arrowheads/darts, a make all option would be nice 2. announce when someone gets a good drop or pet drop 3. theivings exp raised a bit more? 4. a grand exchange or trading post would help alot 5. a gnome to note the farming loot or a bank spot by each farming tele sorry if people already posted some of these ideas 6. let us be able to select hunter from exp lamp *new idea* 7. banker at crafting tele *new idea* 8. super antifires, so we could use blowpipe or other 2h weapons at dragons *new idea* 9. volkrath boss *new idea* 10. poll system *new idea* 11. updated pk shop for other items *new idea* 12. able to buy 1-2k at a time from shops *new idea*

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