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Found 4 results

  1. Steven

    SERVER UPDATES Infernal minigame NPC's "the pillars" are fixed. Infernal pet is counting as achievment. Fixed the Corporeal Beast passing wall. Added the rocks prospecting feature. Amethyst ores are mineable now. You can consume ores and logs when using infernal axe and pickaxe. Infernal pickaxe gives smithing xp ' Added new woodcutting teleport to the WC guild in Kourend. The invisible object at shop area got removed. Fixed the bug when the random goes away it closes all the interfaces. Fixed the bug when noting "tome of fire". Fixed the POS. Fixed the platinum token exchange. Added client close confirmation. (will be on live after client update) After killing inferno there is chance to get pet. Thanks, - Steven
  2. Hi everyone, my ingame name is Noob smited and I have been around in Scape-War for 4 days now. i have 15 hours of playtime and im already in love with the server. But as everyother Rsps, Scape-War also needs some stuff that could potentially lead to a better and more Enjoyable server. So after 15 hours of playtime I have come across some stuff that I do love and some stuff that I find weird. So here's a list of what I think could lead to a more active and enjoyable server. Prayers runs down to fast, it really needs to be fixed. When I use 2 prayers at the same time at Lava Dragons and Hellhounds witch in my opinion very easy bosses/monsters, it drains 2 prayers every second, ish. Run energy shouldn't be drained untill we have a active pk community. Makes everyhting harder when we are doing, example: Lava dragons and have to run to the gates and then to the obleisk at chaos elemental. Move Barrelchest to his original place. Adding more xp to thieving. (imo) because thieving should be a quite easy skill to get maxed in. . Should add ring of vigour @chaos. Voter of the month should receive a juicy gift. And now some advice for the staff team and owners etc: I highly suggest that you pay small youtubers a small amount of irl money to advertise the server on their youtube channel. I've seen some videos in youtube about Scape war but every video was over 1 year ago. And yes there's always atleast 1 youtuber who will do it for ingame money to. I mean the best thing the owners could do is to pay zachtx (example) to stream and giveaway free mystery boxes to every player who joins the server and plays for atleast 15 mins. Giving him items that wont ruin the economy so he can do a quite big dropparty at the end of the stream would also attract a lot of players. So far this was everything I had in mind, future suggestion will ofc come. Comment ur thoughts lads.
  3. hey all I'm london, just joined this server and decided to make donation cause i love it. *my suggestion would be. * build magic tree into donated zone so players can get easier xp with woodcuttting and faster. * allow certain donates do ::empty or access to the bank easier ::bank *expand the donated zone * different benefits for all donater ranks. * might have donate cape or something for some fun. thx hope u support my suggestions guys
  4. Hey guys. Well I've played for a while now and enjoyed it! But getting all the 99's showed me a few things that could be better <3 Remove the XP limit once reached 99.. I want to get 200m :((( Rune Ore is Not accessible (That I know of) Max cape is impossible to find Ice barrage doesn't affect multiple NPC's at once Range 99 Cape should act as Avas (Merked has requested) Donor skilling zone Dragon Pickaxe would be ace Curse prayer book Remove the 'Invalid Characters' message on all chats .. Cant even type '<3' !!! Increase the starter package gold possibly? Fix special attack bar Add ::skill and some other commands e.g. ::corp --- Players love these :) Thats all for me at the moment :D
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