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Found 9 results

  1. SERVER UPDATES Added 2 NEW custom capes (Cape of Space / Dirty Cape). Fixed Infernal cape texture. Fixed a client crash (involved enemy hitpoints). Fixed ::donatorbenefits, ::price & ::updates commands. Added Shop area indicators (shop name & icon). Fixed drop table searching (can now properly search for any item & monster) Added OSRS skill tab (for the upcoming construction skill). Added The Inferno minigame: - All waves. - 2 pets with metamorphosis. - Infernal cape sacrifice (15/100 chance to obtain pet). You can now use Adamant arrows with Maple shortbow. Fixed donator commands for Ironman players. Relocated the missing Tanner guy at Crafting teleport. Thanks, - Blake
  2. darkmessiah

    Hello, for those of you who prefer to use forums over discord. Please post any "i need help" related subjects here with screenshots if need be 🙂 We hope to see you all In-Game and getting any assistance that you may need! Don't hesitate to ask we are a friendly community and are here to help you have a great time! Best of luck,
  3. ThatOneSkill3r

    Both Downlaods dont work
  4. Sitrus

    Yo, thought i put together some form of introduction and open the graphics shop again after a couple of months break. My ign is Sitrus and i'm a 20 year old dude from Sweden. I create some signatures etc on my spare time but mostly signatures. If you'd like to have a signature just slide into the dm's here, ingame or on discord. i'll post some of my previous work below. Completely free of charge ofcourse. https://imgur.com/a/4GUQNim
  5. nasty name

    this is my goals for my ironman for the moments. Achieve 99 in all skills. Attack [99/99] Strength [99/99] Defence [99/99] Ranged [99/99] Prayer [99/99] Magic [99/99] Hitpoints [99/99] Achieve 99 in all skills. Runecrafting [99/99] Construction [99/99] Agility [99/99] Herblore [99/99] Thieving [99/99] Crafting [99/99] Fletching [99/99] Slayer [99/99] Hunter [99/99] Mining [99/99] Smithing [99/99] Fishing [99/99] Cooking [99/99] Firemaking [99/99] Woodcutting [99/99] Farming [99/99] Items to obtain. Bandos chestplate [0/1] Bandos tasset [0/1] Armadyl helmet [0/1] Armadyl chestplate [1/1] 26 kc Armadyl Chainskirt [0/1] Tanzanite fang [1/1] 148 kc Fury [1/1] 119 kc Full guthan's [4/4] Full ahrim's [3/4] Primordial boots [0/1] Abyssal tentacle [0/1] Eternal boots [1/1] 67 kc Infernal cape [0/1] Zenyte [0/1] Bludgeon [0/1] Achieve 10th prestige in all combat stats. Attack [10/10] Strength [3/10] Defence [3/10] Ranged [10/10] 200M Prayer [0/10] Magic [10/10] Hitpoints [3/10] Random things to complete. All achievements [32/70] 3 gilded pieces [1/3] 3 third age pieces [0/3] Max cash stack [200M] All skilling pets [2/8] All bossing pets [1/25?] Scythe [0/1] Ranger boots [0/1] This is the goal list atm, i will update this like 1 or 2 times a week depending how much i play. and i will update it with more things to go for in the future. if you want to you can tell me what i should do or add. peace out guys.
  6. H Y P E R

    Hyper the beautiful here, I was wondering if investors could have something else than a cyan moderator crown, A lot of new players are thinking investors are moderator.. It could create misunderstanding and maybe a bad intent person could even scam a new player by saying he's a moderator. I would like to suggest a Royal purple donator sign, per exemple ; $ I thank a lot investor's because they have supported and still supporting server at their best and I don't want them to feel debuffed, but I think investor's crown should be removed !
  7. Hey Scaper🖐️ ! What a kicking start that's scape war is getting from all those votes were posting everyday. Together were making a huge difference for the number of player online , and its rising each day❗. After taking a closer look at the forum, I realised that the forum was not in the better shape right now😕. Since scape war is a close community and player are always there to each other , the forum should be consider as the berating lung of this concept❤️. There are some things that I seen on forum that need to be updated 💡: The number of topics outdated is way to high in every threads. (2017). There still some dispute still in there of old staff that's not give a good opinion about the other staff that were involved. Those subject should be closed. A lot of topics are not in the good thread and should be move or advice for a repost by the staff member. The number of picture that you can post on a topics should be raised to make easier explanation and guide making. The size of picture that you can use as signature or profile picture should be raised to give some better quality. Since the server get a lot of the precious developer time , a staff should be ranked as forum manager. Event thread should be created to announce and promote social event like drop party, gambling party , hide and seek etc.. Encouraging forum activity ingame side should be a priority. Double post should be deleted. That's maybe look a lot to do but its possible to get this done pretty fast. If you got any suggest for update on forum feel free to add them bellow. Thanks, Mathieew🙂
  8. DRAGON CLAWS❤️ Dragon claws : one of the weapon with the most notable special attack that I seen is osrs. Hitting 4 time his opponent in less than a second make this A VERY POWERUL pk weapon. All that being said, I don't think its normal that this weapon can 1 shot you when you correctly geared and praying against melee. Its now impossible for players wildy side, that is slaying monsters or doing anythings else , to finish their task. Crossing a players with d claws is a insta-Dead situation😣. OSRS WIKI : Against players, the highest sequence is 42–21–10–11, totalling up to 84. (NON GUEARED OPPENENT). I Seen more thank often special attack going up to 115-150 hp in total. Lets try to balance the wildy together💪, Thanks ! Mathieew
  9. I'm going to sort all my bugs and suggestions per skill COMBAT Everything seems fine, except the max hit display on the equipment screen isn't accurate. RUNECRAFTING FIX THE BLOOD AND SOUL ALTAR! I had to craft 25k death runes for 65-99 and I did half of it on DXP. And maybe replace Mage of Zamorak near the bank at home? HUNTER Exp-wise it's pretty decent, easy 99. However imho I would decrease the amount of (baby)dragon bones givin by the dragon impling. Dragon bones have little to no value at all (I had about 5k baby- and 2k dragon bones from 83-99 hunter) because of this. AGILITY From 1-99 agility i got 28 Marks of Grace. To buy a full graceful set you need 260 Marks.. My suggestion: reduce the amount of MoG needed to buy a part (for example, if each part would be 3 MoG each, I would have about 85 agility to have enough marks). And agility tokens have little to no use (100 tickets, or 20 laps, give 20k exp extra). The rooftops look glitched aswell. THIEVING Great moneymaking skill, however it's too dull. Add more stalls (like the gem stall, which would help out with crafting aswell) and/or improve the Rogue's Den: the exp there is suuuperslow and you fail half of the time. Maybe add a pickpocketing zone at Rogue's Den? CRAFTING There are currently only 2 methods to level up crafting: make dragonhide armour, or jewelry. Since skillers can't get both of these without killing mobs they literally have to buy 99 crafting (unless they do it with flax but who the hell would do that). That's why a gem stall wouldn't be a bad option to implement! And a second suggestion: implement charging unpowered orbs and let us be able to craft battlestaves. A lot of bosses drop elemental orbs and battlestaves! SLAYER Exp-wise, great! However, the amount of slayer points we get after a task is a tad low. My suggestion is to get 15 points from a hard task (I had to work past 99 slayer to get a slayer helm). MINING Mining is a pretty tough skill to grind out. My suggestion: make the ores an infinite resource like the trees. The pace of mining ores is pretty decent. From level 90 you can 1-tick mithril ores which improves the exp per hour greatly. SMITHING Same as mining, a pretty tough skill to max (it was my last one aswell). If the ores would be an infinite source it would help out a lot more since we don't have to focus so much on mining a lot (1000 mith ores and 650 runite ores got me from 92 to 99 on DXP). If you can't make ores an infinite resource (or you don't want to w/e), at least increase the exp a little bit! FISHING Maybe raise the exp of fishing? I have 3K+ raw mantas i didn't use because i already had 99 cooking. OTHER Achievement list needs to be redone. A lot of achievements aren't completable: player profiles, trivia points, weapon game, lottery, exchange 1k items to piles(?), reset statistics(?), craft blood runes, mage arena points (there is no mage arena shop..) Heads can't be added to the Slayer Helm. It's always nice to have a cosmetic upgrade. Same for the fire cape on max cape. And imo, max cape should have its features, since it takes quite the time to achieve. :D If you use an amulet of glory on the fountain of rune it turns into a (6). But those amulets can't be used to teleport. Maybe place a spinning wheel and anvil in the furnace area at home? Lots of dropped items have no use (dragon tokens, chewed bones, ancient pages, sinister keys,..) I don't know if there's a something planned for those? But if not, remove them. A lot of new players keep on asking what the use is for those items, and each time we have to disappoint them. Infernal pickaxe doesn't work. Add an announcement when a player reaches max total level! (more to come?) It's sad to say but in overall we're just another RSPS with nearly the same bugs/glitches/... as any other RSPS. New players don't really stick too long because of that. I think the community here is great and if we had more frequent updates (don't know the current progress on upcoming updates), this could turn out to be a very good server! Note: this is just my opinion Note #2: Shout-out to everyone who donated to the Well of Goodwill, helped me a lot with maxing out! :D
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