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Found 2 results

  1. I make youtube vids, only recently started again, hoping to make vids on this server. I played hydrascape, dawntained, soulsplit and some others i dont remember
  2. Let's start the suggestion list =) Going to list most important first and so on - personal suggestions Melee - Melee need's to be fixed ASAP everyone has been banging on about how melee is nerfed well we need to buff melee please!! - URGENT Bank's - More bank's need to be added for example @Skilling a bank needs to be added as the deposit is no use :/ Dual Arena Nerf - Cap the amount that can be staked to 100m or something reasonable as see'ing 250m bets and people getting cleaned is not good for economy and new players which start More Duo able content - More content which you can do together and share loot/rewards for example slayer can be duo but needs to be fixed Certain Drop Rates - i believe personally the drop rates are quite low here and some certain monster's NPC's could have their loot table's nerfed Prestige's - The adding of higher prestige levels raise to 10 as some people have completed the 5 prestige limit and are at end game don't have a grind anymore Updates - More often updates please! i know people have been busy ect but keeping an active server means fresh content and updated content to suite the needs of the players which are on the server Leave you're thoughts down in the comments Thank you!