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Found 15 results

  1. Pfc Pug

    1. Exclusive ::Dzone for higher ranking donators with better ways to skill. 2. ::market command for players wanting to buy an sell items so it doesn't crowd ::home 3. add more items to the donator shops. such as fashionscape and whatever yo feel is good 4. buff crystal key chest slightly to make them worth looking to get 5. bank place holders These are just a few things I think would make the server better and benefit the players for the good. Also more content means more players. I would love to see some of these implemented if possible. Thank you. - PFC Pug
  2. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone, So for the past few days, I have been speaking with a majority of players and have compiled together a list of both Major Game Enhancement and Quality of Life Suggestions. These are for the community, by the community Suggestions for you the Staff of Scape-War to read and hopefully make possible. Thank you for taking the time to read these suggestions and I hope to see some of these come to life in the future. Now without further ado, lets get into it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Major Game Enhancement Suggestions 1. Chamber of Xerics: Create actual Chamber of Xerics raid (party of 2-4), with more content in it. Seems having just Olm fight is very dry, and adding that would bring people to play together more. Boss order: Tekton-> Vanguards -> Vasa Nistirio -> Olm (Final Boss) 2. Theatre of Blood: Add Theatre of Blood raid (party of 2-4), with this as mentioned above with COX raid, adding the full length (obviously not as difficult as OSRS is) and moving the proper loot table to this raid (I.E. removing from Chaos Elemental). Boss order: Maiden -> Bloat -> Vasilias -> Vitur (Final Boss) **For the Raids, we could lower the technical strategies to basic ones to reenforce the difficulty level being lower than OSRS. It also would not be MVP based getting high tier loot, instead it will be random % drop chance due to a lengthier time spent and using multiple players. Thus making the raid party chances fair for everyone** 3. Chaos Elemental: In conjunction with ToB raid/Chaos Elemental, the Chaos Elemental is too easy of a boss for having such a high tier drop table of that significance, and the placement of it being in wildy may add a level of difficulty, but as pointed out multiple times, a Level 50 player can kill Chaos Elemental quite easily. 4. Bank System: Visual overhaul and fix of banking system on the server (this has been talked about quite a bit). What this means is a larger box variable for the bank itself, a properly working tab for easy banking. Also would like to see placeholders for stuff so players can easily keep things organized. 5. Slayer Task Drop Rates: A coding of Drop rate chance % increased to slayer tasks. While having this, a rework of the slayer shop would be beneficial as well, allowing players other avenues of receiving items and gaining slayer. 6. Slayer Task Events: Going along with above, having Slayer Task Events to bring the community together with a higher drop rate % chance would be amazing. I have seen streamers do these before and the turnout is amazing and feel this could be a beneficial addition to the server and unique. 7. PvP/Pking Events: Almost like Deadman Mode on OSRS, having some sort of PvP/Pking events could help bring a good amount of Pking into the server (Also with removal of all the botting?). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quality of Life Suggestions 1. Questing: Adding a Quest system within the server, boasting rewards that deem beneficial to players. Maybe even possible group questing? 2. Clue Scrolls: Add variants of clue scrolls so to remove the repetitiveness of the clues themselves. 3. Teleport/Magic tab: Updates to this would be nice, for ex. Adding Woodcutting Guild teleport (possibly reformatting this with a bunch of different trees?). Also adding maybe new areas to the game. 4. Donator Zone: Adding a tier system of donator zones each boasting different benefits, whether that be store items or skilling additions. 5. Voting Store: An overhaul of the current voting store to entice players to vote more. The Gold per vote is a great idea, but the vote store seems like it could use more. For example: Skilling Essentials Package - contains the essentials needed for a certain skill chosen. 6. Spirit Shields: Much like Scythe/Twisted Bow, adding a color variant to each spirit shield (or just Divine/Elysian). Preferably Red/Black colors. 7. Insurance for Pets: Allowing players to ensure pets will survive in the nastiest of situations, or if lost. Thank you all for reading and voting on these suggestions, I will be updating this list as I continually get feedback from community. If you have any suggestions, feel free to PM me in-game or DM me on Discord. If you don't like something posted or would like to see an idea changed here, feel free to comment! ~Strict
  3. PDXChar

    First suggestion would be a ::bonus command, which would tell you how much time is left on the bonus skill. Possibly, could tell what the next skill will be as well. Second suggestion would be to remove the 'Guess a number between 1-10' and the 'type ::answer randomletters first' from the Trivia pool. It isn't trivia; its guessing with a 10% chance of being correct and speed typing. Third, Maybe switch the Dragon Pickaxe for the Dragon Axe in the Trivia Shop. Pickaxe is too easy to get as is, whereas the axe is much less common. Fourth, add the Bolt Pouch, Coal Bag, Gem Bag, and Seed Box. The Bolt Pouch and Seed Box could be added to either the Vote or Trivia shops, for a price similar to the Herb Sack. The Coal Bag and Gem Bag are both normally obtained through the Motherlode Mine, much like the Prospector set is. They are originally twice the cost of the Prospector Legs, so it stands to reason they'd fit in the Stardust Shop for 1500-1600 Stardust. Anyone else have input?
  4. Aubury

    I'm starting a poll for you guys to name and vote what are the most important bug fixes and suggestions, for now I require you to name a maximum of five bug fixes and maximum of five suggestions. Please use this format by copy & paste: Bug Fixes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Suggestions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cheers, - Aubury
  5. Prince Goth

    Just a few small suggestions. it would be cool if the black slayer helm could get coded (kbd heads + Slayer helm) (Look how sexy it looks fam) Bonuses Hover over image for type Attack bonus +0 +0 +0 -6 -2 Defence bonus +30 +32 +27 -1 +30 Other bonuses Slot list +0 0 0% +0 Also it would be dumb lit if players could have skilling pets.
  6. Pfc Pug

    1. Vote shop other than the voting booth at ::home or make more visible more players. 2. Warning before teleporting out in the wilderness to prevent misclicks through boss teleports. 3. Adding a "I Buy Anything" shop for players to sell items collected thru slayer and various other skills. Thank you for taking these suggestions into consideration. - PFC Pug
  7. I know this is Pre eoc so its like osrs. But i do have some Rs2/Rs3 ideas that i did love that they added. 1. Ivy for woodcutting. 2. Evil trees, with the tentacles and everything. 3. Infernal pickaxe and hatchet as well as harpoon added to cerberus. 4. Chaotic weapons. Possibly earned from Slayer and/or donations. 5. Possible ::dzonetrain command takes you to an area that trains certain skills.
  8. 1. exchange void, for elite void at pest control. 2. Crafting guild, for gem mining, and just crafting methods 3. Donator skilling zone, magic trees, dark crab fishing, and karambwan fishing. 4. zenyte shard added too demonic gorillas. 5. Rejuvenation pool added to dzone 6.fix looting bag for ultimate ironman. 7. place holders in bank. Thanks guys, i hope you like the suggestions.
  9. Iron Billy

    Hey guys, Just like suggest a couple of things on behalf of most ironmen and regular players: A complimentary xp boost for voting, eg 50% increased xp for 20 minutes or so that also applies to ironmen Allowing ironmen to reap the hourly xp boosts. Cheers Iron Billy
  10. Here are a few suggestion i have that would increase the quality of life while playing. Motherload Mine (Possiable prospector outfit aswell) Placeholders Add a chat dialog were when you get a drop it tells you what you got. Not a shout for the whole server just for you in chatbox. Sometimes good drops go unnoticed because they are berried under unwanted loot. Add Zenyte jewelry Add variants to the max cape ( able to add fire cape,avas,sara cape) Shift + Click = Drop Add colored slayer helms to slayer store
  11. Hey guys, below i'm going to compile a list of bugs and suggestions i think would make the game generally better. Most of them are small things i've found along my way. Add kill counter to demonic gorrilas in the chat box. Add a counter to the barrows chest. Add a Kill tracker so you can look at how many times you've killed a monster. (through info tab or row?) Fix dfs. If you operate it, it continues to spam the emote without doing the damage and makes fighting impossible. Encountered a bug when i opened up a mystery box today which caused a load of cook karambwams to spawn on the floor but i couldn't pick them up? Remove the tasks involving wepon game and trivia as both these pieces of content aren't in game and it will stop people being able to obtain comp cape? Add the ability when operating the slayer helmet for it to display your kills left on task. Remove the ability to make rings of wealth via crafting/magic. (it gives them little to no value). Change the maximum amount of buy x from 500 to 5000? (only makes simple things like buying runes tidious. Make barrows items obtained from the minigame and random boxes not broken. This costs 250k per item to repair and is nothing bar an inconvenience. Allow kbd heads etc to be added to slayer helmet for cosmetic dankness. Put a thing in the information tab alerting you as to whether double xp is active or not.
  12. Hey guys. Well I've played for a while now and enjoyed it! But getting all the 99's showed me a few things that could be better <3 Remove the XP limit once reached 99.. I want to get 200m :((( Rune Ore is Not accessible (That I know of) Max cape is impossible to find Ice barrage doesn't affect multiple NPC's at once Range 99 Cape should act as Avas (Merked has requested) Donor skilling zone Dragon Pickaxe would be ace Curse prayer book Remove the 'Invalid Characters' message on all chats .. Cant even type '<3' !!! Increase the starter package gold possibly? Fix special attack bar Add ::skill and some other commands e.g. ::corp --- Players love these :) Thats all for me at the moment :D
  13. Add a staff cape (support,mod,admin,owner) Remove Duel Arena - many complaints and stop's stakes ECT Fix Hunter - URGENT Add YouTuber rank Fix Melee Add Staff Zone (nice for staff) Maybe change @Home Release Updates every 3 day's as of next update if possible
  14. Clockwork

    Would it be possible to add boss tasks to slayer? If it doesn't sound good maybe we could have a poll?
  15. Alpha Q

    Here are some suggestions for you guys ! 1. Deposit bank: at “Skill teleport” we have like 2 deposits (1 for fishing and the other one for all!) I think with an other one at mining area can be good! 2. More item for slayer NPC: the only objective atm for slayer its slayer helm. We need to make a slayer helm (e), Full slayer helm and the color slayer helm. 200 points for slayer helm that decent. The attachment can be 500 more for full slayer helm so 700 total, 1000 for color ( 1200 total ) We can have benefice for all stage of slayer helm. 3. Monster location ( exactly for every mobs) ----- I can do it 4. A lot of players ask me advantage for donator! Atm there’s nothing and maybe that can change. 5. Skilling shop ( outfit ) or achievement give you item like “cut 4000 maple logs “ and you got woodcutting outfit. 6. NPC for maxed cape and add comp cape with achievement for comp. 7. Decrease drop from boss just a little bit for reg. Players and let donator with ATM drop rate. That can make people pay for more drop rate 8. Imagine a shop for pvm people! Not everybody like pk and get pk to make money... Now we can have a Mobs Shop that mean, every single monster gave you points ( slayer monster ) like 1/5 chance to have 1 points from easy task, 1/ 4 from medium and 1/3 from hard task. 1 item can be like 1k. 9. Fix a price for 1$ = ***M cause with that we can make a real price guide 10. Add trivia game 11. Add minigame (no idea ATM) 12. Highscore!
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