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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys! We would like the community to give us their opinion on the staff team. Please just copy the text, fill in and post it under! Rate from 1-10, on your personal opinion. 1 is lowest, 10 is highest. Please put in pros and cons for each individual aswell. Name: Steven Role: Owner 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Dnite Role: Community Manager 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Plain Jane Role: Administrator 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Beatz Role: Moderator 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Holyone Role: Moderator 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Reiks Role: Support 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Badyz Role: Support 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Holemess Role: Support 1-10: Pros: Cons: Name: Soar Role: Support 1-10: Pros: Cons: Best Regards, Scape-War Staff Team.
  2. Plain Jane

    Scape-War Staff Team: Owner: Steven Developer: Blake Community Manager: Dnite Administrator: Plain Jane Moderator: Beatz Holyone Support: Reiks Holemess Badyz Soar

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