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Found 4 results

  1. SERVER UPDATES Fixed a major bug in player saving. You can now wear Ancient cloak. Random Math questions can no longer pop up when you are assigned another random event. Tzkal-Zuk (Inferno) kills are now tracked. Added Cooking gauntlets to Prestige shop. Added Pyromancer set and effect (Available in Prestige shop). Mystery box fixes: - You can now also click on Mystery boxes from the inventory instead of 'Spin'. - Fixed a known bug with Dragon boots. - It now states in the chatbox what you received. Added Raid teams & Rewards: - Added Raid parties & Possible rewards for each member. - You can now create a party with up to 5 members. - Each player has to deal at least 50 damage to be eligible for a reward. - Only the killer (the player who deals the most damage) is eligible for a very rare drop. - Dwarf multicannon cannot be used. Added Pyromancer set & Effect (Available in Prestige shop). Added Cooking gloves to Prestige shop. Thanks, - Blake
  2. brnche1g

    What about if you consider adding boss point shop? put some weapons in there and armour
  3. I would suggest to remake the achievement shop add better stuff not just cosmetics, somethng that new players or old would actually do these things to earn achievement points and buy a better weapon or amor, also with slayer shop it would be a great thing to add some items in it, as i see there is a bludgeon in there and i was informed it was kinda bad , maybe buff that item since its worh 1,2k slayer pts. or add new things ..
  4. SERVER UPDATES Added some new items into the Stardust shop. Fixed a bug with Shooting stars being minable after the event. Added "View loot" option for Crystal chest. Limited the amount of packets received prevent attacks. Added Donator shop information hovers: Added Low Detail Mode (boosts some fps, available in settings). Thanks, - Blake
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