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Found 3 results

  1. What ranks exist on Scape-War? Standard Donator ($10 to $20) Prime Donator ($20 to $50) Super Donator ($50 to $100) Legendary Donator ($100 to $250) VIP Donator ($250+) Do I have to donate the full amount at once to receive a rank? No! The price of every donation rank represents a cumulative amount of your total donations. Therefore, if you donate $5 for 500 credits on a single day and donate another $5 for 500 credits on a different day, you will receive the Standard Donator rank. Do donation ranks expire? No! Your donation (and its perks) lasts forever! Am I forced to donate? Of course not! Playing Scape-War and recommending it to your friends suffices just as much! What would my donation be used for? As a growing community, we require funds to maintain a dedicated server to run the game server & website, as well as for advertisements. Our staff, developers, and community manager do not take any percentage of the donations for themselves; every donation received is put directly back into the server! Are donations refundable? Each donation is delivered instantly and is therefore, non-refundable. What happens if I charge-back my donation? A donation that is charged back will result in the immediate termination of the respective account! How do I donate? You can begin the donation process by either clicking here or by clicking the 'STORE' tab at the top of the screen! Do donators get any other special in-game perks? Yes! Every donator perk is listed below. Bear in mind that these perks are subject to change in the future! Perks that apply to every donation rank Access to the Donator Zone and all of its resources (::dzone) Access to the (::yell) command. Refer to each rank's perk list for yell delay timers. Access to a fully-customizable yell title. Access to Slayer tasks that provide bosses as targets. Access to a lower Godwars kill-count requirement. Refer to each rank's perk list for exact values. Access to donator-exclusive commands. More coming soon! Standard Donator A delay of 20 seconds when using the (::yell) command. A Godwars kill-count of 20 is required to enter the boss rooms. More coming soon! Prime Donator A delay of 15 seconds when using the (::yell) command. A Godwars kill-count of 15 is required to enter the boss rooms. More coming soon! Super Donator A delay of 10 seconds when using the (::yell) command. A Godwars kill-count of 10 is required to enter the boss rooms. More coming soon! Legendary Donator A delay of 5 seconds when using the (::yell) command. A Godwars kill-count of 5 is required to enter the boss rooms. More coming soon! VIP Donator There is no delay when using the (::yell) command. There is no Godwars kill-count requirement to enter the boss rooms. More coming soon! If you have any suggestions for new donator perks or questions regarding donations, please don't hesitate to contact me!
  2. When you join a server , you instantly get your eyes on different flaws that developpers can't see anymore, getting used to it. Here are my impressions. Profanity filter. As much as all the good intentions in the world are behind this filter, I think it's a bad idea. First, it goes against what i'd call liberty of speech. Often, swear words or slang expressions are much more friendly than agressive. Considering the ammount of staff, it can also easily be judged. Also, much more people will evade the filter by being even more insulting than they would of been in the first place. ( A filter on nigger is tolerable, not a filter on the F word ). Suggestion : Add a toggle on the filter, or disable it completly, or make it more reasonable. Retard/Fuck/fucker/fucking is acceptable in a friendly manner for everyone. The server shouldn't see us as twelve years old. ( Insert the « you're not my dad » meme here ) Teleports. Organisation comes first in a rsps. Are informations or areas easily accessible? It is the main question for most of the newcommers. Currently, the teleport system is understandable, but not efficient nor user friendly. Suggestion : work on an interface or a teleport tab to make our gameplay easier and efficient. Skills teleport Currently, woodcutting and thieving are switched. Suggestion : switch them back! Achievements display/Game journal As of right now, achievements display is chaotic and unnorganized. The game journal is barely spaced out, information, packed. Suggestion : Work on the interfaces, add categories in achievements or a custom interface. Loot display At this moment, an NPC gives the drop tables. He's hard to reach and not there when you need him. Suggestion : add a button in some interface to access it anywhere. Banking When you bank, you can't type in clan chat, because " it's a command " Suggestion: Fix that! Home npc's Captain Donnie will always remind people of bad servers. During a certain time of the rsps'es era , exilium sources or alikes featured him everywhere. He was emblematic of shit stability, excuse my language. Twiggy O'korn, even if she's the real npc, looks like a custom or a meme, it's awkward while the rest of the server looks serious and stable. Suggestion : Replace them ( Mostly Donnie!) Advertisement We have a NEW Rune-Server thread which gets alot of visibility and impacts the future of our server. We don't have one on Runelocus which is also an other great name in RSPS advertisement. Suggestion : Add a thread to Runelocus ( the same ) and give an incentive to reply on them. The more the better, more replies gives us a good look. It could be a forum post with both links in it. Voting Currently, ironmen can vote but not benefit voting. It gives a counter-signal : don't support us . Suggestion : allow them to access the shop or make a special ironman voting store. Generally speaking, the server looks good , is fluid, has nice people, and place for much improvement. Hopefully you will see in these suggestions the occasion to make scape-war a better game. Comment on which you agree or what you would improve!
  3. Hey guys whats up , Hope you all are doing fine because I'm great! Just made this introduction for myself to tell people that I'm a fan of RSPS and I really like Scape-War its its features & Surely i will play it! And I hope to make friends in my journey.. One more thing to tell, this server has got a great youtuber which is me xD My youtube channel is below and I will start making videos soon! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUrdds-rCFWXe69bMUchwtA Thankyou for reading. Best Regards: Tjr50.
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