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Found 1 result

  1. Blake

    SERVER UPDATES Extended the client's draw distance. Fixed Dagon'hai prices. Added Olmlet - Great Olm pet. Dzone fountain delay changed: - 240 seconds for Prime+ - 120 seconds for Legendary+ - 60 seconds for Demonic+ Added Chicken outfit to Prestige shop. Fixed Dragon darts attacking. Fixed an unattackable tile in Cerberus. Killing Cerberus now counts towards Hellhounds task. Skotizo kc is now tracked. Added a Trivia system (Questions are polled every 10 minutes): Use ::answer your answer to answer the trivia question. Use ::trivia to view the current trivia question. Trivia Shop: Added Construction cape to skillcape shops. Added Hunter & Construction skillcape emotes. Added a message for when a new player logs in for the first time. Added a Cooking teleport (Catherby). You can now cook Anglerfish. Added Farming & Hunter skill guides. Removed blood money drops from player death if killed by bots. Appended the killcount for the npc kill messages. The npc kill messages are now only shown every 5 kc. You're now required to uncharge the Trident of the seas before attaching a Magic fang. You can now dismantle an Uncharged toxic trident. Prayer buttons can no longer be toggled when out of prayer or level requirement is not met. Fixed ::forums and ::site/::website commands. Added ::rules command. Fixed many possible client crashes. Thanks, - Blake
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