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Found 1 result

  1. Seers

    27/11/2021 OpenGL Mode 117HD has been added. Enjoy better performance and aesthetics! NEW Customs Custom items are strictly restricted to PvM outside of wilderness only with the exception of Collector's necklace. Note: Spoilers contain equipment bonuses. Weapons Fiery bow Included in starter for every new player. Has the stats similar to dark bow. Sirius sword A sword with a special max hit of 220. Obtainable from Mithril dragons. Frost blade A blade with a base max hit of 80 and a special max hit of 200. Death blade A godsword like blade with a base max hit of 100 and a special max hit of 250. Energy sword A fast paced sword with a max hit of 100. Obtainable from Raids and Chaos elemental. Dragonbone longsword A longsword with a base max hit of 75 and special max hit of 180. Obtainable from Dagannoth kings. Pistol Fast paced ranged weapon. Sniper Slowly delivers the most powerful ranged attacks. Golden claws A cosmetic upgrade to the regular Dragon claws. Obtainable from Barrelchest & Raids. Gold chain Boosts the experience of your non-combat skills. Obtainable from Prestige shop (300 points). Guitar A cosmetic obtainable from Prestige shop (100 points). Rainbow whip Offers the same bonuses as Lime whip. Blue whip Offers the same bonuses as a regular whip. Capes and Shields: Bladed shield The best shield with the highest defence bonuses of +75 each. Dragon kiteshield Offers +40 defence bonuses. Obtainable only from Kalphite Queen. Malevolent shield Offers +50 defence bonuses. Obtainable from Barrows chest. Devil cape Grants you with double slayer experience and double slayer points when worn. Obtainable from Slayer shop (2000 points). Rasta wings Grants you X3 farming experience when worn. Obtainable from Vote shop (500 points) and Trivia shop (2000 points). Red Winged cape A cosmetic cape obtainable from Slayer shop (1500 points) and Red dragons. It's 4x more effective than the Infernal cape. Superman cape X3 Experience bonus with a passive flying animation. Available from Donator shop. Colorful wings Purely cosmetic wings available in multiple colors from the Donator shop. Rainbow lance A cosmetic reward available from Prestige shop (15 points). Rainbow cape A cosmetic reward for prestiging available from Prestige shop (25 points). Prestige cape A cape with the stats of Infernal max cape multiplied! Available from Prestige shop (100 points). Animal set The best ranged armour set in the game. Available from Crystal chest and Donator shop. Collectors necklace A necklace that automatically banks your drops. It doesn't collect coins so you still need RoW. Currently available from the Donator Shop. Experience Boost lamp A single lamp grants you 50% experience boost for 1 hour. (Multiple lamps can be claimed to increase the boost duration however the experience won't stack). Double drop boost lamp This lamp grants you double drops for 1 hour. (Multiple lamps can be claimed to increase the boost duration however the experience won't stack) Mr Krabs To spice things up, Rock crabs have been replaced with... Mr Krabs! They have a 1/1000 chance of dropping Mr Krabs pet. Tweaks, Fixes and Misc: Core: listener-based content system (Makes adding new content faster). Max prestige per skill has been increased to 120. Hydra task now counts for the player. NPC drops can no longer appear on clipped tiles. More bosses were added to the slayer master. The dialogues system was rewritten. A referral code system was added. Fixed an issue where some people couldn't login due to invalid UID. Buffed Zaryte sword. Added ::train command which teleports you the Krabs. Alchemical Hydra has received a small overhaul. Thanks, Development Team
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