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Found 13 results

  1. Blake

    SERVER UPDATES Extended the client's draw distance. Extended the time out (Few players used to get constant dc's). You can now enchant Onyx bracelet. You can now only leave construction using the exit portal. Fixed Ruby (e) special (Used to hit too high and too often). Added a ::resetpin command for staff. Magic skillcape can now be used to switch spellbook. Fixed a dupe with Amulet of glory. Added Abyssal Sire boss. Added Tome of fire (Obtainable from Abyssal Sire). Added Elder chaos robe (Obtainable from Abyssal Sire). Added Dagon hai & Recolored sets: You can now pickup items straight into the looting bag whilst having it open. NEW versions of Twisted bow & Scythe of Vitur: Recolored versions Twisted bow and Scythe of Vitur are now animated upon wielding. Fixed the Crystal key drop locations for npcs like Great Olm hand. Fixed Achievement mode buttons. The PK bots in the wilderness now have a chance to fight each other when idle. Thanks, - Blake
  2. Seers

    17/12/2021 Crypto Trading You can now invest in cryptocurrencies using in-game currency. It's using actual, real-world market data and is updated often. 1 USD is equal to 1M coins. Main view The main view shows an overview of the available cryptocurrencies and their statistics. Wallet The wallet shows an overview of your balances. Coins can be deposited and withdrawn from your pouch. Trade The trade view is where you can buy and sell your selected cryptocurrency. You only have to modify the amount you wish to buy/sell. Transaction history is kept on the bottom. NEW Pets The pets below are all available from a new Donator Shop called Pet Shop. They are purely cosmetic, cool looking followers. Pet Lambo Where lambo? See below Pet sonic Doesn't need to be introduced. Pet hopeless creature He is hopeless and tired. Pet Guard dog A true best friend. Pet Imp This one doesn't run away from you. Pet Broom This one cleans up for you. Thanks, Development Team
  3. Blake

    SERVER UPDATES Fixed Varrock armour requirements. Fixed Dragon claws & DDS spec max hits. The combat dummy is now displaying the hits properly (dclaws etc). Added a global message for when someone completes The Inferno. Added Abyssal Sire & Skotizo to Boss slayer task. Abyssal Sire now requires 85 slayer. Added a fully functional Herb sack. Added stamina potion and its effect. Started on Superior garden & added Rejuvenation pool. Added 4 NEW 'Elemental' Bosses: AIR FIRE WATER EARTH (Zuriel armour now available as a drop from the new elemental bosses). Thanks, - Blake
  4. SERVER UPDATES Fixed Sanguinesti staff charging. Fixed Kodai insignia's note. Added latest OSRS Item's data. Added Assembler's max cape. You can now enchant Sapphire bracelet (Bracelet of Clay). You can now mine Clay rocks (Soft clay using Bracelet of clay). Ironman players can now use the Wilderness shop. Fixed ::commands to display ::dzone etc for every rank who has donated (Including ironman players). Ironman players can now use dzone fountain. Special staff can now execute any commands with any rank. Added global announcement for when someone reaches 200M xp in a skill. Added 🔥 Twisted set 🔥 (Ranging gear): - The set is available in Donator Shop and from Great Olm. Added Rangers' tights: (Availability: Vote Shop) Added 3 🔥 Divine spirit shield 🔥 recolors: (Availability: Corporeal beast drop table, Donator Shop, Dark Mystery box.) Added Twisted slayer helmet (Available in Donator Shop and Slayer Shop). NEW Events: - Double resources event: During the course of the event, mining and fishing yield double the resources. - Pest Control: During the course of the event, the points earned from Pest Control are doubled. Added "Make X" and "Make All" for smithing. Corrected Slayer helmet's defence requirement 20 => 10. Added 🔥 3rd age druidic 🔥 set to the clue scroll rewards (Extremely rare to get). Added Bucket helm and it's (g) version to the clue rewards. Thanks, - Blake
  5. 7/12/2021 Slayer Rework - Added wilderness slayer (Krystilia). - Fixed the issue where players couldn't always get assignments. - All slayer masters now use the same dialogue. - Rewritten slayer dialogues. - You can now set co-op partners/reset task across all slayer masters. - Nieve is now available in Edgeville (Free!) - Added task streaks with bonus points. Wilderness and regular slayer streaks are separated. Resetting a task won't cause you to lose streak on the other one. Streak rewards: Vannaka Nieve Krystilia Donator Bonus (Added to base points): Standard: +1 Super: +2 Vip: +3 Investor: +4 NEW Customs Werewolf claws These are the best claws in the game. They use the Dragon claws special attack yet it's much more powerful. (Available as a drop from Great olm & Lava dragons.) Bandos cape Grants free entrance into the Bandos room and offers 5x Infernal cape stats. (Available as a drop from General graardor.) Tweaks, Fixes and Misc: Content system improved by adding object & npc listeners. Added ::deals command. Fixed an issue with Great olm han animations. Fixed an issue where the Double drop lamp would be discarded on logout. Fixed a bug where Great olm was unattackable after killing the hands. Fixed Fiery/Dark bow dc when running out of ammo. Raid rewards are now doubled when the drop boost is active. Fixed player dialogue heads. Magic axes added north of Resource area. Skeletons added to Edgeville wilderness mine. Ankous, Ghosts, Skeletons and Zombies added to Forgotten Cemetery. Experience & Drop rate boost lamps now available from Slayer shop. Thanks, Development Team
  6. SERVER UPDATES Added 2 NEW custom capes (Cape of Space / Dirty Cape). Fixed Infernal cape texture. Fixed a client crash (involved enemy hitpoints). Fixed ::donatorbenefits, ::price & ::updates commands. Added Shop area indicators (shop name & icon). Fixed drop table searching (can now properly search for any item & monster) Added OSRS skill tab (for the upcoming construction skill). Added The Inferno minigame: - All waves. - 2 pets with metamorphosis. - Infernal cape sacrifice (15/100 chance to obtain pet). You can now use Adamant arrows with Maple shortbow. Fixed donator commands for Ironman players. Relocated the missing Tanner guy at Crafting teleport. Thanks, - Blake
  7. Nercychlidae

    Hey guys ive noticed a few of these guides are probs outdated by abit or theyre just not done properly. ive seen theres already a zulrah guide on here but doesnt really give you much in terms of what to bring, inventory and other things. Armour: Armour ranges for me in 2 ways, we have the starter armour which i would say is the lowest possible armour for you to use this is what im basing this guide off as if you can do with this armour you'll be set for the higher tier armours. Archers Helmet - Can be bought from the Range Armour shop at home Black dragon hide armour - Can be bought from the Range Armour shop at home Amulet of glory - Can be bought from the Supply shop at home. Snakeskin Boots - Can be bought from the Range Armour shop at home Accumulators - Can be bought from Range Armour shop at home. Rune/ Adamant Arrows - Can be bought from the Range Weapons shop at home Ring of wealth - (Optional) Can be bought from Players - Helps increase loot drop chances Fiery Bow - Can be given as a Starter bow OR Bought from Range weapon shop for FREE Total cost of all these items comes to around: 179k GP - Rune arrows are 400gp each/ Adamant are 80gp each so make of what you will with them. Inventory: My inventory consists of purely food and prayer/ Restore potions. Ive done up to 3-4 runs of zulrah with one inventory using the gear mentioned above so shouldnt have any issues. this gear you can buy from the Supply Shop at home aswell so easy to get ahold of. The Zulrah lair: When you first teleport into the lair you want to pray Range INSTANTLY he will spawn in the middle so run to the red square whilst you have range protect on and just zoom out asfar as you can and face north so you can see all points, Zulrah will only spawn in 3 areas marked in Green circles. Kill the snakelings as theyre one shot and some will get stuck where the purple marker is dont worry about them and keep your tabs on prayer. eat every so often and just switch whenever he dips down. Prayer Strategies: - Protect from RANGE - Protect from MELEE - Protect from MAGIC Range and Magic varients WILL hit hard if not prayed against. Melee wont hit you so is a safe spot to hit hard on zulrah and replenish any health/ Prayer you have. Using the equiptment above i've killed it in less than a minute which is 2 variant switches of zulrah they're all random. Hope this helps abit if theres anything ive forgotten or you guys need to know ill happily update the guide
  8. Combat Skills: So to start off your Scape-War journey, the first thing you'll want to do is is talk to Vannaka at Home, he s located at the outside south wall of the Home Bank and start with easy slayer tasks. This will help you not only start training your combat skills (Attack, Defence, Strength, Range, Mage, Hitpoints) but will also help you with Slayer, Slayer is a rather easy skill that is a must need to start, when you are on a task any Coin drops is multiplied by X5, allowing you to start building your cash stack. When you start to get higher to max combat skills, switch to hard tasks only, they can range from about 20 minutes to 1 hour to complete, but every hard task can net you 5-10 Million (Don't forget a ring of wealth when you can afford one!) There is a man in the north-west of the Home area who will sell weapons and armor, there is another mam who sells supplies, including food and potions, you can also go to the Warriors-Guild in the Minigames teleport to fight Cyclops's until you get a Dragon-Defender which is one of the best offhand/shield slot items (you will need to bring armor, a helm, chest-piece and legs to reanimate on the first floor to get tokens which is used when you enter and are in the Defender Arena) PRAYER: Prayer is best started at the Taverly Dungeon teleport in the Dungeons teleport tab and making your way to the Baby Blue Dragons, and normal Blue Dragons. Since we got a free Anti-Dragon Shield when we started, the only thing you'll need to worry about is bringing a full inventory of food the first trip or several you'll make until you get enough Dragon bones to get your Prayer level up to 43 for Protect Melee (Vannaka will from time to time assign Steel Dragon tasks and without Protect Melee, they hit very hard.) Bones are best used at a Gilded Alter in a Player Owned Home, as the Altar in the north area of Home is just a normal Altar (if you ever see me online, you can message me for use of mine.) Rune Crafting: Rune Crafting talismans used in the skill are dropped from slayer monsters and some bosses, these will help you get started. Rune Crafting is started by running north from the bridge into the Wilderness located north east of Home, and talking to the Zamarok Mage, and teleporting to the Abyssal Chasm, the monsters here can be killed at certain Slayer level to receive Essence Pouch's which can store Rune Essence or Pure Essence which is needed to craft Runes at certain levels (If you ever need to know what Runes can be crafted at which levels, you can click on the skill in the Skills Tab) essence can be obtained through drops, or bought at a merchant in ::dzone Agility: Agility is started by clicking on the skill in the skills teleport tab, it is broken into two segments, Courses, and Roof Top Courses, the Roof Top Courses require levels 50, and 90 for access, the skill is rather tedious so I would recommend doing it on extra xp hour rotations, upon reaching level 99 in Agility, you will have unlimited run energy Herblore/Farming: Herblore is started by receiving Grimy Herb drops from monsters or the Farming skill, you will need to buy or pickup seed drops from monsters to start the skill and grow herbs and vegetables. the Skilling merchant sells farming tools, and seeds, when you hit the required level for watermelons I recommend planting every patch in every location to help speed the skill up to 99, the Skilling merchant also sells the items for Herblore potions. Thieving: Thieving is rather simple, the stalls you will start at are on the north outside wall of the Home Bank or inside the Donator ::dzone teleport, the stalls at home give, items when used, the ones in ::dzone only gives cash. You can steal from Wall-Safes to get Gems and the Rouges Outfit Crafting: Crafting is started by killing Cows in the monsters teleport, and taking the hides to the Crafting teleport and having the tanner tan them for you, you will need a needle and thread bought at the Home shops to make armor, you can also mine Gem Rocks in Shilo Village with a specific Mining level. which I also recommend saving the gems for use in Fletching to make Gem Tips to craft bolts used for Ranging as certain ones have strong special effects, Crafting takes awhile but if you want to speed things up, certain bosses have large gold ore drops for making jewelry at the Furnace at Home, you may want to keep the Dragon hides from slaying Blue Dragons. Fletching/Woodcutting Fletching is started from buying a knife from a shop and using them on logs or Smithing bolt shafts, or arrow-tips. you will need feathers to complete arrows, bolts, and darts, which can also be smithed at an Anvil, Woodcutting takes awhile to level because of its use in multiple skills, you can chop Maples in Seer's Village, Yews at Home, and Magic Trees south of Seer's Village, certain bosses also drop a set amounts of logs. Hunter: Hunter is a simple skill, you catch Imps, I recommend catching Eccletic, Magpie, Ninja, and Dragon Imps for there loot used in multiple skills. Mining/Smithing: Mining an smithing are simple, the only notable thing is you can craft Cannon-Balls used in a Dwarf-Cannon using Steel, and Rune Rocks are located in the deep Wilderness and at ::dzone, with a high Donator rank, the Rune-Rocks in ::dzone do not deplete. Every once in awhile you will encounter random events which will give you a Mystery-Box, a Lamp, or a random math problem in Thieving meant to stop auto clickers as it is against the rules of Scape-War which could result in a warning to possible ban, if you ever get a Water Fiends task in slayer they are located in the left direction from the spawn in the Kraken Cove area. Biblia at Home will teleport you to the Dark-Altar where you can use Ensouled Monster Heads for Prayer experience. there is also a Player Owned Shop system, where you can buy goods, cosmetics, and combat gear, located in the Home Bank bank. If you refer people to Scape-War, you can earn rewards like Donator Credit, Scape-War sees to expand with new content, and the Donations help go towards server upkeep and content creation. if you ever see me online and need help, feel free to message me 🙂
  9. Z a k

    Basically, I'd be a returning player if I could play, basically their is no way for me to get Java on this PC at this current time (could take months to get it) So a lot of other servers are now using custom launchers like .exe's instead of a .Jar which doesn't run on Java. It would be fucking brilliant if I could start playing again, OSRS doesn't run on a .jar it runs from a custom .exe
  10. HerpesFree

    Hey everyone, With Steven having hired a new developer, he would like to solicit YOUR feedback on server updates / suggestions. I've compiled a list of the suggestions made over time (both from discord and the forums) below. Apologies if any of your suggestions were omitted. Please PM me on discord if you would like more added to the list and I will update this post accordingly. Steven wants to have the responses accumulated by TOMORROW. **PLEASE VOTE ON YOUR TOP 10 FIXES** (ranked in order of priority, 1 = most important) Here's the list: ⦁ Add more bosses to the slayer master (olm, sea troll queen, kr'il, dag kings, etc.) ⦁ Fix the combat system (make all the spells functional, make barraging hit multiple monsters, fix the auto-retaliate (doesn't always work with scythe), have the cannon hit multiple monsters at once, etc.) ⦁ Update the farming skill - introduce tree patches, fix the rate at which patches are diseased ⦁ Implement a ::last command, which teleports you to your last location (e.g., if I was farming, ::last would bring up the four farming locations) ⦁ Add a ::shops command that teleports you to the shops area ⦁ Add a ::help command which displays a list of general questions/answers for new players (How do I donate? Where can I find the slayer master? What are achievement points used for? What are vote points? Where is the vote shop? etc.) ⦁ Move the fishing location to the fishing guild - more nostalgic, plus many people use the fishing guild for clues and have a hard time getting there ⦁ Add more monsters to the Stronghold Slayer Dungeon (as the server grows, more monsters will be needed to accommodate for slayer) ⦁ Add a ::useless command which shows a list of useless items so new (and current) players don't mistakenly sell useless items in their POS ⦁ Add an "Offer" section to the GE/POS which facilitates buy offers for items (e.g., I post a buy offer for 400m for a Vesta Longsword) - helps faciliate trading across different time zones ⦁ Increase the bank capacity (currently set at 700 for all players) ⦁ Add % drop rate to the table - would be great to hover over the item and see (1/3000) ⦁ Have the infernal pickaxe give smithing exp when mining (similar to the infernal axe for WC) ⦁ Add more question variety to ::trivia ⦁ Add a "Price Guide" button to the GE person since not everyone knows to check ::pc for pricing guidance ⦁ Fix the collection log - currently resets each time you log out ⦁ Fix TK's bank (and anyone else with similar issues) ⦁ Fix the 3rd room at Cerberus (only the first 2 option work) ⦁ Remove multi-pking from the server ⦁ Fix smoke under max cape (appears a few tiles away) ⦁ Fix infernal cape (there's a wooden plank that appears when wearing) ⦁ Change the woodcutting tele to the WC guild in Kourend ⦁ Fix killcount broadcast message - shows 10 KC when you have 11 KC ⦁ Add KC counter to all bosses (Kr'il, Skotizo, Abyssal Sire, etc.) ⦁ Make scythe hit 3 times on every melee-able GWD room boss/minions (not the minions in the dungeon itself) ⦁ Make "Quickprayer" detect if you disable prayers manually - right now, if you disable prayers manually while they were activated by clicking the Quickprayer icon, the system still think the quickprayers are on. This will result in having to click twice on the icon to reactivate them again ⦁ Broadcast active trivia every X minutes - not everyone knows they have to write ::trivia to check if there's a trivia active ⦁ Add taskbar inside client: Website (Forums, highscores, vote, donate), Guides (price guides, skilling guides, PVM guides), Discord (connect), Report (power abuser, player reporting, unban/unmute appeal) ⦁ Install afk kick timer of 30 minutes - people bankstand for over 4 days right now ⦁ Remove or relocate elemental bosses as they are not active right now - options are: Remove them and make revenants or chaos ele drop zuriel's, relocate them closer to each other, make a teleport for them under bosses ⦁ Make telekinetic grab work ⦁ Reduce the amount of bots in the wilderness ⦁ Fix the running into the shops area - currently when you click in the building, it makes you run outside of it ⦁ You can fish, mine, fletch and train other skills while moving, banking or using bank deposit - this allows for bug abusers to gain exp easier ⦁ Allow the use of Certain ladders, caves, and shortcuts (motherload mine cave (if it gets added); gate to Nietz (by the Yaks); ladders at Rogue's Castle in deep wild (by chaos ele) - give players a chance to escape from pkers; agility shortcut to and from lava dragons ⦁ Add bank to shilo Village and fix the entering into furnace area ⦁ Add a working motherload mine area - allows new ways to gain mining exp and more various ores at once instead of having to mine each ore one by one ⦁ Make the amethyst ore in the mining area mine-able ⦁ Add amethyst ores and the ability to make the arrows, and use them using magic short bow ⦁ Change Crafting tele to the Crafting Guild ⦁ Add an NPC to note items at the farming Areas ⦁ Add more to build to Construction (So players can max out houses) ⦁ Add Prestige levels to construction ⦁ Add runelite plug-ins to the server (loot tracker, kill tracker, exp tracker, farming timers, etc.) ⦁ Add "X" and "All" button to bank tabs so you don't have to right-click - this is more for ease of access for players ⦁ Allow players to fill their bank with placeholders ⦁ Add Working Rune and Adamant Dragons with drops ⦁ Make it so that Rune dragons drop 1 noted rune bar 100% of kills ⦁ Make it so that Addy dragons drop 2 noted addy bars 100% of kills ⦁ Add Harcore Ironman - dying turns the account into a regular ironman ⦁ Add group ironman accounts - allows 2 to 3 players to work together ⦁ Add 2 standing bots to pest control so anyone can start the mini-game (3 people needed) ⦁ Make changes to discord - assign a new discord manager and a new staff manager ⦁ Highscores wipe - remove accounts that havent been active in 6 months to a year, make a way so that if they are active again then it goes back on the highscores ⦁ Add working Wintertodt - allow it to be soloable but not too easy for a group to beat it in less than 1 minute, and add reward crates + the pet that goes with it ⦁ When a random goes away, it closes all interfaces like banks, shops, etc. - would like to fix this ⦁ Add a GE/POS person to the dzone ⦁ Update market values (items kept on death) to reflect the new price guide - makes it easier to fill the well ⦁ Remove monsters not in-game from the monster drop table ⦁ Relocate the "Slayer Tower" tele to dungeons (instead of monsters) ⦁ Add clue scrolls to drop table for implings when hunting ⦁ Add Dragon Harpoon to the Kraken drop table (same stats & abilities as osrs) ⦁ Add chinchompa hunting (Red & black) ⦁ Add uncut gems (10-20 noted) to olm droptable. ⦁ Remove x-mas theme from website ⦁ Slightly increase gp from thieving stalls (+5k each stall?) ⦁ Make clue scrolls tradeable (now only tradeable through POS) ⦁ Add raids 2 (create party and instantly fight boss, add virtus, pernix and torva to the drop table, add scythes to drop table (only colored ones) ⦁ Add ironman logos to the clan chat ⦁ More slayer points per task ⦁ NPCs have been known to walk through walls, work on the path finding As mentioned, please respond with your top 10 immediate fixes! Thank you all, Daniel
  11. The Matt

    Hey guys, I'm looking for feedback and some suggestions to add to my idea of adding a lottery to Scape-War! Over the past couple weeks i've been noticing that there is so much Scape-War credit items flowing around the server, causing the items to crash in price. My idea to solve this would be adding a Lottery! I would take all the bets in-game, whether the price for 1 ticket be 100 points, or 1k points has yet to be decided. I would start a 1-100 list , meaning only 100 tickets could be sold. After this week long collecting of tickets i would roll a dice in-game and see who the winner was. A certain percentage of the total collected would go to the winner, and the rest would be taken out of the server. I'm looking to see if you guys would like to have this in the server, and how much you think tickets would be worth. Thanks for taking the time to read this! -Matt
  12. Alpha Q

    Here are some suggestions for you guys ! 1. Deposit bank: at “Skill teleport” we have like 2 deposits (1 for fishing and the other one for all!) I think with an other one at mining area can be good! 2. More item for slayer NPC: the only objective atm for slayer its slayer helm. We need to make a slayer helm (e), Full slayer helm and the color slayer helm. 200 points for slayer helm that decent. The attachment can be 500 more for full slayer helm so 700 total, 1000 for color ( 1200 total ) We can have benefice for all stage of slayer helm. 3. Monster location ( exactly for every mobs) ----- I can do it 4. A lot of players ask me advantage for donator! Atm there’s nothing and maybe that can change. 5. Skilling shop ( outfit ) or achievement give you item like “cut 4000 maple logs “ and you got woodcutting outfit. 6. NPC for maxed cape and add comp cape with achievement for comp. 7. Decrease drop from boss just a little bit for reg. Players and let donator with ATM drop rate. That can make people pay for more drop rate 8. Imagine a shop for pvm people! Not everybody like pk and get pk to make money... Now we can have a Mobs Shop that mean, every single monster gave you points ( slayer monster ) like 1/5 chance to have 1 points from easy task, 1/ 4 from medium and 1/3 from hard task. 1 item can be like 1k. 9. Fix a price for 1$ = ***M cause with that we can make a real price guide 10. Add trivia game 11. Add minigame (no idea ATM) 12. Highscore!
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