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Found 1 result

  1. Much Needed Updates that will make the server grow and feel complete! 1) Slayer Update - Smoke Devil Boss, Skotizo, Abyssal Sire, Colored Slayer Helmets 2) New Prayers Augury and Rigour have been out for over 2 years and if the Twisted Bow and the Ancestral have been added the new prayers definitely need to be added. 3) Raids Items - Goes with the new items, Kodai Wand, Twisted Buckler, Dinh's Bulwark, Dragon Thrownaxes 4) Vorkath Boss 5) More access to Donator Zone for each rank( Currently only benefits just for the first donation and not any rank after that) 6) Boss Rework - Currently Saradomin is OP and its defense is insane, Also Bandos doesn't move at all and you never get hit by it as long as you pray range 7) Vesta's Longsword needs buffed 8) Dragon Bolt spec doesn't hit any higher than what you hit, also there is a bolt swap glitch with the blowpipe you can get ruby bolt specs by using a blowpipe 9) Vet'ion only uses special attack and is broken 10) Lizardman has an area where if you stand there you get constantly hit by 10 poison and if you stand there for more than 5 seconds you are dead 11) Add Dragonfire Shield charge and spec to the game 12) Add gambling rank to prevent scamming 13) Get rid of the ability to bank during a stake 14) Fix dragon dart xp 15) Add Pikachu pet for Estarossa 16) Colored Dark Bow only hits once unlike the regular Dark Bow which hits twice 17) Tbow is broken for pvp it hits just like it hits a boss 18) Granite maul instant spec does not work 19) Max Cape can't be worn when all stats aren't 99/99 such as when your prayer isn't full you can wear or switch to another max cape. Also infernal max cape needs to be added.

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