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Found 8 results

  1. Blake

    SERVER UPDATES Extended the client's draw distance. Extended the time out (Few players used to get constant dc's). You can now enchant Onyx bracelet. You can now only leave construction using the exit portal. Fixed Ruby (e) special (Used to hit too high and too often). Added a ::resetpin command for staff. Magic skillcape can now be used to switch spellbook. Fixed a dupe with Amulet of glory. Added Abyssal Sire boss. Added Tome of fire (Obtainable from Abyssal Sire). Added Elder chaos robe (Obtainable from Abyssal Sire). Added Dagon hai & Recolored sets: You can now pickup items straight into the looting bag whilst having it open. NEW versions of Twisted bow & Scythe of Vitur: Recolored versions Twisted bow and Scythe of Vitur are now animated upon wielding. Fixed the Crystal key drop locations for npcs like Great Olm hand. Fixed Achievement mode buttons. The PK bots in the wilderness now have a chance to fight each other when idle. Thanks, - Blake
  2. 29/01/2021 Wintertodt The Wintertodt is a minigame-style boss that is fought using skills rather than combat. Players must assist pyromancers , a special group of Arceuus mages, to keep the Wintertodt at bay. As servants of the sacred flame, only they know the spells required to subdue the Wintertodt, so they are heavily relied upon in the defence of Great Kourend. While their magical abilities are extraordinary, their skills in other areas are limited, and thus require assistance from skilled adventurers. In order to help subdue the Wintertodt, you are required to have at least level 50 in Firemaking. Wintertodt has been implemented with full functionality and custom rewards. Teleport is available from Minigames teleport -> Wintertodt Loyalty System Loyal players are finally getting rewarded. You can claim rewards each day and a bonus reward will be awarded for claiming a whole week of Loyalty rewards. Loyalty rewards are subject to change at any given time, but usually not more than once a month. Home Map Update The obsolete Doris' house at home has been demolished. Instead, we have used this area for the house portal & the surrounding npcs. Bitcoin Mining Event Yes, you heard that right. You can now mine bitcoin straight into your in-game BTC wallet. A bitcoin rock is periodically spawned at Edgeville. Mining reward is dependant on your pickaxe and Mining prestige level. https://i.gyazo.com/1b12be9b084fac60fdb8384ec6ea57e9.mp4 $100 Mystery Box A brand new Mystery box has been added with all of the customs that many have dreamed about! Vote Shop Update New items have arrived at the Vote shop. You can now vote for lamps, Herb box, Scratch card, Bonecrusher and a Fire cape! Fixes & Misc: Fixed some of the bugs with HD rendering. You can now use bones on altar at home for double the experience. Lots of the server's code has been revamped and new content systems have been implemented. These systems allow for faster content development. Thanks, Development Team
  3. SERVER UPDATES Added Molten glass to Construction Supplies shop. Collection Log: - Mage Arena shop purchases now count towards the log. - Added Dagon'hai to Abyssal sire collection. - Added Sea Troll Queen log. - Added the missing skilling pets. - Added purple Dagon'hai to Skotizo collection. - Added Statius armour to Revenants log. Added Construction & Hunter to EXP Lamp. Added NEW Settings tab: Corrected the "Complete Barb Course (x500)" => "Complete Wildy Course (x500)". Corrected Bandos armour defence requirement. The crate in Varrock no longer takes you to Brimhaven dung. Warrior guild's defender interface now updates correctly after the drop is picked up. Fixed the stats & requirements of Magic shortbow (i). The Dark Altar now displays an informative message when clicking on it. KDR is no longer affected by deaths to npc's. Removed Abyssal bludgeon from the Vorkath's drop table. You can now decant Overloads and Super combat potions. Raids (Great Olm): - You can now attack Great Olm with melee. - Fixed a bug with the party interface not showing up. - Fixed a bug with the drops not showing up in chest. Fixed interface scrolling using mouse wheel. Added Raids damage indicator. Thanks, - Blake
  4. Blake

    SERVER UPDATES Fixed Varrock armour requirements. Fixed Dragon claws & DDS spec max hits. The combat dummy is now displaying the hits properly (dclaws etc). Added a global message for when someone completes The Inferno. Added Abyssal Sire & Skotizo to Boss slayer task. Abyssal Sire now requires 85 slayer. Added a fully functional Herb sack. Added stamina potion and its effect. Started on Superior garden & added Rejuvenation pool. Added 4 NEW 'Elemental' Bosses: AIR FIRE WATER EARTH (Zuriel armour now available as a drop from the new elemental bosses). Thanks, - Blake
  5. SERVER UPDATES Fixed Abyssal sire drops preview. Craw's bow no longer hits 0-s. Added Collection Log: (Note: Items collected before this update will not count!) Added Golden Apron & Chef's hat to clue rewards. Fixed Dragon chainbody (g) dismantling. Fixed afk barrels (now stops when clicking away). Disassembling a Turquoise slayer helmet now correctly returns a vorkath's head. Fixed Rubber chicken's attack animations. Fixed Bonecrusher "Check" option. Fixed the "Thieve A NPC" achievement (Now also works on Master Farmer & Guards). Fixed Mage/Range combat following (Used to run to the npc sometimes). Fixed Tanner, now removes the coins properly. Fixed some of the glitched items such as the Bob shirts & Trimmed platebodies. Added Angler's outfit experience bonus. Added Lumberjack outfit and its bonus. (Available in Prestige shop). Fixed Bonecrusher's 'Check' action. Updated the launcher and cache updating (Should now always download the latest when available). (For those who have/had issues: You need to redownload the launcher). Thanks, - Blake
  6. SERVER UPDATES Fixed the objects in formal garden. Fixed a bug with Clan chats. Added a Shooting star event + Stardust shop. Added Revenants gold drop event. Edgeville tree event change: logs are now auto banked. Fixed Overloads boost percentage. Fixed a bug with the hp bar not showing up. Created a system to debug bugs without restarting the server. Thanks, - Blake
  7. Blake

    SERVER UPDATES Added Great Olm & Vorkath to kill tracker. Fixed Hunter skill displaying the wrong level on the skill tab. Updated the server tutorial guide. Now showing off new features. Bonus skill rotations visible via quest tab: Gold earning increasements: - Increased the gold obtained through thieving stalls by 50%. - Opening Crystal chests now gives you 10X more gold. - Increased Clue scroll gold rewards. - Increased the gold received from caskets by 25%. - Increased the gold gained from Pest Control by 10X. Construction skill (~75% done, WIP) - You can buy a starter house via the Estate agent at home for 1M coins. - Most of the rooms and objects are buildable, but not all of them yet. - Estate agent has a shop which sells Construction supplies. - You can rotate & remove the rooms you have built. - You can join a friend's house when they are logged in. - You can use bones on all of the altars for extra experience. Thanks, - Blake
  8. SERVER UPDATES Added a gambling zone (::gambling), you can only gamble at the area now. Added an Activity tab which displays useful information about player whereabouts. Rearranged the sideicons to match the OSRS feel. Added a floating World map. Thanks, - Blake
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