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Found 1 result

  1. Drop Tables Rework: The Drop tables have received an overhaul. All of the drop rates are now visible and the new interface simply offers a smoother experience. Monsters now have a right click "Lookup" option for drop tables. Donator Zone Upgrade: Added Prayer & Occult altars. Added Global Herb patches (Legendary+ status required): - They contain herbs up to Kwuarm. - They have a timer of 15 minutes. - There is a total of 4 patches. Stardust shop changes: - Runite bar: 80 => 20 - Adamantite bar: 50 => 10 - Added Mithril bars for 5 stardust. Gambling: - You can now plant flowers much quicker. - Flower grow timer changed from 2 => 1 minutes. - The clipping in gambling area has been fixed. - Fixed the bank in gambling area. Battle Royale: - Kills are now correctly updated. - The cupboards and drawers are now functional again. Inferno: - Fixed the object visuals for the final boss. - The invisible npcs on wave 4 have been fixed. - Completion reward has been changed from 1M => 2.5M. Other stuff: Elite void now works with Void ranger helm (g). Superior dragon bones can now be added to POS. You no longer receive multiple very rare drops. Hill Giants no longer drop nor announce "rare" adamant arrows and such. You can now create an Ava's assembler by using a Vorkath's head on the Ava's accumulator. You can now eat Curry. Fixed the bonuses for Ferocious gloves. Fixed the Kill A Cow achievement. Bonecrusher necklace now buries bones when the necklace is equipped (Used to only work when in inventory). Added attack, hunter and construction to bonus skills. Fletching now uses the quantity selection interface. Added redwood trees & logs. Corrected the experience for burning Magic logs. Fixed Amethyst crystal mining. The Room Creation menu in Construction has been fixed. Fixed an issue with the login screen causing huge memory usage. Fixed the fps drops that occurred on a max zoom out level in fixed mode. Alchemical Hydra Alchemical Hydra is a boss found in the lower level of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon in Mount Karuulm. Level 95 Slayer is required to enter hydra's lair. It's also available as a Boss Slayer task. It can be accessed via Teleports -> Bosses -> Alchemical Hydra Here's a list of new items that are now available thanks to this update: Dragonbone necklace: A necklace dropped by Vorkath. Wearing the necklace requires 80 Prayer and offers the highest prayer bonus of all items. Effect: When worn, prayer points are restored as bones are buried (incl bonecrusher). (The prayer restoring effect has a channeling time of 9 seconds after equipping to prevent swapping) Amount of Prayer points restored: Regular bones - 1 Point Big bones - 2 Points Baby dragon and Wyrm bones - 3 Points Dragon, Wyvern, Hydra, Drake and Dagannoth bones - 4 Points Superior dragon bones - 5 Points Bonecrusher necklace: The bonecrusher necklace is a necklace that can be created by combining the bonecrusher, dragonbone necklace and hydra tail. Wearing the necklace requires 80 Prayer and shares the same +12 prayer bonus as the dragonbone necklace. The necklace has the effects of both the bonecrusher and the dragonbone necklace. When unequipped, the necklace behaves as an ordinary bonecrusher granting just the prayer experience without regeneration. Brimstone ring: This ring can be created by combining the hydra's eye, fang and the heart. You won't be receiveing a duplicate of those items until you have all of them. This is the best in slot ring for magic accuracy. Passive effect: 1/4 chance for the target's defensive roll to be reduced by 10%. Ferocious gloves: The ferocious gloves are the best-in-slot offensive gloves for melee users. They require 80 Attack and Defence to be equipped. Dragon hunter lance The dragon hunter lance is a one-handed dragonbane weapon created by using a Hydra claw on a Zamorakian hasta. Equipping the lance requires level 70 Attack. Effect: 20% increased damage and accuracy when fighting dragonic creatures (dragons, wyverns, olm). Other stuff: You can now create an Ardougne max cape using an Ardy cloak 4 on a Max cape. Added Dragon knifes. Avernic defender's protect value has been adjusted. Removed the coins requirement of Vorkath teleport. Fixed a bug where players could force teleport out of Great Olm and kill other bosses. Pets are no longer forced to pick up when logging out; They just reappear when logging in. Fixed an issue with players being able to select too many bonds from the ::claim interface. Fixed an issue with the thieving anim canceling. Fixed an issue in the accuracy formula where additional bonuses were not applied in some scenarios such as Void ranged and Craw's bow in the wilderness. Vet'ion kills are now correctly counted. The killcounts shown in Collection log have been fixed. You can no longer open up Clan setup whilst doing agility. Mining is now a lot smoother: - Fixed the fast XP bug. - The animation cycle has been adjusted. - "You get some ore." is now shown in chat upon receiving ore. Fishing now stops properly once you walk away. The pipe in Taverly dungeon now works both ways! Abyssal sire now drops noted runite bars instead of 'perfect' gold bars. Dagannoth pets have been fixed. Dragon axe drops are now being announced. Fixed Dragon longsword, Dragon halberd and Dragon 2h special attacks. Added Bedsheets. Bedsheet is a cosmetic headwear which turns you into a ghost! (Available in Donator Shop) Fixed the Chaos druids & Black knights in tav dung. Battle Royale lobby has been returned. Fixed the bank booth in varrock. Fixed the pillars in Revenant caves. Master farmer in Draynor is now functional again. Fixed Lottery rewarding. Fixed the Gem rocks in Shilo village. Body & Cosmic rifts are now accessable. Fixed the Edgeville magic tree event. Skilling animations are now being stopped correctly. Removed Ferox enclave from the wilderness. Quest Tab has been redesigned: Fixed the crash when opening POS. Fixed Inferno rewards. Removed the red rectangle which appeared on the dialogues. Dialogue drawing positions have been adjusted. Packed latest OSRS data (this means new content in the near future)! Combo food eating has been fixed. The combat dummy at edge is now multi. Fixed the deposit boxes at home and mining/fishing. Fixed the weird appearances at makeover mage. Edgeville shop door is now jammed. Runecrafting altars and essence mine is now functional again. Combo food now works both ways! Fixed ::yell for youtubers. The sheep in lumbridge are now functional again. Lots of behind the scenes work has been done to prepare our client for new content! Added Vote ticket exchange. (Right click Vote booth -> Exchange) Added ::donate and ::benefits commands. Fixed a crash occurring whilst in the welcome screen. The player death handling in Battle Royale has been fixed. Fixed an issue which made players unable to move in construction. Fixed an issue with raids not resetting after completing a raid. Sea troll queen no longer follows you when attacking with melee. Combat improvements: - Combat following and pathing has been drastically improved. - Special attacks can now be initiated from a greater distance. - DDS spec has been adjusted which now makes it have less damage and less accuracy. - Fixed Dharok the Wretched's stats at Barrows (Can now be killed using melee...). - You should no longer get stuck behind obstacles when following. The client's loading speed has been improved quite a bit. Added NEW Teleport icons to better differentiate between the teleport categories: Added Agility plugin - this will highlight agility shortcuts and course objects on the map: Added NPC Indicators plugin - This allows you to highlight any npc in the game. Added ::help or ::faq which points to this thread: Fixed the broken ::discord link. Added Purple whip: Using a command such as ::home will now stop any tasks such as skilling. Fixed the fighting distance of the portals at Pest Control. You can now use melee to kill Great Olm hands. Fixed the double doors at Seers village. 😏 New enhanced client which contains many useful plugins from runelite. Whips have got a new look: The black parts are no longer see through. Corrected Void equipment requirements. Added gold trimmed void set. 3 custom whips have been added to the Donator Shop. Replaced the washed out yellow on the Tbow & SOV. Removed blood money from trivia shop. Sand crabs are now aggressive. Reworked the old settings tab into an interface. Donator Bonus point shop has been added to edge bank. (The bonus is equal to the donated amount and it can be earned each time you donate starting from this update $50 = 50 bonus points) Fixed fog rendering. Removed some obsolete client settings which have now been replaced with plugins. Fixed an issue with texture rendering (such as the infernal cape). Added ironman logos to the clan chat. Added client confirmation on close. Added bank to Shilo Village and fixed the entering. Also Added working furnace to Shilo Village. Magic barrage multidamage autocast is now fixed. Fixed the Revenants pillars, where people could abuse the bug not to get killed. Also added animation of teleport. Added each obstacle use delay in wilderness. Potions that boost magic allow us now to use higher spells. Fixed the infernal pickaxe not giving smithing xp on runite ores. Fixed the bug that you could spam fishing. Fixed the fishing animations that now showing every time. Fixed the Inferno minigame pillars. Pillars are useful now. Mobs and player can not attack through it. Added pillar death animation. Added wave completion message. Added dialogue at last boss level. Jal Nib's are attacking pillars and ignoring player hits if pillars are alive, also they are switching to another pillar on kill. Monsters are now always following player. Pillars and mobs are disappearing in last wave. Also fixed the boss not spawning issue. Fixed the inferno save/load issue and pillars hitpoints. Changed the rune packs opening delay. Fixed the auto-retaliate. Kodai wand does not require water runes anymore. Dwarf Cannon Set is now unpackable. Also Improved the cannon setup check. Player can build cannon automatically with animations instead of adding components on cannon object. Cannon is placed not under player anymore. If player interacts with other player cannon, he will get message about ownership. Each 30 minutes cannon stops. If player is near cannon, he has 10 minutes to re-enable it. Otherwise it will despawn. Also optimised projectile delay and limited firing distance. Cannons cannot take place near each other anymore. Added PlayerRights enum for easier adding new ranks and assigning icons to them. Added Youtube rank and icon. Fixed the West room at Cerberus. Changed adamant scimitar stats requirements from 1 to 30 attack level. Fixed the bug when players equipped pickaxe was ignored due better pickaxe in inventory. Fixed the stairs on bottom floor of the Slayer Tower. Fixed 3rd age pickaxe animation. Community Manager rank does not have unlimited special attack anymore. The "Recent Listings" button in the GE is not delayed anymore. Changed the crafting teleport to the Crafting Guild. Added the cash reward to 1M gp per Pest Control game. During the 30 mins of 1.5x Pest Control points event the reward is increased to 2-5m gp per game. Coins received from slayer tasks (normal monsters, NOT boss tasks) are 5x the normal amount. Updated the slayer helm (i): - added 15% range and mage bonus. Cooking gauntlets provide a 2.5% cooking exp boost when worn. Increased the price for cooking gauntlets in prestige shop to 9 points. Fixed the bug when player actions continued after clicking on NPC. Fixed the Retribution and Redemption prayers. Fixed the Zuk pet. Players are allowed to sell back items to Achievement shop for half of buy price. Fixed problem that server won't accept new clients if it's reconnecting to database for some reason. Update prepared statements on reconnect. Player Save Service that takes failed player saves from queue and processes them. Log action logs to file if MySQL is down. Fixed "Abyssal tentacle" protecting over alot of items for example. zenyte items/ags/toxic staff of dead/armadyl crossbow. Fixed the client fullscreen for MAC OS. Fixed Zul-andra teleport (allowed to spawn multiple Zulrah instances). Fixed POS history action not opening the window. Added a Grand Exchange Clerk to the ::dzone. Added "Quickprayer" detector if you disable prayers manually. Fixed the situation when you disabled prayers manually while they were activated by clicking Quickprayer icon- the system thought that the quickprayers were on. Fixed the Quick prayer sprite icon not changing when enabling/disabling it. Added use of Certain ladders, staircases, trapdoors. It gives players a chance to escape from pkers. Added Lava Dragons jump over obstacle (shortcut) that requires 74 agility. Added wilderness warning in teleport inferface for Lava Dragons. Fixed the bug with teleport payments when player received message "not enough coins" but still got teleported and was not charged. Added message if payment succeed. Added announcements message about ::trivia usage, upon login show trivia question if it's active. Added more Trivia questions. Added a "Price Guide" button to the GE person since not everyone knows to check ::pc for pricing guidance. Infernal minigame NPC's "the pillars" are fixed. Infernal pet is counting as achievment. Fixed the Corporeal Beast passing wall. Added the rocks prospecting feature. Amethyst ores are mineable now. You can consume ores and logs when using infernal axe and pickaxe. Infernal pickaxe gives smithing xp ' Added new woodcutting teleport to the WC guild in Kourend. The invisible object at shop area got removed. Fixed the bug when the random goes away it closes all the interfaces. Fixed the bug when noting "tome of fire". Fixed the POS. Fixed the platinum token exchange. Added client close confirmation. (will be on live after client update) After killing inferno there is chance to get pet.
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