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Found 1 result

  1. FINALLY, I CAN ACCESS THE FORUMS. THANK YOU, NUCLEAR, FOR CHECKING MY EMAIL REGISTRATION. :D So. Hello, guys! I'm Kitsu! I got two days and 10 hours already played so I guess I'm not really new anymore. Oh, well. Time flies, right? So, here I am, checking random videos on Youtube... until I come across this stream, Scape-War. Hmmm. Nice. Might as well join in and get those free Mboxes just for fun, right? Well, it turns out I just came across in what I think is the most fun server ever created so far, and I've also been playing at servers every now and then for about 7-8 years. Staff is awesome, always on point and they care a LOT about the community, which I respect. Economy is great too! And that's why I stayed! Oh, and I'm also french. So if any frenchies come across this intro of mine, feel free to add me! :P (And pretty much everyone else too. xD) Aaaaand also, one last thing, new players are welcome to PM me in case they need help! AM A FRIENDLY FOX AFTER ALL. :D