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Found 3 results

  1. nasty name

    this is my goals for my ironman for the moments. Achieve 99 in all skills. Attack [99/99] Strength [99/99] Defence [99/99] Ranged [99/99] Prayer [99/99] Magic [99/99] Hitpoints [99/99] Achieve 99 in all skills. Runecrafting [99/99] Construction [99/99] Agility [99/99] Herblore [99/99] Thieving [99/99] Crafting [99/99] Fletching [99/99] Slayer [99/99] Hunter [99/99] Mining [99/99] Smithing [99/99] Fishing [99/99] Cooking [99/99] Firemaking [99/99] Woodcutting [99/99] Farming [99/99] Items to obtain. Bandos chestplate [0/1] Bandos tasset [0/1] Armadyl helmet [0/1] Armadyl chestplate [1/1] 26 kc Armadyl Chainskirt [0/1] Tanzanite fang [1/1] 148 kc Fury [1/1] 119 kc Full guthan's [4/4] Full ahrim's [3/4] Primordial boots [0/1] Abyssal tentacle [0/1] Eternal boots [1/1] 67 kc Infernal cape [0/1] Zenyte [0/1] Bludgeon [0/1] Achieve 10th prestige in all combat stats. Attack [10/10] Strength [3/10] Defence [3/10] Ranged [10/10] 200M Prayer [0/10] Magic [10/10] Hitpoints [3/10] Random things to complete. All achievements [32/70] 3 gilded pieces [1/3] 3 third age pieces [0/3] Max cash stack [200M] All skilling pets [2/8] All bossing pets [1/25?] Scythe [0/1] Ranger boots [0/1] This is the goal list atm, i will update this like 1 or 2 times a week depending how much i play. and i will update it with more things to go for in the future. if you want to you can tell me what i should do or add. peace out guys.
  2. SuperbVibe

    I'm was thinking, is there a way to get a open source for ironmen characters to get boss tasks as well. We are having to grind on the as it is but having tasks kinda gives a different direction of needing to kill boss NPC's. Another reason i request this idea is because as an ironman we are limited to only hard tasks which are pretty repetative and gets i little overwhelming doing nearly the same exact tasks over and over again. Neive is currently only found at the dontator zone which i was informed after i made the ironman account that the ironmen characters cant benefit from anything from donating / donator zone.
  3. Iron Billy

    Hey guys, Just like suggest a couple of things on behalf of most ironmen and regular players: A complimentary xp boost for voting, eg 50% increased xp for 20 minutes or so that also applies to ironmen Allowing ironmen to reap the hourly xp boosts. Cheers Iron Billy
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