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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I joined Scape-War 2 days ago. A long-time friend, who I met in another RSPS invited me to play this game and so far I've been enjoying it. I've played Runescape and other RSPS's for ~10 years. Nearly maxed in RS3 and currently training a pure in OSRS. I'm looking forward to meet you all in game, and feel free to share your secret tips and tricks to a new player ;)
  2. Hello Scape-War, My name is Unreal Exile. You guys might of seen me around the lands of Scape-War. I've been playing RSPS even sense it was know as silab, when you had to manually type the ip address in. But here is a little about me. I have owned servers in the past and i started to get bored of it. then i picked up on just playing as a normal player. I help out the owners and other staff members when they have questions about forums or coding related questions. I have a lot of experience on all staff ranks. I work second shift so i cover the morning and late nights on the server. I hope to meet all of you in the server and have a lot of fun together. Thanks for reading, Unreal Exile
  3. Yo guys! Just wanted to make an official introduction topic, I've met a few people in-game and it seems like a really friendly community, so looks like i'll be here to stay! <3 I won't play quite as much as some of you because im currently working a lot right now irl and just gotta stay to it. But, I like riding motorcycles, playing ball at the courts, making money, pking when on the computer and all kinds of other stuff! If ya wanna get to know me or anything shoot me a pm, "Slick" in game! Glad to be here boys!
  4. Hey Warriors ! My name is Storm and my Irl name is Marcus Halestorm , I am 18 Years old and I'm a gfx designer Irl + inside computer . I like to design and its really enjoyable 'habit' for me and I daily do it , I work in some kind of Hi-TEC business and I like to play Rsps and other PC games . I'm hoping to achieve a trust on here and friends that I can trust and play with and meet awesome people like our owner and staff members , and enjoy the community and stay it for ever , I'm not gonna just be a 'normal player ' and play , ill try my best to benefit every single player including any staff member , Looking forward to meet you ingame and discuss a bit and yeah this is my Intro ! pm me ingame if you wanna chill -)
  5. Hey everyone this is Adaro. You may or may not have seen me on Scape-War, I've been playing for a couple days now and I really love the community. Everyone is so helpful and friendly, and aside from the occasional trolling of noobs (my friend got sent to lumbridge in search of cowhides lul), everyone has really been wonderful. You probably saw me at some point standing in the home bank for hours on end but now that I have a decent cash stack I will move onto more risky ventures such as bossing, skilling and i'll soon be getting into the pking game as well. Anyways I'm always happy to help and/or team up in the game to do whatever! Bossing, or just hanging out and talking. Feel free to shoot me a PM whenever! :)
  6. Yo i'm mogehh, you've probably seen me in game but i just wanted to say hi on the forums. Mog
  7. Hey i know it's a little bit late but hey im sora most of you have met me in game :) I am looking forward to meeting new players will be exciting Thanks for this server it is amazing and looking forward to the growth :)
  8. Alot of you i've already met but this is for who I have not met yet :D Some of you already know me as the lucky newbie around here and I plan to take Toasteds tite of "Economy" holder. >:) See you all in gamee and oh, hello everyone! :3 Straight loooving the server <3
  9. Hey everyone, **Well i completely forgot to do this when i joined the server, its only about a week late lol** My name is Gage, From Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom IGN - ISP I am 26 years old and I have been playing runescape and RSPS for a total of 12 years, Im a married well kept family man and enjoy playing on this server when im relaxing, that may involve PvM, Gambling ( Sanctimonium has cut me off :P ) and also money making. if there is anything else you would like to know please ask :D
  10. Hello community of Scape-war! My name is Martin, I am 21 year old and i live in Estonia, in city called "Pärnu". Ive been in the "runescape" communities around 8 year now - under "runescape" i mean runescape and private servers :D. Anyways, Its very nice to see you all playng and i hope one day we are big as hell! See you all ingame! :) Best wishes, - Inked Boy
  11. Post your opinions as you wish, no offense taken, constructive criticism is welcomed as well. (Sorry for the image sizes being large but I wanted them to be in the original size to show full detail.) All work was done within Adobe Photoshop CS5. THIS IS NOT A REAL RSPS, THIS IS SOMETHING I MADE FOR AN EXAMPLE AND IS NOT FOR ADVERTISEMENT TO ANOTHER SERVER. Chaotic Gaming Banner - Not made for a clan or anyone, was made to test my skills and to show what I can make. CG (Chaotic Gaming) Not made for a clan or anyone, was made to test my skills and to show what I can make. These were made with Photoshop & Adobe After Effects. The Outro is mainly Photoshop. The Intro is mainly After Effects. SnipeDom Outro SnipeDom Intro
  12. hi my name is ly4life from uk living @ libya and am 18 years old am an active player i play about 5-6 or more hours per day but it about da condition in libya da electricity it goes down every day about 4-5 hours i make pk vids and skilling vids and guides so i will be making some vids for da server! and thanks for reading