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Found 1 result

  1. M1llz

    alright, im not as profesional as other polls or topics i have seen around but i will give it a go :D 1) A upgrade on the vote shop would people be more content on voting, since u can get al items in vote shop whitin weeks. 2) skill boost outfit, an skillerstore where u can buy these outfids with skiller points. u can gather skilling points like an random event or get points on a prestige. the outfid will boost for 10% 2,5% hat 2.5% top 2.5% legs 2.5% boots (will be diffrent on runecrafting since there are no boots. u can ad staffs*) 3) clue scroll bottles, can be obtained with fishing. this wil make it posible for skillers to get cluescrolls for an easy money and fashionscape outfits This will be in for now :D let me know what you think and feel free to add ideas under this topic :D M1LLZ

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