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Found 2 results

  1. Toxic virus

    i cant get the game to download on java or windows. i tried the extracting an all. it dosent open up to the game. acts like it cant find it. windows 10.
  2. Hello guys! I was in Hospital, the reason doesn't matter here. After i came back i saw a big BS going on. The Staff team we've had were an awesome one. All of them contributed to the server money, time and nerves. Specially Mickey did alot to the server. Not to forget Boner Donor, Magicbro and me. This is the Statement of Magicbro, which was known as helpful, respectful Support. Many of us left already. We do not support a Power hungry faggot, that wants it ass kissed. And if you do then have fun. Im going to delete all the videos i have done for you Steven. Take them off your channel or you'll get in Trouble. Pretty sure this will get deleted because it shows the whole truth and not the manipulated bs truth the current staff team is spreading! Have fun playing with bots to let the server look full.
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