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Found 9 results

  1. Aubury

    Use Ctrl+F to search ARMOR, AMULETS, RINGS CTRL + F to search item --------------------------- - Bandos Tassets 100-125m - Bandos Chestplate 100-125m - Bandos Boots 10m - Armadyl Helm 150m - Armadyl Body 300-350m - Armadyl Legs 300-350m --------------------------- - 3rd Age Full Helm 100m - 3rd Age Platebody 150m - 3rd Age Platelegs 150m - 3rd Age Kiteshield 100m - 3rd Age Mage Hat 150m - 3rd Age Mage Robe Top 200m - 3rd Age Mage Robe Bottom 200m - 3rd Age Range Coif 100m - 3rd Age Range Top 150m - 3rd Age Range Legs 150m - 3rd Age Amulet 50m - 3rd Age Cloak 300m ----------------------------- - Vesta's Chainbody 800m-1b - Vesta's Plateskirt 800m-1b - Statius helm 60m-100m - statius platebody 100m-125m - Statius platelegs 100m-125m ----------------------------- - Primordial Boots 180m - Pegasian Boots 750m - Eternal Boots 80m --------------------------- - Robin Hood Hat 40-50m - Ranger Boots 500-650m --------------------------- - Serpentine Helm 400m -tanzanite helm 400m -magma helm 400m --------------------------- - Dragon Full Helm 30m - Dragon Chainbody 20m - Dragon Platelegs 5m - Dragon Boots 20m - Dragon Sq Shield 1m - Dragon Med Helm 1k - Dragon Plateskirt 1m ----------------------------- - Dragon Full Helm (g) 60m - Dragon Chainbody (g) 50m - Dragon Platelegs (g) 30m - Dragon Sq Shield (g) 20m - Dragon PlateSkirt (g) 30m --------------------------------------- - Dragon Full Helm Ornament Kit 30m - Dragon Chainbody Ornament Kit 30m - Dragon Legs/Skirt Ornament Kit 30m - Dragon Sq Shield Ornament Kit 30m - Dragon Defender Ornament Kit 30m --------------------------------------- - Dragonfire Shield 40-50m - Visage 40-50m --------------------------- - Ahrim's Hood 15m - Ahrim's Robetop 15m - Ahrim's Robeskirt 15m --------------------------- - Dharok's Helm 15m - Dharok's Platebody 15m - Dharok's Platelegs 15m --------------------------- - Guthan's Helm 15m - Guthan's Platebody 15m - Guthan's Chainskirt 15m --------------------------- - Karil's Coif 15m - Karil's leathertop 15m - Karil's Leatherskirt 15m --------------------------- - Torag's Helm 15m - Torag's Platebody 15m - Torag's Platelegs 15m --------------------------- - Verac's Helm 15m - Verac's Brassard 15m - Verac's Plateskirt 15m --------------------------- - Infinity Hat 10m - Infinity Top 30m - Infinity Bottoms 30m - Infinity Boots 10m - Infinity Gloves 5m --------------------------------- - Light Infinity Hat 50m - Light Infinity Top 50m - Light Infinity Bottom 50m - Light Infinity Colour Kit 50m --------------------------------------- - Dark Infinity Hat 50m - Dark Infinity Top 50m - Dark Infinity Bottom 50m - Dark Infinity Colour Kit 50m --------------------------------------- - Enchanted Hat 20m - Enchanted Top 30m - Enchanted Robe 25m --------------------------------- - Ancestral Hat 750m - Ancestral Robe Top 1b - Ancestral Robe Bottom 1b ------------------------------------------------------------ - Justiciar Faceguard 500m - Justiciar Chestguard 800m - Justiciar Legguard 800m --------------------------- - Malediction Ward 200m - Malediction Shard (1) 65m - Malediction Shard (2) 65m - Malediction Shard (3) 65m --------------------------- - Odium Ward 200m - Odium Shard (1) 65m - Odium Shard (2) 65m - Odium Shard (3) 65m ------------------------------------- - Divine Spirit Shield/Sigil 9b-12b - Elysian Spirit Shield/Sigil 3b-5b - Arcane Spirit Shield/Sigil 2b-3b - Spectral Spirit Shield/Sigil 500m-1b - Blessed Spirit Shield 40m-60m - Spirit Shield 5m - Holy Elixir 40m-60m - Twisted Buckler 600m ------------------------------------- - Fury 20m - Fury Or 30m - Occult Necklace 150m - Amulet Of The Damned (Full) 20m - Fury Ornament Kit 30m - Amulet of Avarice 3m ---------------------------------- - Amulet Of Torture 200m - Necklace of Anguish 250m - Tormented Bracelet 250m - Ring Of Suffering 250m - Zenyte Shard 250m --------------------------- - Berserker Ring 5m - Bersrker Ring (i) 50m - Archer Ring 5m - Archer Ring (i) 50m - Seers Ring 10m - Seers Ring (i) 50m - Warrior Ring 5m - Warrior Ring (i) 40m --------------------------- - Ring Of The Gods 75m - Tyrannical Ring 20m - Ring of Wealth 5m - Ring of Wealth (i) 10m --------------------------- WEAPONS ---------------------------- - Abyssal Bludgeon 500m-700m - Abyssal Dagger 200m-225m - Vesta's Longsword 800m - Elder Maul 400m - Lime Whip 400m - Abyssal Tentacle 80m - Abyssal Whip 10m-20m - Fronze Abyssal Whip 500m - Dragon Claws 200m - Dragon WarHammer 400m - Barrelchest Anchor 10m - Granite Maul 5m - Avernic Defender 750m - Viggora's Chainmace 200m - Scythe of Vitur 9b - Scythe of Vitur (L) 8b - Ghrazi Rapier 2b --------------------------------- - Zamorakian Spear/Hasta 150m - Armadyl Godsword 80m - Bandos Godsword 80m - Saradomin Godsword 100m - Zamorak Godsword 100m - Saradomin Sword 30m - Saradomin's Blessed Sword 75m --------------------------------- - Godsword Shard (1) 15m - Godsword Shard (2) 15m - Godsword Shard (3) 15m - Godsword Blade 45m - Armadyl hilt 60m - Saradomin Hilt 100m - Zamorak Hilt 80m - Bandos Hilt 60m --------------------------------- - Dharok's Greataxe 15m - Guthan's Warspear 15m - Karil's Crossbow 15m - Torag's Hammers 15m - Verac's Flail 15m - Ahrim's Staff 15m --------------------------- - 3rd Age Longsword 150m - 3rd Age Bow 150m - 3rd Age Wand 150m - 3rd Age Axe 500m - 3rd Age Pick Axe 500m --------------------------- - Dragon Axe 30m - Dragon Pickaxe 5m --------------------------- - Twisted Bow 6b - Twisted Bow (L) 5b - Toxic Blowpipe 350m - Armadyl Crossbow 300m - Light Ballista 100m - Heavy Ballista 200m - Dark Bow 5m - Craw's bow 650m ------------------------------- - Ballista Limbs 20m - Ballista Spring 20m - Monkey Tail 20m - Light Frame 40m - Heavy Frame 130m ------------------------------- - Trident Of The Seas 30m - Trident Of The Swmap 100m - Staff Of The Dead 100m - Toxic Staff Of The Dead 250m - Master Wand 30m - Mud battlestaff 10m - Kodai Wand 600m - Thammaron's Sceptre 150m ------------------------------- - Ancient Crozier 10m - Armadyl Crozier 10m - Bandos Crozier 10m - Guthix Crozier 10m - Saradomin Crozier 10m - Zamorak Crozier 10m --------------------------- Ammunation ------------------------------ - Dragon Arrow 10k ea - Dragon Bolts 10k ea - Dragon Bolts (e) 30k ea - Ruby Bolts 15k ea - Ruby Bolts (e) 30k ea - Onyx Bolts 20k ea - Onyx Bolts (e) 40k ea - Diamond Bolts 10k ea - Diamond Bolts (e) 20k ea - Dragon Darts 10k ea - Dragon Javelin 50k ea - Dragon Arrowtips 5k ea - Dragon Dart Tip 5k ea --------------------------- Partyhats --------------------------- - White Partyhat 150m - Blue Partyhat 150m - Green Partyhat 150m - Purple Partyhat 150m - Red Partyhat 150m - Yellow Partyhat 150m - Black Partyhat 400m - Rainbow Partyhat 400m - Partyhat & Specs 1,5B - Cyan Partyhat 700m-800m - Lava Partyhat 700m-800m - Lime Partyhat 700m-800m --------------------------- - Guthix Halo 30m - Zamorak Halo 30m - Saradomin Halo 30m --------------------------- - Red Halloween Mask 100m - Green Halloween Mask 100m - Blue Halloween Mask 100m - Black H'ween Mask 400m - Cyan H'ween Mask 500m - Lava H'ween Mask 500m - Lime H'ween Mask 500m --------------------------- - Santa Hat 100m - Inverted Santa Hat 200m - Black Santa Hat 400m - Cyan Santa Hat 500m - Lava Santa Hat 500m - Lime Santa Hat 500m --------------------------- - Sled 2,5B - Dice Bag 1B - Lit Bug Lantern 15B - Easter Basket 500m - Boxing Gloves 500m - Jack Lantern Mask 100m - Ale of the Gods 500m - Bloodhound 500m - Demon Masks 150m ea - Ankou outfit 100m ea per piece - Dark Tuxedo outfit 100m ea per piece - Light Tuxedo outfit 100m ea per piece - Mummy's outfit 100m ea per piece - Samurai outfit 100m ea per piece - Of Darkness outfit 100m ea per piece - Bunny Ears 500m - Bunny Feet 100m - Ring of Nature 100m - Ring of Coins 100m - Ring of Stone 100m --------------------------- - Sagacious Spectacles 20-25m - Big Pirate Hat 20-25m - Musketeer Hat 25-30m - Musketeer Tabard 20-25m - Musketeer Pants 20-25m ----------------------------- - Black Elegant Shirt 25m - Black Elegant Legs 25m - White Elegant Blouse 20m - White Elegant Skirt 20m --------------------------- - Red Elegant Shirt 25m - Red Elegant Legs 25m - Red Elegant Blouse 20m - Red Elegant Skirt 20m --------------------------- - Blue Elegant Shirt 25m - Blue Elegant Legs 25m - Blue Elegant Blouse 20m - Blue Elegant Skirt 20m --------------------------- - Green Elegant Shirt 25m - Green Elegant Legs 25m - Green Elegant Blouse 20m - Green Elegant Skirt 20m --------------------------- - Purple Elegant Shirt 25m - Purple Elegant Legs 25m - Purple Elegant Blouse 20m - Purple Elegant Skirt 20m --------------------------- - Pink Elegant Shirt 35m - Pink Elegant Legs 35m - Pink Elegant Blouse 25m - Pink Elegant Skirt 25m --------------------------- - Gold Elegant Shirt 35m - Gold Elegant Legs 35m - Gold Elegant Blouse 25m - Gold Elegant Skirt 25m --------------------------- - White Unicorn Mask 40-50m - Black Unicorn Mask 40-50m --------------------------- - Gilded Full Helm 30m - Gilded Platebody 40m - Gilded Platelegs 40m - Gilded Boots 30m - Gilded Kiteshield 30m - Gilded Scimitar 30m --------------------------- - Saradomin Full Helm 5m - Saradomin Platebody 5m - Saradomin Platelegs 5m - Saradomin Plateskirt 5m - Saradomin Kiteshield 5m --------------------------- - Zamorak Full Helm 5m - Zamorak Platebody 5m - Zamorak Platelegs 5m - Zamorak Plateskirt 5m - Zamorak Kiteshield 5m --------------------------- - Guthix Full Helm 5m - Guthix Platebody 5m - Guthix Platelegs 5m - Guthix Plateskirt 5m - Guthix Kiteshield 5m --------------------------- - Bronze Full Helm (t) 5m - Bronze Platebody (t) 5m - Bronze Platelegs (t) 5m - Bronze Plateskirt (t) 5m - Bronze Kiteshield (t) 5m --------------------------- - Bronze Full Helm (g) 25m - Bronze Platebody (g) 35m - Bronze Platelegs (g) 35m - Bronze Plateskirt (g) 20m - Bronze Kiteshield (g) 20m --------------------------- - Iron Full Helm (t) 5m - Iron Platebody (t) 5m - Iron Platelegs (t) 5m - Iron Plateskirt (t) 5m - Iron Kiteshield (t) 5m --------------------------- - Iron Full Helm (g) 25m - Iron Platebody (g) 35m - Iron Platelegs (g) 35m - Iron Plateskirt (g) 20m - Iron Kiteshield (g) 20m --------------------------- - Black Full Helm (t) 10m - Black Platebody (t) 15m - Black Platelegs (t) 15m - Black Plateskirt (t) 5m - Black Kiteshield (t) 5m --------------------------- - Black Full Helm (g) 25m - Black Platebody (g) 35m - Black Platelegs (g) 35m - Black Plateskirt (g) 20m - Black Kiteshield (g) 20m --------------------------- - Mithril Full Helm (t) 10m - Mithril Platebody (t) 15m - Mithril Platelegs (t) 15m - Mithril Plateskirt (t) 5m - Mithril Kiteshield (t) 5m --------------------------- - Mithril Full Helm (g) 25m - Mithril Platebody (g) 35m - Mithril Platelegs (g) 35m - Mithril Plateskirt (g) 20m - Mithril Kiteshield (g) 20m --------------------------- - Adamant Full Helm (t) 10m - Adamant Platebody (t) 15m - Adamant Platelegs (t) 15m - Adamant Plateskirt (t) 5m - Adamant Kiteshield (t) 5m --------------------------- - Adamant Full Helm (g) 25m - Adamant Platebody (g) 35m - Adamant Platelegs (g) 35m - Adamant Plateskirt (g) 20m - Adamant Kiteshield (g)20m ----------------------------------- - Rune Full Helm (t) 15m - Rune Platebody (t) 20m - Rune Platelegs (t) 20m - Rune Plateskirt (t) 10m - Rune Kiteshield (t) 15m --------------------------- - Rune Full Helm (g) 25m - Rune Platebody (g) 35m - Rune Platelegs (g) 35m - Rune Plateskirt (g) 20m - Rune Kiteshield (g) 20m --------------------------- - Guthix Coif 5m - Guthix Dragonhide 5m - Guthix Chaps 5m --------------------------- - Saradomin Coif 5m - Saradomin Dragonhide 5m - Saradomin Chaps 5m - Saradomin Bracers 5m --------------------------- - Zamorak Coif 5m - Zamorak Dragonhide 5m - Zamorak Chaps 5m - Zamorak Bracers 5m --------------------------- - Ancient Coif 5m - Ancient Dragonhide 5m - Ancient Chaps 5m - Ancient Bracers 5m --------------------------- - Armadyl Coif 5m - Armadyl Dragonhide 5m - Armadyl Chaps 5m - Armadyl Bracers 5m --------------------------- - Bandos Coif 5m - Bandos Dragonhide 5m - Bandos Chaps 5m - Bandos Bracers 5m --------------------------- SUPPLIES ---------------------------------- - Saradomin Brew(4) Potion 14k ea - Zamorak Brew(4) Potion 10k ea - Super Restore(4) Potion 10k ea - Super Combat Potion(4) 12k ea - Overload Potion(4) 500k ---------------------------------- - Shark 25k ea - Raw Shark 20k ea - Manta Ray 25k ea - Raw Manta Ray 20k ea - Dark Crab 30k ea - Raw Dark Crab 25k ea ---------------------------------- - Magic Logs 1k ea - Yew Logs 500 ea ---------------------------------- - Runite Ore 20-25k ea - Adamantite Ore 15k ea - Mithril Ore 10k ea - Gold Ore 5k ea - Coal 1-2k ea ---------------------------------- - Runite Bar 25-30k ea - Adamantite Bars 20k ea - Mithril Bar 15k ea - Gold Bar 10k ea ---------------------------------- - Uncut Onyx 20m - Uncut Dragonstone 40k ea - Uncut Diamond 15k ea - Uncut Ruby 75k ea - Uncut Emerald 10k ea - Uncut Sapphire 5k ea ---------------------------------- - Green Dragonhide 50k ea - Blue Dragonhide 75k ea - Red Dragonhide 100k ea - Black Dragonhide 150k ea ---------------------------------- - Superior Dragon Bones 100k ea - Wyvern Bones 50k ea - Dragon Bones 40k ea - Lava Dragon Bones 75k ea - Baby Dragon Bones 15k ea ---------------------------------- MISC ---------------------------------- - Loop Half Of Key 500k - Tooth Half Of Key 500k - Crystal Key 1m - Lamp 6-7m - Mystery Box 10m - Ecumenical Key 8m - Zulrah's Scales 10k ea - Kraken Tentacle 80m - Magic Fang 50-60m -Tanzanite Fang 350m - Dragon implings 50k ea - Mark of grace 5k ea ---------------------------------- PETS ---------------------------------- - Pet King Black Dragon 200m - Callisto Cub 100m - Pet Chaos ele 20m - God Wars pets 300m ea - Venenatis Spiderling 200m - Vet'ion jr 300m - Vorki 400m - Scorpia's Offspring 300m - Hellpuppy 200m - Pet Dark Core 500m - Jad Pet 500m - Pet Snakeling 150m - Dagannoth Pet (Prime, Supreme, Rex) 150m ea - Kraken Pet 200m - Baby Mole 200m - Skilling pets 50m ea (Rocky 10m)(mining,runecrafting,farming 100m)
  2. H Y P E R

    Welcome in my Construction Skill Guide ! Firstly, you will need to buy a new home by speaking to Estate Agent, who's located at the left of house portal. He will charge you a fee of 10M. Once you've bought your home, buy about two inventory of plank, 1,500 mahogany plank, a Saw, a Hammer and 200 Steel nails at Estate Agent's shop You will start by taking from your bank, a Saw, a Hammer, 200 Steel Nails, 6,000gp and normal plank. Time to get into your house in building mode and start leveling ! Start by clicking on the "Phantom door" and buy a parlour for 1,000gp ! Once this this done, build chairs and destroy them until you reach Level 52 construction. Now that you are Level 52, you will build a Dining Room for 5,000gp ! Time to start doing Mahogany table ( Level 52 ) until 99 ! Mahogany table is the fastest way to 99, it will cost you 6 mahogany plank for a table and you will get 42,000 EXP per table crafted. Congratulations ! You are now Level 99 Construction ! Now you can craft a beautiful Altar room, and invite your friends to use it for prayer exp !
  3. GotK

    Gives chance for double loot when thieving How to get here: Teleport to Cooking Items needed: Stethoscope (Bought from Martin at Rogues Den, teleport to Cooking) Lockpick (Bought from Martin at Rogues Den, teleport to Cooking) 1/30 chance to receieve a crate from Wall safes) Enjoy 🙂
  4. If you're anything like me, you think Farming is either a hard skill to train or scary because of the time management aspect of it. I'm here to tell you that Farming is actually one of the easiest and most straightforward skills to level up! It's also one of the best sources of grimy herbs for your 99 Herblore grind. Let's get into the details of how we'll train the skill: Level 1 - Able to rake weeds from plots. This is how we'll make the first few levels. Level 9 - Able to plant Guam Seed. This will be our first actual bit of farming. Really only useful for early Herblore training. Level 14 - Able to plant Marrentill Seed. This is used in Anti-Poison Potions. Level 19 - Able to plant Tarromin Seed. This is used in making Strength Potions. Level 26 - Able to plant Harralander Seed. This is used in making Stat Restore Potions and Energy Potions. Level 32 - Able to plant Ranarr Seed. This is used in making Defence Potions and Prayer Potions. Level 38 - Able to plant Toadflax Seed. This is used in making Agility Potions and Saradomin Brews. Level 44 - Able to plant Irit Seed. This is used in making Super Attack Potions and Super Anti-Poison Potions. Both are used to make better potions. Level 50 - Able to plant Avantoe Seed. This is used in making Super Energy Potions. Level 56 - Able to plant Kwuarm Seed. This is used in making Super Strength Potions, which are used in making Super Combat Potions. Level 62 - Able to plant Snapdragon Seed. This is used in making Super Restore Potions. Level 67 - Able to plant Cadantine Seed.This is used in making Super Defence Potions, which are used in making Super Combat Potions. Level 73 - Able to plant Lantadyme Seed. This is used in making Anti-Firebreath Potions and, by proxy, Extended Antifire Potions. Level 79 - Able to plant Dwarf Weed Seed. This is used in making Ranging Potions. Level 85 - Able to plant Torstol Seed. This is used in making Super Combat Potions and Super Anti-Venom. Now, what do those colors mean?** GREEN - Very useful herbs that make the best potions in the game. YELLOW - These herbs are situationally useful. ORANGE - Herbs that make potions that can be easily bought in the Supply Shop. RED - Worthless herbs that should be avoided when possible. **These rankings are my opinion of each herb. Regardless of where I have them ranked, you should always plant the highest level herb you have access to until you reach Level 99!** Finally, it's time to get into the actual strategy we'll be employing here: - You should start off by purchasing a Rake, Spade, Seed Dibber, and about 20 of each seed in the Farming Shop. If you have the Herb Sack unlocked (Slayer Shop - 250 points), it would be useful to bring along for faster trips. - Next, rake all 4 Herb Patches in the Farming teleport areas and drop the Weeds. (Catherby, Ardougne, Falador, and Phasmatys). This should be enough experience to open up our first herb. Each Herb Patch will yield 3 Weeds. Drop these and move on to the next one. Additionally, a single Lamp could be used to get this unlock, but you'll need to rake these patches anyway. Save your lamp! *Note: This step needs to be re-done after you've been away for a while.* - Now that we have access to our first herb, it's time to truly start. With a Seed Dibber and 4 Guam Seeds in your inventory, use your seed on the Herb Patch to plant it and set a timer for 10 minutes, repeating for every Herb Patch. You won't need to set a new timer for each Herb Patch. - Finally, your timer has gone off! With a Spade, Seed Dibber, and 4 seeds (again, the highest tier you can plant) in your inventory, as well as the Herb Sack if you have it, we'll go to the first patch we planted. The Herb Patch should say [Pick Herbs] when you Right Click on it. Do this to start harvesting your herbs. Herbs can yield anywhere between 4 and 18 herbs per plant, so expect to need a bank trip between the second and fourth patches. After you've harvested a patch, repeat the last step to start the next run. Continue to the other patches in the order you planted them. In the image below, I have a Looting Bag in place of the Herb Sack, as I don't have it unlocked yet. Additionally, it helps to keep yourself organized. This really helps you to find what you're looking for FASTER. One last note - If you don't return to a Patch soon enough after the timer ends, you'll lose the harvest and have to clear the Herb Patch out with a Spade. As such, you should only start a run if you expect to be able to finish it, to avoid waste! Now you have the knowledge needed to make short work of the Farming skill, and learned to not fear the unknown in the process! Stretch out that THUMB and enjoy the endless supply of herbs you've opened up. Cheers! - PDXChar I'd like to thank Blossom for suggesting this guide. Thanks go to H Y P E R for recommending I add pictures as well. You guys helped make this guide what it is and for that, I'm grateful!
  5. supreme

    herblore is a semi-afk skill, and easy once you get into the grove of cleaning and prepping your potions (unf) to clean the herbs the levels follow Guam:level 3 Marrentill:level 5 Tarromin:level 11 Harralander:level 20 Ranarr:level 25 Toadflax:level 30 irit:level 40 Avantoe:level 48 Kwuarm:level 54 Snapdragon:level 59 Candantine:level 65 Lantadyme:level 67 Dwarf:level 70 Torstol:level 75 after cleaning all the herbs u need vials of water which can be bought from the skilling store under skilling supplies you will find vials of water at the bottom of the shop once you have these you are ready to start making potions (unf) you should have 14 herbs, and 14 vials of water in your inventory, then use the herd on the vials to start making potions (unf) once that is completed you will need "secondaries" which you can also buy from the skill shop under "herblore shop" then take you potions (unf) and your secondaries and combine them what you should make goes as follows: ATTACK POTION: guam and eye of newt level:3 ANTIPOISON: marrentill and unicorn horn dust level:5 STRENGTH POTION: tarromin and limpwurt root level:12 RESTORE POTION: harralander and red spider egg level:22 PRAYER POTION: ranarr and snape grass level:38 SUPER ATTACK: irit and eye of newt level:45 SUPER STRENGTH: kwuarm and limpwurt root level:55 SUPER RESTORE: snapdragon and red spider egg level:63 ANTIFIRE POTION: lantadyme and dragon scale dust level:69 RANGING POTION: dwarf and wine of zamorak level:72 MAGIC POTION: lantadyme and potato cactus level:76 ZAMORAK BREW: torstol and jangerberry level:78 SARADOMIN BREW: toadflax and crushed bird nest level:81 and if you want u can make super combat potions at level 90 to make it it requires 1 super attack, 1 super strength, 1 super defence, and 1 torstol. this is my herb guide if i have forgot anything, just let me know -supreme
  6. supreme

    hunter is easy but, it can be click intensive and boring, to start hunter u must teleport to the hunter skill teleport in your spell book you will need to buy a butterfly net, and imp jars you can do this by trading to elnock inquisitor in the hunter skill teleport. the following imps can be caught at their respected levels, baby:level 1 young:level 22 Gourmet:level 28 Earth:level 36 essence:level 42 eclectic:level 50 nature:level 58 magpie:level 65 ninja:level 74 Dragon:level 83 I recommend catching dragon imps right at 83 until 99 and either sell the dragon imps, or sell the dragon dart tips, dragon arrow heads, and dragon bones to make some money. if i have missed anything or im unclear on anything, just let me know and ill adjust the guide -Supreme
  7. supreme

    RuneCrafting is a tedious skill but one u must complete if you wish to achieve a max cape, it is a semi-afk skill. All u need to start runecrafting is pure essence. this is how to get to the abyss from edgeville once you talk to the mage, he has a option to teleport you to the abyss, once in the abyss, the following picture is where each of the rune teleports are located the level requirements for each rune go as such level:1 level:2 level:5 level:9 level:14 level:20 level:27 level:35 level:40 level:44 level:54 level:65 level:77 level:90 to speed up your trips, you have a chance of receiving rune pouches when you craft runes this has been my runecrafting guide, i hope it helps and if there are any suggestions on how to improve this guide, just let me know -Supreme
  8. H Y P E R

    Welcome in my Hunter skill guide ! Everything will start in your Skilling Teleport, which is located in Magic Spellbook. Make sure you bring coins to buy a Butterfly Net and Impling Jar. Once opened, you should see a Skilling Teleport Tab, simply click on Hunter As I previously said, With your coins buy a Butterfly net and atleast 1,000 Impling Jars by opening Elnock Inquisitor's Hunter shop. Once you are ready, Take a full inventory of Impling Jars and wear your Butterfly Net ( Wearable in weapon slot ) and let's go back to the Hunter zone ! You will hunt Implings in that order, which I added the experience they give, per catch. Level 1 to Level 22 - Baby Impling 1,250 EXP Level 22 to Level 28 - Young Impling 3,250 EXP Level 28 to Level 36 - Gourmet Impling 5,650 EXP Level 36 to Level 42 - Earth Impling 8,850 EXP Level 42 to Level 50 - Essence Impling 12,750 EXP Level 50 to Level 58 - Eclectic Impling 14,450 EXP Level 58 to Level 65 - Nature Impling 17,650 EXP Level 65 to Level 74 - Magpie Impling 20,450 EXP Level 74 to Level 85 - Ninja Impling 24,050 EXP Level 85 to Level 99 - Dragon Impling 27,650 EXP You will have to run across the maze, you can push-through the Magical wheat to move quicker without doing the maze, always remember the color of the impling you are hunting, so you can spot them far and run to them. Congratulations ! You are level 99 Hunter You can open Dragon Impling jars, you will get resources on the road to 99 fletching ( Dragon Arrow tip and Dragon Dart tip )
  9. iProtect

    imma post more clue scroll as soon i'll get them! 🙂 be patient please. thanks you! Easy : Medium : Clue Scroll : DIGSITE which items you need to bring & which emote you need to do : how to get there : Road for the clue scroll : beckon at right Winch : ========== Clue Scroll : Legend's Heroes how to get there : how to get there : Where to dig : Hard :
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