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Found 3 results

  1. Bot Script

  2. THE WINNER IS FEATHERMIC, CONGRATZ! !!!!!!!!!!!! THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!! I will be doing a LIME TWISTED BOW giveaway, how it works will be the following: EVERYONE who trades me 50M gp will be participating in the LOTTERY. The system is the same as the gambling guy at home, you put in some cash to enter in the lottery but with this one we have GRAND PRIZE of mothafucking TWISTED BOW, how can you not miss the chance of getting a twisted bow for 50m?!!?!?!?!?!??!? The lottery will be on for at least 2 days (maybe 3, depending on participants) I WILL VIDEO RECORD CHOOSING THE WINNER!!! !!I WILL BE UPDATING THIS POST FREQUENTLY WITH THE PARTICIPANTS NAMES BELOW!! PARTICIPANTS I Quintus46 Yero31 6adamant1098 0u L2ead Vrgetto Iron Aussie Brnche Darkstalker2 K0efe Justfusi0n The Dutchy Shark Gentstudent8 Nacholimey Danielv Rsps Max Chrome Doba Slay Strict Edxn Cloudy Vitxl Mazikeen Grin660 Feathermic Learning2pvm Thimatic Toasted Rsoles
  3. WAZZZAA Since i forgot to put it in the video i will say it here 😄 Doing a giveaway for 100m cash and 10$ bond (donated by Dottel) and the winner will be announced when episode 4 comes out (a week, 2 max). To JOIN the GIVEAWAY all you have to do just LIKE the video, SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT with you IGN name! WILL PICK 2 WINNERS!
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