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Found 12 results

  1. SERVER UPDATES Added Molten glass to Construction Supplies shop. Collection Log: - Mage Arena shop purchases now count towards the log. - Added Dagon'hai to Abyssal sire collection. - Added Sea Troll Queen log. - Added the missing skilling pets. - Added purple Dagon'hai to Skotizo collection. - Added Statius armour to Revenants log. Added Construction & Hunter to EXP Lamp. Added NEW Settings tab: Corrected the "Complete Barb Course (x500)" => "Complete Wildy Course (x500)". Corrected Bandos armour defence requirement. The crate in Varrock no longer takes you to Brimhaven dung. Warrior guild's defender interface now updates correctly after the drop is picked up. Fixed the stats & requirements of Magic shortbow (i). The Dark Altar now displays an informative message when clicking on it. KDR is no longer affected by deaths to npc's. Removed Abyssal bludgeon from the Vorkath's drop table. You can now decant Overloads and Super combat potions. Raids (Great Olm): - You can now attack Great Olm with melee. - Fixed a bug with the party interface not showing up. - Fixed a bug with the drops not showing up in chest. Fixed interface scrolling using mouse wheel. Added Raids damage indicator. Thanks, - Blake
  2. Blake

    SERVER UPDATES Extended the client's draw distance. Fixed Dagon'hai prices. Added Olmlet - Great Olm pet. Dzone fountain delay changed: - 240 seconds for Prime+ - 120 seconds for Legendary+ - 60 seconds for Demonic+ Added Chicken outfit to Prestige shop. Fixed Dragon darts attacking. Fixed an unattackable tile in Cerberus. Killing Cerberus now counts towards Hellhounds task. Skotizo kc is now tracked. Added a Trivia system (Questions are polled every 10 minutes): Use ::answer your answer to answer the trivia question. Use ::trivia to view the current trivia question. Trivia Shop: Added Construction cape to skillcape shops. Added Hunter & Construction skillcape emotes. Added a message for when a new player logs in for the first time. Added a Cooking teleport (Catherby). You can now cook Anglerfish. Added Farming & Hunter skill guides. Removed blood money drops from player death if killed by bots. Appended the killcount for the npc kill messages. The npc kill messages are now only shown every 5 kc. You're now required to uncharge the Trident of the seas before attaching a Magic fang. You can now dismantle an Uncharged toxic trident. Prayer buttons can no longer be toggled when out of prayer or level requirement is not met. Fixed ::forums and ::site/::website commands. Added ::rules command. Fixed many possible client crashes. Thanks, - Blake
  3. Blake

    SERVER UPDATES Pest control doors fixed. Fixed Fury (or) stats. Added Dragon axe to Trivia shop. Fixed Platinum tokens/Coins exchanging. Changed Cooking teleport to Rogue's Den. Fixed mob drop announcements! Fixed Mark of grace spawns. Fixed all canes stats & requirements. Added store 'Sell all' option (Still 500 max though). Added prospector outfit & effect (2.5% mining xp boost). Added Rogue's equipment (1/30 chance to receieve a crate from Wall safes) Perks: - 1/30 chance to receive double loot whilst thieving npcs or stalls. - 3% thieving xp bonus. Loot from thieving is now dropped on ground when inventory is full. Fixed the currency icon for Mark of grace. Thanks, - Blake
  4. SERVER UPDATES Bank overhaul: - You can now collapse separate tabs without messing up the other ones. - Fixed lots of more bugs which could corrupt your bank or tabs. - You can now drag items more easily to tabs: Added Prayer enhance potion: (Available via Great Olm drops and Donator's Resource shop). Effect timers have a new look and the panel's visibility can be toggled: https://i.gyazo.com/fc16dbe4ee227efe1da345090f165403.mp4 Fixed the Toggles button which used to be see-through: Thanks, - Blake
  5. SERVER UPDATES Fixed Sanguinesti staff charging. Fixed Kodai insignia's note. Added latest OSRS Item's data. Added Assembler's max cape. You can now enchant Sapphire bracelet (Bracelet of Clay). You can now mine Clay rocks (Soft clay using Bracelet of clay). Ironman players can now use the Wilderness shop. Fixed ::commands to display ::dzone etc for every rank who has donated (Including ironman players). Ironman players can now use dzone fountain. Special staff can now execute any commands with any rank. Added global announcement for when someone reaches 200M xp in a skill. Added 🔥 Twisted set 🔥 (Ranging gear): - The set is available in Donator Shop and from Great Olm. Added Rangers' tights: (Availability: Vote Shop) Added 3 🔥 Divine spirit shield 🔥 recolors: (Availability: Corporeal beast drop table, Donator Shop, Dark Mystery box.) Added Twisted slayer helmet (Available in Donator Shop and Slayer Shop). NEW Events: - Double resources event: During the course of the event, mining and fishing yield double the resources. - Pest Control: During the course of the event, the points earned from Pest Control are doubled. Added "Make X" and "Make All" for smithing. Corrected Slayer helmet's defence requirement 20 => 10. Added 🔥 3rd age druidic 🔥 set to the clue scroll rewards (Extremely rare to get). Added Bucket helm and it's (g) version to the clue rewards. Thanks, - Blake
  6. SERVER UPDATES Fixed Abyssal sire drops preview. Craw's bow no longer hits 0-s. Added Collection Log: (Note: Items collected before this update will not count!) Added Golden Apron & Chef's hat to clue rewards. Fixed Dragon chainbody (g) dismantling. Fixed afk barrels (now stops when clicking away). Disassembling a Turquoise slayer helmet now correctly returns a vorkath's head. Fixed Rubber chicken's attack animations. Fixed Bonecrusher "Check" option. Fixed the "Thieve A NPC" achievement (Now also works on Master Farmer & Guards). Fixed Mage/Range combat following (Used to run to the npc sometimes). Fixed Tanner, now removes the coins properly. Fixed some of the glitched items such as the Bob shirts & Trimmed platebodies. Added Angler's outfit experience bonus. Added Lumberjack outfit and its bonus. (Available in Prestige shop). Fixed Bonecrusher's 'Check' action. Updated the launcher and cache updating (Should now always download the latest when available). (For those who have/had issues: You need to redownload the launcher). Thanks, - Blake
  7. 4/01/2021 Dark Lord The Dark Lord is the hardest boss to kill, however he is in a multi area so it would be wise to team up against him. He has 15,000 Hitpoints and 4 different attacks. Notable drops: Sniper, Purple Moon Set, $50 Mystery box Purple Moon Set This is the best custom magic armour set in the game. The set has an effect that boosts your magic accuracy by 250% and damage by a whole 300%. The staff alone boosts your damage by 150%. Twisted Daggers This is a true psycho weapon. It is one of the fastest weapons in the game and it deals damage each game tick. https://i.gyazo.com/fee05380a23123f8b9f0c456d0104ca8.mp4 Gambling Zone Update The gambling area now has designated zones for FP & Dicing. You need to have a Dice bag in bank/inventory to be able to roll. Fixes: Fixed some areas causing the client to freeze. The item amounts in drop tables have been properly formatted. Fixed an issue with some models rendering partly invisible. Thanks, Development Team
  8. 10/12/2021 🎅🎅🎅Christmas Event A wandering Santa has arrived at the home of Scape-War. Why is he wearing a Fire cape and what is he up to? Larran's Chest Larran's key & chest has been added. It's located in Level 55 wilderness. Larran's keys are dropped in the wilderness by slayer monsters on a task assigned by Krystilia. (Warning: A global message appears once someone opens the chest). Notable chest rewards: 100M Coins 5x Scratch cards Black mushroom Experience boost lamp Double drop lamp Tweaks, Fixes and Misc: Added Archaic emblem drops for Krystilia's assignments. Crystal key drops are now banked when Collector's necklace is equipped. Fixed an issue where items such as the drop and experience lamps stop working. Chaos elemental no longer teleports you that often. Crystal key drops are now doubled when the drop boost is active. Devil cape's price has been increased in Slayer shop. Most ladders should now work such as the Edgeville dungeon one. Vet'ion slayer task has been temporarily disabled. Scorpia's offspring no longer counts towards Scorpia's task. Added Chaos druids to Edgeville dungeon. Added a few utility commands for staff to move stuck players. Fixed Dragon boots drop rate. Fixed Great Olm task. Added a dialogue for Master Crafter in crafting guild. Fixed spell highlighting in spellbook with Rune pouch & Kodai wand. Random events no longer appear whilst afking at barrels. Fixed a bug where textures would look odd on some npcs. Thanks, Development Team
  9. Suggestions/Bug Fixes (Next Update) - Skotizo killcount broadcast message. Currently it's not being broadcast every 10 kills. - Fix killcount broadcast message. Shows 10 kc when you have 11 kc. - Make scythe hit 3 times on every melee-able GWD room boss/minions. (Not the minions in the dungeon itself). - Make "Quickprayer" detect if u disable prayers manualy. Right now, if u disable prayers manualy while they were activated by clicking the Quickprayer icon, the system still think the quickprayers are on. This will result in having to click twice on the icon to reactivate them again. - Broadcast active trivia every x minutes. Not everyone knows they have to write ::trivia to check if there's a trivia active. - Add taskbar inside client: * Website: ° Forums ° Highscores ° Vote ° Donate * Guides: ° Price Guides ° Skilling Guides ° PVM Guides * Discord: ° Connect * Report: ° Power abuser ° Player ° Unban/unmute appeal - Install afk kick timer of 30 minutes. People bankstand for over 4 days right now. - Remove or relocate elemental bosses as they are not active right now: Options: * Remove them and make revenants or chaos ele drop zuriel's. * Relocate them closer to eachother * Make a teleport for them so u don't have to walk all the way there. * ... - Make telekinetic grab work. - Reduce the amount of bots in the wilderness. Suggestions/Bug Fixes (Next Update Part 2): - Make Kraken profitable again: * Add Dragon Harpoon to droptable. (Give same stats & abilities as osrs) * Increase drop rates slightly. - Add chinchompa hunting (Red & black). - Add uncut gems (10-20 noted) to olm droptable. - Remove x-mas theme from website. - Slightly increase gp from thieving stalls. (5k each stall?). - Make clue scrolls tradeable (now only tradeable through POS). - Add raids 2: * Just as olm, create party and instantly fight boss. * Add virtus, pernix and torva to the drop table. * Add scythes to drop table (only colored ones) (same drop rate as chaos ele though). * ... - Facebook page has been deleted, recreate the page and make ads on facebook. That's how i found out about scape-war. - Remove ranks from forums: * Game Administrator (Regular administrator is game admin aswell) - Add ranks to forums: * Investor rank. - Let discord & forums detect amount donated (auto-set rank) - Collection log is bugged. Gets reset upon relog.
  10. SERVER UPDATES Fixed the objects in formal garden. Fixed a bug with Clan chats. Added a Shooting star event + Stardust shop. Added Revenants gold drop event. Edgeville tree event change: logs are now auto banked. Fixed Overloads boost percentage. Fixed a bug with the hp bar not showing up. Created a system to debug bugs without restarting the server. Thanks, - Blake
  11. Hey guys, below i'm going to compile a list of bugs and suggestions i think would make the game generally better. Most of them are small things i've found along my way. Add kill counter to demonic gorrilas in the chat box. Add a counter to the barrows chest. Add a Kill tracker so you can look at how many times you've killed a monster. (through info tab or row?) Fix dfs. If you operate it, it continues to spam the emote without doing the damage and makes fighting impossible. Encountered a bug when i opened up a mystery box today which caused a load of cook karambwams to spawn on the floor but i couldn't pick them up? Remove the tasks involving wepon game and trivia as both these pieces of content aren't in game and it will stop people being able to obtain comp cape? Add the ability when operating the slayer helmet for it to display your kills left on task. Remove the ability to make rings of wealth via crafting/magic. (it gives them little to no value). Change the maximum amount of buy x from 500 to 5000? (only makes simple things like buying runes tidious. Make barrows items obtained from the minigame and random boxes not broken. This costs 250k per item to repair and is nothing bar an inconvenience. Allow kbd heads etc to be added to slayer helmet for cosmetic dankness. Put a thing in the information tab alerting you as to whether double xp is active or not.
  12. Hey guys. Well I've played for a while now and enjoyed it! But getting all the 99's showed me a few things that could be better <3 Remove the XP limit once reached 99.. I want to get 200m :((( Rune Ore is Not accessible (That I know of) Max cape is impossible to find Ice barrage doesn't affect multiple NPC's at once Range 99 Cape should act as Avas (Merked has requested) Donor skilling zone Dragon Pickaxe would be ace Curse prayer book Remove the 'Invalid Characters' message on all chats .. Cant even type '<3' !!! Increase the starter package gold possibly? Fix special attack bar Add ::skill and some other commands e.g. ::corp --- Players love these :) Thats all for me at the moment :D
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