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Found 6 results

  1. SERVER UPDATES Added WASD camera movement (Available via toggles). The following actions will disable WASD-camera (if WASD toggled): - Pressing the enter key on the keyboard. - Clicking on the chatbox. - Opening up any prompt dialogue such as add friend/ignore etc. The following actions will enable WASD-camera (if WASD toggled): - Clicking anywhere else than the chatbox. - Using middle-mouse button camera. - Zooming on the game screen. Fullscreen is available again via ::fs / ::fullscreen command. Fishing spots now display more information on right click: Fixed freeze timer displaying veng icon. Fixed Cerberus west teleport. Bank fixes: - The deposit worn equipment no longer crashes bank tabs. - The deposit inventory is now a lot smoother. Added ::switch command (dev+). Added Pet Insurance: Thanks, - Blake
  2. Blake

    SERVER UPDATES Added Kalphite Queen boss (Available via teleports). Added Dragon platebody. Highered Amulet of avarice's value. Highered the bonuses of Twisted outfit. Renamed "Use Superheat Spell" achievement to => "Superheat Any Bar". The Superheat spell no longer removes double the runes. Added Dragon platebody (g) and the ornament kit to Clue rewards. Ghrazi rapier now has the correct attack styles & animations. Fixed Smelting animation delay. Added ROW Currency collection feature. (Automatically collects coins/tokkul from NPC drops). Fixed Split private chat. When opening a bank tab or entering search it now resets the scrollbar. It now clears the previous search results before entering the bank search. Thanks, - Blake
  3. SERVER UPDATES Added Zaryte bow (Available from Donator Shop #1). Added Completionist cape (Available via Mac). Added a global message for when someone completes all achievements. Added achievements icon to the achievement complete message. Added 2 new achievements: 'Sacrifice A Firecape', 'Exchange An Infernal cape'. Fixed the "Exchange" option for Tzhaar-Ket-Keh. The Infernal cape is now added/dropped once the player has teleported out. Added a base for Pet Dialogues and a single Callisto cub dialogue. The herbs from Raid rewards are now noted and in increased quantities. Fixed a bug with Raid rewards not displaying. Fixed Agility rooftop courses when Low Detail is enabled. Thanks, - Blake
  4. SERVER UPDATES Fixed a major bug in player saving. You can now wear Ancient cloak. Random Math questions can no longer pop up when you are assigned another random event. Tzkal-Zuk (Inferno) kills are now tracked. Added Cooking gauntlets to Prestige shop. Added Pyromancer set and effect (Available in Prestige shop). Mystery box fixes: - You can now also click on Mystery boxes from the inventory instead of 'Spin'. - Fixed a known bug with Dragon boots. - It now states in the chatbox what you received. Added Raid teams & Rewards: - Added Raid parties & Possible rewards for each member. - You can now create a party with up to 5 members. - Each player has to deal at least 50 damage to be eligible for a reward. - Only the killer (the player who deals the most damage) is eligible for a very rare drop. - Dwarf multicannon cannot be used. Added Pyromancer set & Effect (Available in Prestige shop). Added Cooking gloves to Prestige shop. Thanks, - Blake
  5. Blake

    SERVER UPDATES The last selected teleport is now reset on logout. Added Skotizo boss. Added Tweening (smooth animations). Fixed the 'View' button on POS results. Clan chat: - You can now promote/demote offline players. - Ranked members now get demoted upon banning. - Fixed the display of both of the lists (ranked/banned). Added Abyssal Sire to the boss kill tracker. Added missing bone data (Can now bury every bone found in-game). Fixed combat following: now always runs up to the target. Added global rare drop notifications! Thanks, - Blake
  6. Blake

    SERVER UPDATES You can now repair barrow items again. Fixed a client bug which messes up the channel buttons. Added automatic, server generated events: - Currently 2 events, will be expanded and new events added soon. - An event has a certain chance of activation each hour. The respawn times of Chaos Elemental & Chaos Fanatic were reduced greatly. Thanks, - Blake
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