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Found 8 results

  1. 10/12/2021 🎅🎅🎅Christmas Event A wandering Santa has arrived at the home of Scape-War. Why is he wearing a Fire cape and what is he up to? Larran's Chest Larran's key & chest has been added. It's located in Level 55 wilderness. Larran's keys are dropped in the wilderness by slayer monsters on a task assigned by Krystilia. (Warning: A global message appears once someone opens the chest). Notable chest rewards: 100M Coins 5x Scratch cards Black mushroom Experience boost lamp Double drop lamp Tweaks, Fixes and Misc: Added Archaic emblem drops for Krystilia's assignments. Crystal key drops are now banked when Collector's necklace is equipped. Fixed an issue where items such as the drop and experience lamps stop working. Chaos elemental no longer teleports you that often. Crystal key drops are now doubled when the drop boost is active. Devil cape's price has been increased in Slayer shop. Most ladders should now work such as the Edgeville dungeon one. Vet'ion slayer task has been temporarily disabled. Scorpia's offspring no longer counts towards Scorpia's task. Added Chaos druids to Edgeville dungeon. Added a few utility commands for staff to move stuck players. Fixed Dragon boots drop rate. Fixed Great Olm task. Added a dialogue for Master Crafter in crafting guild. Fixed spell highlighting in spellbook with Rune pouch & Kodai wand. Random events no longer appear whilst afking at barrels. Fixed a bug where textures would look odd on some npcs. Thanks, Development Team
  2. Scape-War Community Event for August, 2020 🏳️Starting In August (Second Community Event) - A monthly Event will be taking place. 🏳️Suggestions on events, rules, or rewards are more than welcome. _________________________________________________ PVM Style Event. Start Day / Time ---> 8/9/2020 10:00AM EST End Day / Time ---> 8/16/2020 10:00AM EST Calculation Day / Time ---> Stitch Will Add up ALL Scores and Get in Touch with Winners *** Use Google or Something to Convert Your time to EST *** _________________________________________________ Rules 1) Follow ALL Scape-War Rules 2) No Items will be Counted BEFORE the Start Time 2A) Anyone caught Cheating will be Disqualified 3) You have SEVEN Days to Score as Many Points as possible. 4) ALL Points MUST be Tracked by Picture 4A) Use Gyazo, Paint, Etc to take a picture and Save it for Proof 5) CHECK BELOW FOR POINTS VALUE 6) You CAN use a Partner.... 6A) You MUST Register TOGETHER 6B) You BOTH MUST Follow Rule #4 7) ALL of Your Kills must be sent to "Stitch" BEFORE the event starts to keep an Accurate Record of 7A) Same as Rule #4 😎 ALL Pictures are to be Sent to "Stitch" on Discord to be Counted 9) ONLY the Player who's Name is on the Drop Message gets the Point 9A) His/Her Partner will Receive a Half (0.5) Point. 10) No Toxic Behavior will be allowed, If Anyone is caught flaming, raging, cussing out others player, etc. - You will be Disqualified. 11) IF You have ANY Questions, Concerns, or Suggestions - Feel free to PM Stitch in-game OR on Discord NOTE --- IF You do NOT want to add Kills, Etc into Your Points, You DO NOT have to, They are optional. However, To count them Accurately, They MUST be Sent in. NOTE --- A Picture of Your Kills can be taken on the First kill Message, OR go to Your quest Tab - Scroll Down to Boss Kill Tracker - Take Pictures/GIF. (Revs Will NOT Count towards Total Kill Points since they are Not Tracked) _________________________________________________ Point System 1/2 POINT To be Rewarded for Every Point Your Partner Gets (2 points = 1 point for you) 1 POINT 25 Kills on Any of the "Boss Kill Tracker" NPC's 2 POINTS An In-Game Message for a Drop (Stitch Recieved Dragon Claws from Barrelchest) 100 Kills on Any of the "Boss Kill Tracker" NPC's (Adds onto the 10 Kill Point) 3 POINTS Any Boss Pet Any Item Drop from Olm or Corporeal Beast (Does NOT Stack with In-Game Points) 4 POINTS Whoever has the Most Valuable Drop (In Price Checker, NOT the ::PC List) Whoever Accumulates the Most Slayer Points during Event (Take Picture) _________________________________________________ Rewards First Place : Arcane Spirit Shield Second Place : 250M Cash Third Place : 100M Cash Partner of First Place : 250M Cash Partner of Second Place : 100M Cash Partner of Third Place : 50M Cash _________________________________________________ Players Registered So Far......
  3. Hey everyone! So there's going on these community events every month now, this event was made by Stitch. Love the idea!
  4. Scape-War Community Event for July, 2020 🏳️Starting In July (First Community Event) - A monthly Event will be taking place. (If Successful) 🏳️Suggestions on events, rules, or rewards are more than welcome. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ PK Style Event. 🚩Start Day / Time ---> Sunday, July 5th, 8:00AM EST 🚩End Day / Time ---> Saturday, July 11th, 8:00AM EST 🚩Main Event Day / Time ---> Saturday, July 11th, 9:00PM EST *** Use Google or Something to Convert Your time to EST *** 🚩NO ACCOUNTS ARE TO BE MADE OR TRAINED BEFORE THE START DAY/TIME 🚩NO ACCOUNT CREATED BEFORE THE START DAY/TIME WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO JOIN - BUT YOU CAN MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT TO USE Rules --> _________________________________________________________________________________ 1) Follow ALL Scape-War Set Rules 2) Fresh Iron man Accounts ONLY 2A) Names MUST have Fighter in it followed by a Number 2B) Example : "Fighter123" 2C) PM Stitch in-game OR on Discord to be Entered 2D) PM MUST have Your Fighter Name AND Main Name 3) You have SIX DAYS to prepare (Including ALL Supplies you may need) 3A) Sunday will be the start time 3B) The Following Saturday will be the Main Event to Take Place 4) No Helping Each Other, or Using other accounts to assist you. 4A) If caught or someone reports the name(s), Anyone included will be Disqualified. (No Questions Asked, No Appeals) 5) Mboxes, Lamps, and Clue Rewards ARE Allowed 5A) Donating for Items will NOT be Allowed (Participants voted this rule out) 6) No Toxic Behavior will be allowed, If Anyone is caught flaming, raging, cussing out others player, etc. - You will be Disqualified. 7) IF Less than 10 Players Join, The event will be Changed Accordingly 7A) Rewards Will be Cut in Half 7B) Prep Time will be Cut in Half, However, Main event will Still be on Saturday. (Players logged into their fighting accounts before event will be Disqualified) 😎 IF You have ANY Questions, Concerns, or Suggestions - Feel free to PM Stitch in-game OR on Discord 9) You CAN Make your Account, that way No one takes Your name - BUT You MUST Log out After Creating it. (Don't Forget to make it an IRON MAN) Main Event ---> _______________________________________________________________________________ 1) I Will be Making a Bracket, Where Players will be Randomly Chosen to Fight 2) Winner Will Move on, Loser will be Given the their Prize Accordingly 3) Accounts are to Stay Logged Out Until Their Main is PM'd 4) Winners will be Allowed to Re-Stock Supplies or Re-Gear (Then must log Out) 5) Only ONE fight will be held at a time to Reduce Confusion. 6) One Round Elimination. 7) Players and Locations of the fight will be give to each player who is up to fight. 7A) After the pm is Sent, you will have up to 5 Minutes to get to the location, that way Anyone who is AFK will lose their Chance. Rewards --> _____________________________________________________________________________ 1) First Place Prize will be 1B GP 2) Second Place will be 500M GP 3) Third Place will be 250M GP 4) ALL Other Players will be given either 10M GP _______________________________________________________________________ Players Joining So Far (Main Names will only be Placed if given Permission) Fighter1 --- J O H N (Permission Given) Fighter0 --- (Permission not Given) Fighter29102018 --- Ru55e11 (Permission Given) Fighter 1 --- (Permission not Given) Fighter 626 --- (Permission not Given)
  5. Hello Everyone 🖐️! October is coming realy fast. The green of the tree leaf start to give his way to the beautiful autumn colors. ❤️Followed by and not by far : The Saints' Eve Celebration. Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I would like to suggest that scape war could potentially host a Halloween event. What a good way to make the people stick to the server ?:) Maybe add a new boss or a little quest to the server ? 😄 There an example of rewards / drops. Skeletal armour Skeleton Outfit Hope your are all in to celebrate 🎃Halloween👻 ! ❤️ Feel free to suggest anything bellow Thanks you all . Mathieew
  6. Iron Rekless

    So this might be a long shot, but it might work wonders. What if we had a vote event, seeing vote's are most important for the server to grow. Let me explain. Once a week at a set time, there will be a giveaway for the "x" players who vote the fastest. For example: Steven: Vote event starts now, first "x" players receive "x" amount of coins or an item. People are not likely to put effort in to something they are not benefiting from themselves. That's a fact. Like i said it might be a long shot. But i have a feeling it would really make people vote more. What do you guys think about this idea? Also don't be afraid to post idea's of your own. An active forum makes for a improving server. Greetings Recklessly ❤️
  7. Sanctimonium

    We got everyone on the server to come together this evening for a crap ton of rounds of Pest Control! It was awesome seeing the community delve into a team minigame. Roodington, Zemesis, Clank (mr. b0nk), Gorilla and everyone else, it was fun guys :P
  8. DS-Adam

    I wanted to recommend adding an event boss that spawns maybe every couple of hours, so it has a set time before it disappears if no one goes to attack it.. Its just something that can get the community of the server together at one point to kill the boss together for a specific reward like an event key or something that can be figured out later on. Maybe make more then one type of event boss so they can be different difficulties so we don't need like 10+ people or something every time one spawns. But obviously make the reward less if its an easier boss.
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