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Found 5 results

  1. Reiks

    Hello! A lot have been asking about drop rates... @Steven So i thought, what if @Steven makes a post of drop list of all Bosses? 😉🥰 Kindest regards, Reiks
  2. Hi everyone, I'd like to suggest the Boss Drop Collection log like in osrs so you can keep track which drops you've gotten from bosses, and how many times already you received it. Would be awesome imo.
  3. Pony Slayer 200m exp Drop party! Im going slayer 200m and doing huge rare drop party! Steven permission? (status: responding...) Also if im done all donations for drop party is good 😃 Be chill and call you´re friends here, to make our community bigger!
  4. I knows there's already some advantages to being a donator, but maybe donators could have a little bit of a boost on drops? Like the different ranks would have different amounts of drop rate boost? Idk just a good idea
  5. Dreamstate

    Hi i would suggest that u show drop rates like this 1/256 instead of very rare, couse very rare can be 1/1000 or 1/3000 u know what i mean. Would be nice to know what u could expect in like 1k kills and know if u were unlucky or lucky! Would really like this to be implemented to the game! And think many pvmrs would like this change.
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