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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to my crafting guide Items you need: chisel,ring mold, gold bars. To begin use the monster teleport > cows ,and kill 2 cows and bring them to the tanner (skilling teleport>crafting). Once tanned, use a needle and thread (bought from skilling shop) on a hide and make leather gloves. At level 5 you can start making rings. you need one gold bar and a ring mold. use the gold bar on a furnace to make rings. At level 20 you can make sapphire rings using a sapphire, gold bar, and ring mold. Use the gold bar on the furnace to make the sapphire ring. You can get gems by mining the purple rocks at shilo village (location teleport>next page>shilo village. Cutting the Gems will also give you very good xp so bring a chisel. Here are the levels you need to cut each gem. Gem Crafting level Jade 13 Sapphire 20 Emerald 27 Ruby 34 Dragonstone 55 Onyx 72 Making different rings is the fastest way to 99 crafting. Just repeat the steps above for each gem. There are other methods of course but i believe this is the fastest. Also gets your mining xp up while your mining the gems. I bring a chisel with me to cut them as i mine them until I get a full inventory. Then bank and repeat until you reach 99 :) Hope the guide helped Feel free to comment if i missed anything . Thanks for looking at my guide :) -Retch
  2. Hey can you please, fix battlestaff we cannot add orbs on them, and npc drops orbs and battlestaff so we should be able to build them for crafting xP, please answer me here or in-games.
  3. hey iv found out its hard too get crafting up. Maybe a store with uncut gems, and other crafting supplies. It would help us be able too level the stat. It's too hard without one! Thanks. Spookz