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Found 7 results

  1. 4/01/2021 Dark Lord The Dark Lord is the hardest boss to kill, however he is in a multi area so it would be wise to team up against him. He has 15,000 Hitpoints and 4 different attacks. Notable drops: Sniper, Purple Moon Set, $50 Mystery box Purple Moon Set This is the best custom magic armour set in the game. The set has an effect that boosts your magic accuracy by 250% and damage by a whole 300%. The staff alone boosts your damage by 150%. Twisted Daggers This is a true psycho weapon. It is one of the fastest weapons in the game and it deals damage each game tick. https://i.gyazo.com/fee05380a23123f8b9f0c456d0104ca8.mp4 Gambling Zone Update The gambling area now has designated zones for FP & Dicing. You need to have a Dice bag in bank/inventory to be able to roll. Fixes: Fixed some areas causing the client to freeze. The item amounts in drop tables have been properly formatted. Fixed an issue with some models rendering partly invisible. Thanks, Development Team
  2. Support Server supports are the lowest ranking staff members in Scape-War. A server support position can be referred to as a trial moderator position and should still be treated as a staff member. Server supports are limited in their commands - their main responsibilities are to help the community by answering questions, helping with clues, directing players, and ensuring that the community stays intact. Moderator The Server Moderator rank is the second-lowest rank a player can receive in the game. These individuals have finished and passed their Server Support trial, and are responsbile for moderating the game and enforcing the rules. A short description would be - Moderates the game and enforces the rules in-game. Game Administrator A Game Administrator handles major forum maintenance such as donator ranks, forum bans, warnings, and forum muted. In addition to forums they also play a key role ingame of Scape-War. game administrators are considered the second Highest ranking staff members and will handle major bugs and also cover the roles of the lower ranking staff team. They will also handle any dispute with other low ranking staff members. Community Manager Community Manager is the highest rank a normal player can earn. The main responsibilities of a Community Manager is managing the Scape-War Staff team as well as the Scape-War gaming Community. In addition to those vital roles the Community Managers is responsible for handling changes in the staff team (promotions/demotions). They are also handling administrative tasks., deals with higher-scale issues, and handles all staff reports, player unban/unmute and all punishment appeals. Also have power to ban/kick players from in-game Help Clan Chat and give ranks as well. Even though Community Managers don't have the powers of an Owner, this rank offers a helping hand for dealing with issues in his absence. Owner the Owner rank is worn by @Steven. He is the owner of Scape-War. This is the most powerful rank amongst the community and staff. An Owner is in charge of providing new content for the server, forums and keeping the server running as well as full control of the donations. They have no set restrictions or requirements. Developer The Owner will consider certain individuals who have specified their skills in abilities in regards to coding/development. A Game Developer is in charge of providing new content from suggestions into the game, fixing bugs, and the stability of Scape-Wars server. The ranks below are in order from Highest to lowest ranking staff members : Developer Owner Community Manager Game Administrator Moderator Support
  3. brnche1g

    What about if you consider adding boss point shop? put some weapons in there and armour
  4. Vivid Array

    A billboard to display the all time kill leaders for bosses and maybe abyssal demons. Possibly a second billboard or just another section where the daily kill leader for each boss is displayed.
  5. Hi everyone, I'd like to suggest the Boss Drop Collection log like in osrs so you can keep track which drops you've gotten from bosses, and how many times already you received it. Would be awesome imo.
  6. Tupac

    Hey lads. So after grinding some bosses today, something crossed my mind. I think that it'd be a pretty cool idea to have a scoreboard (or something to that effect) that would keep track of your boss kill-counts. I suppose the object itself would look something like the scoreboard at the duel arena. Another cool feature that could be added to it would display the members with the highest kill-counts for said bosses (like a boss kc highscores). This would be a neat way to keep track of your kills, and could also add a bit of a more competitive nature to bossing. Let me know what you think!
  7. DS-Adam

    I wanted to recommend adding an event boss that spawns maybe every couple of hours, so it has a set time before it disappears if no one goes to attack it.. Its just something that can get the community of the server together at one point to kill the boss together for a specific reward like an event key or something that can be figured out later on. Maybe make more then one type of event boss so they can be different difficulties so we don't need like 10+ people or something every time one spawns. But obviously make the reward less if its an easier boss.
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