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Found 2 results

  1. Hello ladies and gentleman, earlier today I rejoined the world of Scape-War. I joined Scape-War in august of 2017 and some of you may remember me. I had a lot of great times here and I can't really remember why I ever left. I joined back in a few times to check on how things were going but the server had reset and I didn't recognize anyone online. I thought that after all the time this server had been online that perhaps it would never be like it was back when I joined. However, after speaking to Steven on discord today I logged in for the first time in a while and I actually had fun starting the grind over again and seeing some familiar faces along with 30-40 other new faces and I am glad to see that the community as a whole has not changed in the fact that it is a fun and friendly environment, which is why I enjoyed my time here so much in the past. I look forward to all the good times ahead that I know we will have here together. I'll see you all in-game. ;)
  2. Hey Y'all Rampage is back! But I accidentally made Rampage an Ultimate Iron man so I will be playing on Rampage X as a regular Iron Man, hit me up in game! Peace, X

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