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Found 6 results

  1. last few weeks have been tough having my house broken into and having multiple things stolen, but have been working with the police to find the person that broke into my house through our camera that caught his face which i am very happy about and i am hoping i can play a bit more now with starting back at university i hope to see some old people in game :) Thanks, Sora
  2. Long time kno speak everyone I’ll be on later on this afternoon hope everyone’s good ;)
  3. I'm going to be on and off until I find Sanctimonium online while I decide whether or not I have time to invest back into Scape-War again.
  4. Hey guys I'm back:) Not sure why but I'm having troubles loading the client?
  5. Hey guys im back and im gonna be helping out the server with live streaming so if you ever see me in game just say hi cant wait to met all these new people :)
  6. WHATS UPPPP BOYSSS , I'm back , finally got my PC running again , but with small problems like not being able to run the .jar file .... any help ?