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Found 6 results

  1. Seers

    27/11/2021 OpenGL Mode 117HD has been added. Enjoy better performance and aesthetics! NEW Customs Custom items are strictly restricted to PvM outside of wilderness only with the exception of Collector's necklace. Note: Spoilers contain equipment bonuses. Weapons Fiery bow Included in starter for every new player. Has the stats similar to dark bow. Sirius sword A sword with a special max hit of 220. Obtainable from Mithril dragons. Frost blade A blade with a base max hit of 80 and a special max hit of 200. Death blade A godsword like blade with a base max hit of 100 and a special max hit of 250. Energy sword A fast paced sword with a max hit of 100. Obtainable from Raids and Chaos elemental. Dragonbone longsword A longsword with a base max hit of 75 and special max hit of 180. Obtainable from Dagannoth kings. Pistol Fast paced ranged weapon. Sniper Slowly delivers the most powerful ranged attacks. Golden claws A cosmetic upgrade to the regular Dragon claws. Obtainable from Barrelchest & Raids. Gold chain Boosts the experience of your non-combat skills. Obtainable from Prestige shop (300 points). Guitar A cosmetic obtainable from Prestige shop (100 points). Rainbow whip Offers the same bonuses as Lime whip. Blue whip Offers the same bonuses as a regular whip. Capes and Shields: Bladed shield The best shield with the highest defence bonuses of +75 each. Dragon kiteshield Offers +40 defence bonuses. Obtainable only from Kalphite Queen. Malevolent shield Offers +50 defence bonuses. Obtainable from Barrows chest. Devil cape Grants you with double slayer experience and double slayer points when worn. Obtainable from Slayer shop (2000 points). Rasta wings Grants you X3 farming experience when worn. Obtainable from Vote shop (500 points) and Trivia shop (2000 points). Red Winged cape A cosmetic cape obtainable from Slayer shop (1500 points) and Red dragons. It's 4x more effective than the Infernal cape. Superman cape X3 Experience bonus with a passive flying animation. Available from Donator shop. Colorful wings Purely cosmetic wings available in multiple colors from the Donator shop. Rainbow lance A cosmetic reward available from Prestige shop (15 points). Rainbow cape A cosmetic reward for prestiging available from Prestige shop (25 points). Prestige cape A cape with the stats of Infernal max cape multiplied! Available from Prestige shop (100 points). Animal set The best ranged armour set in the game. Available from Crystal chest and Donator shop. Collectors necklace A necklace that automatically banks your drops. It doesn't collect coins so you still need RoW. Currently available from the Donator Shop. Experience Boost lamp A single lamp grants you 50% experience boost for 1 hour. (Multiple lamps can be claimed to increase the boost duration however the experience won't stack). Double drop boost lamp This lamp grants you double drops for 1 hour. (Multiple lamps can be claimed to increase the boost duration however the experience won't stack) Mr Krabs To spice things up, Rock crabs have been replaced with... Mr Krabs! They have a 1/1000 chance of dropping Mr Krabs pet. Tweaks, Fixes and Misc: Core: listener-based content system (Makes adding new content faster). Max prestige per skill has been increased to 120. Hydra task now counts for the player. NPC drops can no longer appear on clipped tiles. More bosses were added to the slayer master. The dialogues system was rewritten. A referral code system was added. Fixed an issue where some people couldn't login due to invalid UID. Buffed Zaryte sword. Added ::train command which teleports you the Krabs. Alchemical Hydra has received a small overhaul. Thanks, Development Team
  2. Combat Skills: So to start off your Scape-War journey, the first thing you'll want to do is is talk to Vannaka at Home, he s located at the outside south wall of the Home Bank and start with easy slayer tasks. This will help you not only start training your combat skills (Attack, Defence, Strength, Range, Mage, Hitpoints) but will also help you with Slayer, Slayer is a rather easy skill that is a must need to start, when you are on a task any Coin drops is multiplied by X5, allowing you to start building your cash stack. When you start to get higher to max combat skills, switch to hard tasks only, they can range from about 20 minutes to 1 hour to complete, but every hard task can net you 5-10 Million (Don't forget a ring of wealth when you can afford one!) There is a man in the north-west of the Home area who will sell weapons and armor, there is another mam who sells supplies, including food and potions, you can also go to the Warriors-Guild in the Minigames teleport to fight Cyclops's until you get a Dragon-Defender which is one of the best offhand/shield slot items (you will need to bring armor, a helm, chest-piece and legs to reanimate on the first floor to get tokens which is used when you enter and are in the Defender Arena) PRAYER: Prayer is best started at the Taverly Dungeon teleport in the Dungeons teleport tab and making your way to the Baby Blue Dragons, and normal Blue Dragons. Since we got a free Anti-Dragon Shield when we started, the only thing you'll need to worry about is bringing a full inventory of food the first trip or several you'll make until you get enough Dragon bones to get your Prayer level up to 43 for Protect Melee (Vannaka will from time to time assign Steel Dragon tasks and without Protect Melee, they hit very hard.) Bones are best used at a Gilded Alter in a Player Owned Home, as the Altar in the north area of Home is just a normal Altar (if you ever see me online, you can message me for use of mine.) Rune Crafting: Rune Crafting talismans used in the skill are dropped from slayer monsters and some bosses, these will help you get started. Rune Crafting is started by running north from the bridge into the Wilderness located north east of Home, and talking to the Zamarok Mage, and teleporting to the Abyssal Chasm, the monsters here can be killed at certain Slayer level to receive Essence Pouch's which can store Rune Essence or Pure Essence which is needed to craft Runes at certain levels (If you ever need to know what Runes can be crafted at which levels, you can click on the skill in the Skills Tab) essence can be obtained through drops, or bought at a merchant in ::dzone Agility: Agility is started by clicking on the skill in the skills teleport tab, it is broken into two segments, Courses, and Roof Top Courses, the Roof Top Courses require levels 50, and 90 for access, the skill is rather tedious so I would recommend doing it on extra xp hour rotations, upon reaching level 99 in Agility, you will have unlimited run energy Herblore/Farming: Herblore is started by receiving Grimy Herb drops from monsters or the Farming skill, you will need to buy or pickup seed drops from monsters to start the skill and grow herbs and vegetables. the Skilling merchant sells farming tools, and seeds, when you hit the required level for watermelons I recommend planting every patch in every location to help speed the skill up to 99, the Skilling merchant also sells the items for Herblore potions. Thieving: Thieving is rather simple, the stalls you will start at are on the north outside wall of the Home Bank or inside the Donator ::dzone teleport, the stalls at home give, items when used, the ones in ::dzone only gives cash. You can steal from Wall-Safes to get Gems and the Rouges Outfit Crafting: Crafting is started by killing Cows in the monsters teleport, and taking the hides to the Crafting teleport and having the tanner tan them for you, you will need a needle and thread bought at the Home shops to make armor, you can also mine Gem Rocks in Shilo Village with a specific Mining level. which I also recommend saving the gems for use in Fletching to make Gem Tips to craft bolts used for Ranging as certain ones have strong special effects, Crafting takes awhile but if you want to speed things up, certain bosses have large gold ore drops for making jewelry at the Furnace at Home, you may want to keep the Dragon hides from slaying Blue Dragons. Fletching/Woodcutting Fletching is started from buying a knife from a shop and using them on logs or Smithing bolt shafts, or arrow-tips. you will need feathers to complete arrows, bolts, and darts, which can also be smithed at an Anvil, Woodcutting takes awhile to level because of its use in multiple skills, you can chop Maples in Seer's Village, Yews at Home, and Magic Trees south of Seer's Village, certain bosses also drop a set amounts of logs. Hunter: Hunter is a simple skill, you catch Imps, I recommend catching Eccletic, Magpie, Ninja, and Dragon Imps for there loot used in multiple skills. Mining/Smithing: Mining an smithing are simple, the only notable thing is you can craft Cannon-Balls used in a Dwarf-Cannon using Steel, and Rune Rocks are located in the deep Wilderness and at ::dzone, with a high Donator rank, the Rune-Rocks in ::dzone do not deplete. Every once in awhile you will encounter random events which will give you a Mystery-Box, a Lamp, or a random math problem in Thieving meant to stop auto clickers as it is against the rules of Scape-War which could result in a warning to possible ban, if you ever get a Water Fiends task in slayer they are located in the left direction from the spawn in the Kraken Cove area. Biblia at Home will teleport you to the Dark-Altar where you can use Ensouled Monster Heads for Prayer experience. there is also a Player Owned Shop system, where you can buy goods, cosmetics, and combat gear, located in the Home Bank bank. If you refer people to Scape-War, you can earn rewards like Donator Credit, Scape-War sees to expand with new content, and the Donations help go towards server upkeep and content creation. if you ever see me online and need help, feel free to message me 🙂
  3. kniferjim

    would be fun to have surge spells and also autocast god spells (zamorak,saradomin and guthix spell) if you want to make surge spells profitable then simply add the runes drop on a boss without allowing it to be crafted.
  4. Goals / Status Skill-Related Goals: Achieve 200m exp in all combat skills: [0/8] Attack [p10/10] Strength [p10/10] Defence [p10/10] Range [p2/10] Prayer [p3/10] Magic [p0/10] Hitpoints [p10/10] Slayer [p5/10] Achieve 200m exp in all gathering skills: [0/5] Hunter [p0/10] Mining [p1/10] Fishing [p0/10] Woodcutting [p1/10] Farming [p0/10] Achieve 200m exp in all production skills: [0/6] Runecrafting [p0/10] Herblore [p0/10] Crafting [p0/10] Fletching [p1/10] Smithing [p0/10] Cooking [p0/10] Achieve 200m exp in all misc. skills: [0/3] Agility [p0/10] Thieving [p4/10] Firemaking [p0/10] Gear-Related Goals: Obtain full Graceful set [6/6] Obtain full Prospector set [4/4] Obtain full Angler set [4/4] Obtain full Void set [5/7] Void Knight Mace [1/1] Void Knight Top [1/1] Void Knight Robe [1/1] Void Knight Gloves [1/1] Void Mage Helm [0/1] Void Ranger Helm [1/1] Void Melee Helm [0/1] Obtain full Elite Void set [2/2] Obtain a Rune Pouch [1/1] Obtain an Herb Sack [0/1] Obtain a Dragon Axe [1/1] Obtain an Infernal Axe [0/1] Obtain a Dragon Pickaxe [1/1] Obtain an Infernal Pickaxe [0/1] Obtain an Abyssal Tentacle [1/1] Obtain Barrows Gloves [1/1] Obtain all six Barrows sets: [6/6] Obtain all four Godswords [0/4] Armadyl Godsword [0/1] Bandos Godsword [0/1] Saradomin Godsword [0/1] Zamorak Godsword [0/1] Obtain full Armadyl set [0/3] Armadyl Helmet [0/1] Armadyl Chestplate [0/1] Armadyl Chainskirt [0/1] Obtain an Armadyl Crossbow [0/1] Obtain full Bandos set [2/3] Bandos Chestplate [1/1] Bandos Tassets [1/1] Bandos Boots [0/1] Obtain a Saradomin Sword [0/1] Obtain a Staff of the Dead [0/1] Obtain a Zamorakian Hasta [1/1] Obtain an Amulet of the Damned [1/1] Obtain all four imbued DK rings: [3/4] Berserker ring (i) [1/1] Warrior ring (i) [0/1] Archers ring (i) [1/1] Seers ring (i) [1/1] Obtain an Amulet of Fury [1/1] Obtain an Amulet of Torture [0/1] Obtain an Ava's Assembler [1/1] Get an Infernal Cape [0/1] Obtain a Dragonfire Shield [1/1] Obtain a Serpentine Visage [0/1] Obtain a Serpentine Helm [0/1] Obtain a Tanzanite Fang [0/1] Obtain a Toxic Blowpipe [0/1] Obtain a Trident of the Sea [0/1] Obtain a Magic Fang [0/1] Obtain a Trident of the Swamp [0/1] Obtain all five alternate-coloured Slayer Helmet (i)s: [1/5] Black Slayer Helm (i) [1/1] Green Slayer Helm (i) [0/1] Red Slayer Helm (i) [0/1] Purple Slayer Helm (i) [0/1] Turquoise Slayer Helm (i) [0/1] Obtain Dragon Boots [1/1] Obtain full Infinity set [4/5] Infinity Hat [1/1] Infinity Top [1/1] Infinity Bottoms [0/1] Infinity Gloves [1/1] Infinity Boots [1/1] Obtain all three boot-upgrade crystals from Cerberus: [3/3] Obtain Ranger's Boots [0/1] Obtain all best-in-slot boots [2/3] Pegasian Boots [0/1] Eternal Boots [1/1] Primordial Boots [1/1] Obtain an Avernic Defender [0/1] Obtain an Occult Necklace [0/1] Pet Goals: Obtain all Skilling pets: [2/8] Baby Chinchompa [0/1] Beaver [0/1] Giant Squirrel [0/1] Heron [0/1] Rift Guardian [0/1] Rock Golem [1/1] Rocky [1/1] Tangleroot [0/1] Obtain all Boss pets: [0/x] Baby Mole [0/1] Chaos Elemental [0/1] Dagannoth Prime [0/1] Dagannoth Rex [0/1] Dagannoth Supreme [0/1] To be added... Miscellaneous Goals: Obtain 10000 Swamp Tar [5052/10000] Obtain 100 Old Boot [7/100] Obtain all TzHaar drops: [7/7] Obtain 1000 Toktz-xil-ul [25/1000] Obtain 1000 Lizardman Fang [164/1000] Obtain a Gilded Altar [1/1] Complete all achievements: [0/3] Easy [17/23] Medium [13/23] Hard [8/22] I'll finish this soon, as I'm still deciding what other goals to add. This will be updated as I make progress!
  5. WAZZZAA Since i forgot to put it in the video i will say it here 😄 Doing a giveaway for 100m cash and 10$ bond (donated by Dottel) and the winner will be announced when episode 4 comes out (a week, 2 max). To JOIN the GIVEAWAY all you have to do just LIKE the video, SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT with you IGN name! WILL PICK 2 WINNERS!
  6. If you're anything like me, you think Farming is either a hard skill to train or scary because of the time management aspect of it. I'm here to tell you that Farming is actually one of the easiest and most straightforward skills to level up! It's also one of the best sources of grimy herbs for your 99 Herblore grind. Let's get into the details of how we'll train the skill: Level 1 - Able to rake weeds from plots. This is how we'll make the first few levels. Level 9 - Able to plant Guam Seed. This will be our first actual bit of farming. Really only useful for early Herblore training. Level 14 - Able to plant Marrentill Seed. This is used in Anti-Poison Potions. Level 19 - Able to plant Tarromin Seed. This is used in making Strength Potions. Level 26 - Able to plant Harralander Seed. This is used in making Stat Restore Potions and Energy Potions. Level 32 - Able to plant Ranarr Seed. This is used in making Defence Potions and Prayer Potions. Level 38 - Able to plant Toadflax Seed. This is used in making Agility Potions and Saradomin Brews. Level 44 - Able to plant Irit Seed. This is used in making Super Attack Potions and Super Anti-Poison Potions. Both are used to make better potions. Level 50 - Able to plant Avantoe Seed. This is used in making Super Energy Potions. Level 56 - Able to plant Kwuarm Seed. This is used in making Super Strength Potions, which are used in making Super Combat Potions. Level 62 - Able to plant Snapdragon Seed. This is used in making Super Restore Potions. Level 67 - Able to plant Cadantine Seed.This is used in making Super Defence Potions, which are used in making Super Combat Potions. Level 73 - Able to plant Lantadyme Seed. This is used in making Anti-Firebreath Potions and, by proxy, Extended Antifire Potions. Level 79 - Able to plant Dwarf Weed Seed. This is used in making Ranging Potions. Level 85 - Able to plant Torstol Seed. This is used in making Super Combat Potions and Super Anti-Venom. Now, what do those colors mean?** GREEN - Very useful herbs that make the best potions in the game. YELLOW - These herbs are situationally useful. ORANGE - Herbs that make potions that can be easily bought in the Supply Shop. RED - Worthless herbs that should be avoided when possible. **These rankings are my opinion of each herb. Regardless of where I have them ranked, you should always plant the highest level herb you have access to until you reach Level 99!** Finally, it's time to get into the actual strategy we'll be employing here: - You should start off by purchasing a Rake, Spade, Seed Dibber, and about 20 of each seed in the Farming Shop. If you have the Herb Sack unlocked (Slayer Shop - 250 points), it would be useful to bring along for faster trips. - Next, rake all 4 Herb Patches in the Farming teleport areas and drop the Weeds. (Catherby, Ardougne, Falador, and Phasmatys). This should be enough experience to open up our first herb. Each Herb Patch will yield 3 Weeds. Drop these and move on to the next one. Additionally, a single Lamp could be used to get this unlock, but you'll need to rake these patches anyway. Save your lamp! *Note: This step needs to be re-done after you've been away for a while.* - Now that we have access to our first herb, it's time to truly start. With a Seed Dibber and 4 Guam Seeds in your inventory, use your seed on the Herb Patch to plant it and set a timer for 10 minutes, repeating for every Herb Patch. You won't need to set a new timer for each Herb Patch. - Finally, your timer has gone off! With a Spade, Seed Dibber, and 4 seeds (again, the highest tier you can plant) in your inventory, as well as the Herb Sack if you have it, we'll go to the first patch we planted. The Herb Patch should say [Pick Herbs] when you Right Click on it. Do this to start harvesting your herbs. Herbs can yield anywhere between 4 and 18 herbs per plant, so expect to need a bank trip between the second and fourth patches. After you've harvested a patch, repeat the last step to start the next run. Continue to the other patches in the order you planted them. In the image below, I have a Looting Bag in place of the Herb Sack, as I don't have it unlocked yet. Additionally, it helps to keep yourself organized. This really helps you to find what you're looking for FASTER. One last note - If you don't return to a Patch soon enough after the timer ends, you'll lose the harvest and have to clear the Herb Patch out with a Spade. As such, you should only start a run if you expect to be able to finish it, to avoid waste! Now you have the knowledge needed to make short work of the Farming skill, and learned to not fear the unknown in the process! Stretch out that THUMB and enjoy the endless supply of herbs you've opened up. Cheers! - PDXChar I'd like to thank Blossom for suggesting this guide. Thanks go to H Y P E R for recommending I add pictures as well. You guys helped make this guide what it is and for that, I'm grateful!
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