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Found 1 result

  1. Competition time! Hey all. I'm going to be hosting this competition; and this will come from my own pocket. All you have to do is create the best guide possible for scape-war. Your guide can be anything from how to pick flax (you probably won't win :D) to how to kill Vetion or make cash. There are many grey areas where there are no guides, for example crafting guides... many boss guides etc. What can you win? I will personally choose 3 winners.. Here are the prizes for the top 3. 1st Prize- 2nd Prize - 3rd Prize - What do you have to do to win? As stated above, the best guide will win. I will be the judge and I will base it off many aspects, here are some: 1] Attention to detail 2] How informative and clear the guide is 3] How helpful the guide is Your guide can be a forum guide with pictures and texts, or can be a youtube video with/without voice commentary. How many submissions can I do? As many as you want. The same person could potentially win all 3 prizes if their guides are the best. I encourage all to make as many as possible and make them as good as possible for the biggest chances of winning. Why am I doing this I have been an owner of my own RSPS in the past, and played many myself. I always look for guides on the forums when starting out, to determine which is the best approach as a new player, or even how to kill specific monsters/bosses when I haven't before. I believe guides can be the difference between new players coming/going, and will help the server grow in the long run. How long do I have to submit my guide and where do I post it? The deadline for this competition will be 15th February 2018. This will give everyone just over a week to create their guide(s) and submit them. Once you have finished your guide, whether it be a youtube guide or a forum guide, post it in the guide sections; and put the words 'Heals competition guide #1' #2 #3 etc depending on the amount of submissions. I'll post all submissions below so PM me in-game or tag me in your post on forums when you have posted. Anyone found to be cheating will be disqualified. Good luck ~ Heal Current submissions