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Found 6 results

  1. Scape-War Updates Fixed a bug with Make-over mage. Added Tzhaar-Hur-Lek's store to Fight Caves. Added Asgarnian Ice Dungeon with Skeletal Wyverns. Fixed Corporeal beast's drop table. Fixed a few bugs in the Party room. Packed new OSRS data. Added Revenants Cave. Added Ghrazi rapier & Avernic defender to Donator Shop #3. Added Bracelet of Ethereum. Added Craw's bow. Fixed King black dragon's entrance lair & objects(levers/ladders). Fixed a bug with ground items appearing twice (unable to pick up the other one). Thanks, - Blake
  2. Comrades, Before we start seriously advertising we want to make several updates. We as staff have our own todo list regards updates. I am very curious what you guys (the players of scape-war) find important to see updated/fixed. So far your suggestions have been : 1) Slayer Update - Smoke Devil Boss, Skotizo, Abyssal Sire, Colored Slayer Helmets 2) New Prayers Augury and Rigour have been out for over 2 years and if the Twisted Bow and the Ancestral have been added the new prayers definitely need to be added. 3) Vorkath Boss 4) More access to Donator Zone for each rank( Currently only benefits just for the first donation and not any rank after that) 5) Boss Rework - Currently Saradomin is OP and its defense is insane, Also Bandos doesn't move at all and you never get hit by it as long as you pray range 6) Vesta's Longsword needs buffed 7) Dragon Bolt spec doesn't hit any higher than what you hit. 8) Vet'ion only uses special attack and is broken 9) Add Dragonfire Shield charge and spec to the game 10) Add gambling rank to prevent scamming 11) Granite maul instant spec does not work 12)Add Player Owned shops 13) Placeholders If there are anymore suggestions please dont hesitate and post it under this post! Dnite
  3. Scape-War Updates Fixed green/blue dark bow paint. Soul altar is now accessable from the Abyss. Fixed Lumbridge spinning wheel. Fixed Xeric talisman's slot. You can now afk mine runite in donator zone(Legendary donator). Fixed profile searching/viewing. Fixed achievement disconnecting the player if not present. Changed the achievement View 15 player's profiles requirement to 1. Fixed/Changed security details(now only requires email). New achievement: 'Set an email address'. Players can no longer bank during a duel. Fixed Twisted bow in pvp. Fixed max cape requirements. You can now perform max cape emote with all of the max cape variants. Fixed the colored dark bows not acting like a Dark bow. Fixed a bug with combat following where it would not stop follow when distance was reached. You can now autocast normal magiks with an Ancient staff. Added Kodai wand, Twisted buckler, Dragon thrownaxe. Fixed a bug where opening a skill guide would crash your client. Fixed Imbued heart & Twisted bow notes. Fixed Pest Control experience purchasing. You now get double vote points on the weekends. Fixed Lizardman poison attack. Added Kodai wand & Twisted buckler to Donator Shop #3. Added Frozen abyssal whip to Donator Shop #2. Added a 15% damage multiplier for Staff of the dead. You now have a 1/8 chance of negating rune costs with toxic/the staff of the dead/kodai wand. Fixed Seers village roofs. Fixed the ::updates command. Thanks, - Blake
  4. Scape-War Updates Drop party timer, bankers force chat & fee. Fixed Dragon defender ornament kit note. Increased Mithril seeds flower timer. Fixed an issue with mouse clicks in java9. Fixed a bug when wearing textured items and performing gfx. Fixed Frozen abyssal whip. Thanks, - Blake

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