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Found 3 results

  1. Hello and welcome to Primal's UIM Guide on Scape-War Introductions: I'm Primal, And I'm going to try and tell you the best ways too train on a UIM efficiently (The way i did so anyway) If you ever have any questions, You can message me in game. What Is Ultimate Ironman?: An UIM is a account where you're not allowed allowed to interact with any player. Not allowed to trade, Use the donator zone, or even use a bank! All Combat Skills (Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Range, Hitpoints) : This is probably one of the most easiest skills. It's self explanatory. Go and kill NPC's and get levels. you can use the shops to get starter items and that is really all you would need to max out this skills. I'll tell you how to get the items you will need for late game for UIM, You could also train Slayer with the combat skills, that would be most recommended Prayer: The way i trained prayer was with noted bones drops from NPC's (Zulrah x30, Cerberus x20) This was very efficient for me, depending on the drops. But they're a common drop. Also from Dragon tasks from the Slayer skill. Runecrafting: Well you could always run back and forward into the Wilderness, Which would be most efficient. I always just used my XP Lamps on the skill, Lots of NPC's drop noted Pure Essence. Hunter: There's only one method to doing hunter, and that's catching Implings! Can always drag on, but you know, the xp is okay, and once you get too 83 hunter, you can catch Dragon Implings, which drop Dragon Bones, along with Dragon Darts / Arrows, which can be an amazing reward. Well worth doing. Agility: For me, this was one of the "Ugh, Here we go!" skills. never liked it, but it's ever so simple to complete, just do gnome agility course until 50, then go onto the barbarian agility course until you get too 60, Then go too the seers village rooftop course. (And then 90 for Ardougne rooftops) Herblore & Farming: These was very fun skills for me myself, i had to have both of them together because there is no way you can do one at a time! too do this efficiently, you should have the Herblore & Farming wiki up, to keep up to date on the levels needed to complete certain patches / potions... I did one type of herb at a time, because of the limited amount of inventory spaces. but if you keep doing 1 type of herb at a time, you'll get 99 by no time! Just a very long grind! Thieving: i feel like this skill isn't the most fun. i name it the "auto clicking skill" because there is no skill involved. you just click the stalls at home, and then sell your items to the NPC at the end of the stools, THIS IS A VERY VERY GOOD WAY TO MAKE STARTER CASH IMO ONE OF THE BEST. Crafting: Okay, Crafting.. There is many ways you can do this.. but to start off you need to kill Cows, located in the monster teleport i did cowhides until i was level 43, which allowed me to cut up to Diamonds. so i grinded the 40 mining to get access to the Gem mine, you can always stay here until 99, but what i did, was stay there until i hit 73 crafting, that's when i started doing Callisto, a wilderness boss, so you have to be very careful. But it drops a nice 75 Red d'hide's. Which is amazing XP. and the other drops you'll get along the way. IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO THE CALLISTO METHOD I'D RECOMMEND DO IT BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, DUE TO BEING IN THE WILDERNESS, DON'T RISK IT UNLESS YOU ARE SURE Fletching, Woodcutting, Firemaking: So i think it's fitting to put all 3 skills into one, as they're all very similar to each other. Cut the logs, note them, and then use the logs to train firemaking & then fletching, keeping it evenly balanced. so then when you get too the higher logs i.e: yews/magics you'll be able to cut fletch and burn them. Mining, Smithing: Mining is such a awful skill for me, always has always will, Same with smithing. They're not really used much for UIM, you only need the 40 mining for the gem mine, and obviously you'll need the gold ore for when you want to make gold bars for your clue scrolls / crafting xp. Again the same with Farming/Herblore, you should always do 1 ore at a time. i.e: iron ores, get them stacked up before making into bars. Fishing/Cooking This is quiet an easy one, Use the fishing teleport in skills, go fish from shrimp onwards to sharks etc. try fish 100 at a time before you start cooking, then just drop and continue.. you can use the stove in the house west from the Edgeville bank. The goal here is to get a high enough level to fish and cook high leveled food such as shark or higher. for the most efficient boss runs etc Notable Drops: Abyssal Demon - Abyssal Whip / Abyssal Dagger - requires 85 Slayer Zamorak Boss - Zamorak Spear/Hasta (To kill Corporal Beast) Zulrah - Uncut Onyx (For fury) - requires 90 Crafting - Tanzanite Fang (For Toxic Blowpipe) - requires 53 Fletching Any Dragon - Draconic Vissage - Used to create a Dragonfire-Shield - requires 15m cash Barrows Minigame - EVERY SINGLE BARROWS ITEM (Good to start off with) Spiritual Mages - Dragon boots - requires 83 slayer (Unless i'm mistaken) Slayer Master - Barrows Gloves. requires 50 Slayer Points Always try and be efficient with your invent space. Try and keep what you need and keep as many free spaces as you possibly can. Thanks for reading my first ever guide, Hope it helped in anyway
  2. Hope you enjoyed the guide, for detailed guides of specific monsters please just ask :) Cheers, - Aubury

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