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  1. Hello everyone, I'm trying to get the forums in order so if you all could reply to this thread using the following format of your in-game name and a picture of your rank in general information which is found in the quest tab so we can get your proper ranks assigned to your account. In-Game name: Proof of rank: Thank you, Scape-War Staff
  2. Awesome updates man!
  3. Welcome to the server man. Hope to see ya in-game sometime!
  4. I believe the slayer points should stay the same but I would however like to see a streak system implemented. Every 10 get like 2x or 3x slayer points then every task after that give a few more slayer points. Also imbued heart is on its way to being added but idk what in way it'll be involved.
  5. Oh wow, congratulations man. Not many of those in-game.
  6. Support. Definitely like the idea of people gambling at the certain location instead of crowding the home bank.
  7. Absolutely not. I think this was suggested before but I believe this command should stay in the hands of the Developer rank which at the moment is the only rank that can use the ::bank command. It would take away some part of the grind from donators and create and unfair advantage for donators. Sorry but this is a bad idea.
  8. I like your idea, although I have to agree with holemess. I think this would just be useless as a donator item as the row is already out there. But I do like this idea.
  9. please use this format before posting an appeal. Copy this format and edit your current post to the correct format please and your appeal will be processed accordingly.
  10. Very nice video man, glad to see you're doing these videos to help promote the server. Just a small thing though, can you please stick to 1 thread? I deleted your other thread and moved this to the correct section. But again, very nice video. Keep it up man! It's nice to see people wanting to help promote such a good community and server.
  11. Welcome to the server man! Glad to see a new face around here. Hope to see you in-game. If you need any help just join the help cc and ask away, anyone here would be happy to help.
  12. Awesome man, thanks for another update!
  13. Welcome back man! Good to see ya again.
  14. Welcome back man!
  15. I was just wondering around today I came upon a place that I believe would be a great area to either turn into a Donator Zone or Skilling area either way this would be a good place for one of those called Mos Le'harmless Teleport. It has a lot of space to put a lot of things in there for example. In the first image, The Red circle you would place a furnace inside there and an anvil on either side of the furnace. The Blue Circle you would put ore there all the way from Tin/Copper to Rune Along the side of the building and lastly the Orange circle you would put fishing areas ranging from shrimp/anchovies to manta rays but of course leave dark crabs where they are. https://imgur.com/a/Ya3I6 In this second Image is 1 of 2 possible places to put shops or could turn this into another skilling area, up for ideas on this part. https://imgur.com/kCXlAKQ This would be the second place https://imgur.com/tXMFzQ3 Now this late image would be the place for woodcutting, The Black circle is where you would put the trees ranging from Normal to Magic trees. And Orange circle would be where you put a bank booth. https://imgur.com/fR2MAuF I really feel like this would benefit the community. I think the donator zone we have right now is ok, but i feel like it could be a lot better. Now I know they are links but the post wouldn't allow me to add more than 1 image which brings me to my next suggestion, allow possibly up to atleast 5 images in the post.
  16. True, Not so much as buying supplies but the area nonetheless could be a great place to chill and get your grind on with almost everything in this area for you to grind in.
  17. Well it was nice meeting you and talking with you. Hope you choose to join back completely but hope to see you ingame again! Welcome back Falcon.
  18. It should show up in your downloads as a .jar file. Scape-war.jar
  19. O.o

    Well hello there! Welcome back! Look forward to seeing you ingame man! Hope things went well for you!
  20. Welcome to the server man, I don't know you but it's always nice to have more players.
  21. Of course you should! This is the greatest server out there.
  22. Username: Dead Fury Time Played (full screen picture): https://imgur.com/a/SbjUg Timezone: USA GMT-5 / Eastern Standard Time Any outstanding infractions on your account?: None How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: Depends, here lately I'll play a few hours a day. Anywhere from 1-6 hours a day and during the weekends I have more time to spare Any past experiences?: Yes, I was moderator on several servers and I was once a Co-Owner/Forum Developer for a larger server a few years ago. Do you have Skype?: I do have skype but I'm on discord way more. What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strength: My strength would be I take my job seriously, not too serious that its no longer any fun but serious enough that I commit myself to doing everything I can to do my job exactly the way it's meant to be done in the eyes of my peers. My job is everything to me and I do everything that I can to keep it and make sure I do what I'm supposed to. Weakness: My weakness would be the same as my strength, sometimes I can get so wrapped up in making sure I'm doing my job that I forget the little things that led me to wanting to have the job in the first place. It's hard to balance such a thing. But where there is a will, and my name is will, there is always a way. What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: Well, I like to think I have a ton of experience being staff, I have not only held staff on multiple servers I also have held and still hold positions of authority in a real life job as well. I have the willingness to succeed and the willingness to learn I also strive to be the best at my job and to do everything i can do to help anyone that may need any kind of help. I like to think of myself as very mature and also easy going so I can handle most any situation and I like to think I can handle it pretty well since I am experienced and I am mature and easy going. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: Honesty, Willingness to Help, Maturity, Understanding, Compromise. What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: In the long run I hope to achieve a larger playerbase for the community and hopefully to pass along my knowledge of being a staff member and showing those that anything is possible and help anyone with any question.
  23. Nice updates man.
  24. Just a few suggestions for the forums. Move Updates and Staff updates and make them sub-boards under News & Announcements Move Feedback & Suggestions under Community I do not know if this is already done but, make it so when you post in spam you do not gain post count Move bug reports down into support Edit the permissions of anyone who is not staff so they cannot view Player reports or Appeals as only staff and the person posting the thread should be able to see that. And last but not least, If staff is full then I would hide the boards for staff applications until more staff is required so you can keep the posts down in that section until needed. Just a few things that I think would really clean up the forums a bit and make some things a little bit better.
  25. He fell asleep haha, believe he's gonna do it tomorrow.