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    welcome! hope you enjoy your stay <3 its pretty much a tight knit community, but once Christmas and soon after it rolls around, I have a feeling it'll blow up :)
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    Bape is a support staff, He is unable to use the ::kick command as it is a moderator plus command, Therefore he didn't do what you are accusing him of doing. I understand you may be frustrated but he simply can not use that command or kick you in any way. Cheers, Darkmessiah
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    Joshhhh reacted to Blake in Updates 6/12/2017   
    Server Updates
    Added snow. Added Twisted bow's effect. Fixed some bank chests that wouldn't open the bank. Added VLS special. Added Waterfiends to Kraken Cove. Added recoil effect for Ring of Suffering. Added Staff of the Dead special attack. Fixed Lime whip in Donator Store. Thanks,
    - Blake