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  1. I've been looking for a good gfx program.. one that's simple to use.. I use to be pretty good at that kindve stuff.. but like anything else... anything with age.. kinda goes bad.. unless its wine.. xD I know a guy that can make them... I just have to pay
  2. welcome! hope you enjoy your stay <3 its pretty much a tight knit community, but once Christmas and soon after it rolls around, I have a feeling it'll blow up :)
  3. purple rims. lmao. nice
  4. <3 thank you! keep em coming!
  5. I'm hosting another hns event tomorrow! (Tuesday December 5th, 2017) at 4:00 P.M. EST. Darkmessiah himself, The Man, The Myth, The Legend.. The Canadian Playboy.. yea okay.. he donated to the HNS :) so be on! some healthy rewards <3 I hope to see you all there.
  6. I mean he isn't wrong.. sadly there are some americans who cant spell :P
  7. I'm unsure what that's supposed to mean.. lmao what, Americans cannot spell...?
  8. I will be hosting a HNS ingame, in about 2 hrs time. to give people who aren't on, a chance to get on <3 as for the reward of finding me, I will say, its AT LEAST 100m. :) get ingame! 2 hours from now.. so at 5 pm eastern. aiming for at least 30+ players. we can do it! not enough people were on, so it has not happened yet
  9. it'll happen tomorrow. I kindve rushed it. and we only hit 20 players today anyhow.
  10. so I can't be bothered going through everyones posts, so I apologize if I've doubled someones suggestion(s) I think the combat equation needs reworked. along with the xp modifier.. prestiging is good. but if its really this slow, there isn't a point. 99 prayer 10 times will take a lot of bones.. I like that barrows is almost identical to 07, but for some people, its too much.. maybe add like the barrows brothers at one of the dzones? (in depth in a later point) multiple dzones. so that the ranks are actually different.. currently theres one ::dzone.. but like 4 or 5 diff donator ranks.. maybe add a zone for each with diff bosses/skilling things/shops there? the higher the rank, the better the rewards at the zone.. along with combat, and xp.. maybe buff the drop rate? and if not as a whole, then maybe the better the donator rank, the better the drop rate? donator shop is a bit op atm.. makes cash almost obsolete. I'm not saying change anything in it.. but maybe add some scrolls in the d shop that you can buy.. so people can sell them to those who don't wanna spend $$ on the game, but want items in the d shop... almost makes the scrolls the type of currency ingame.. well of goodwill? something people can put items into and gives a random buff(double drops for an hour.. double blood money for pking..) for an hour or 2..(has a cooldown of 30mins-1hour after use) kinda already have the dxp thing.. maybe 4x xp? (provided you don't buff the xp rate) add a crashing star feature? spawns every 1.5 hours.. need 70 mining to mine it and you get stardust, for each 200 you can trade them in to "star sprite" for random rewards and 10 'star points' per 200 dust.. that you can use at the sprite shop for cosmetics.. colored slayer helms? curse prayers? all of this is suggested completely disregarding what kindve server it is.. some of it may not even be possible.. just suggestions. <3
  11. I actually didn't see that well of goodwill was already ingame. :P just gottta change how it acts if the community wants that type of thing ingame
  12. wassup! the names Josh, ign Joshhhh.. someone took "Josh" thieves.. :P new to the server. I enjoy playing new servers and grinding. its fun.. also have nothing to do while I afk at nmz on 07.. my name there is 1hitncya x. feel free to add me. :P hope to see yall ingame!
  13. yeah you have to wait for it to actually be dead... but instead of fixing that.. how about making it less like real 07, and just have the barrows brothers on the hills.. and you kill them for their armor? like have multiple spawned of ea brother.
  14. hi! :) welcome. ..welcome to myself as well. xD