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  1. Amazing Updates ! keep up the good work @Blake and looking forward to test out everything!
  2. I cant see your picture haha just the car , but nice car you got in there !
  3. Hey Warriors , I got small suggestion for you which is really needed , so for people who do barrows , I don't know if u have noticed but when u kill certain NPC [ Dharok / Verac..etc ] and u take his hp to 0 , it takes 3 secs so he disappears or [ fully dies / sits down ] , so if u kill him and don't wait till he disappear then u go upstair to do next npc , it wont count that u killed it , you have to wait till he fully dies and disappears , so if I wanna do it quick and like kill them and go upstairs for next one , I did nothing here cuz It will reset , this is really needed In my opinion even though barrows isn't a 'Main' event but its important to update this . if u don't know what I'm talking about , take a gear real quick , go to barrows kill 1 npc don't wait till his gone or 'sit down' , just go upstairs whenever u take his hp to 0 , go immediately upstairs and then go down back and u will see its reseted and didn't count , people will waste their time killing them twice or even more and they wont know what's happening , its what happened to me until I figured it out , I thought its bug or something and I was confused then I noticed ... feedbacks ?
  4. Welcome too looking forward to meet you ingame !
  5. Hey Warriors ! My name is Storm and my Irl name is Marcus Halestorm , I am 18 Years old and I'm a gfx designer Irl + inside computer . I like to design and its really enjoyable 'habit' for me and I daily do it , I work in some kind of Hi-TEC business and I like to play Rsps and other PC games . I'm hoping to achieve a trust on here and friends that I can trust and play with and meet awesome people like our owner and staff members , and enjoy the community and stay it for ever , I'm not gonna just be a 'normal player ' and play , ill try my best to benefit every single player including any staff member , Looking forward to meet you ingame and discuss a bit and yeah this is my Intro ! pm me ingame if you wanna chill -)